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Where the Mediterranean meets the Mar Menor
La Manga, a natural wonder between two seas
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La Manga del Mar Menor

What to do in La Manga

La Manga is a true orographic whim that due to its uniqueness has become the great emblem of the Murcian coastline. It is a 24 km long sandy ridge that naturally separates the saltwater lagoon known as Mar Menor and the Mediterranean Sea.

In addition to enjoying the sea, La Manga offers all kinds of shops, leisure and restaurants that have turned this natural wonder into an authentic town dedicated to tourism. Undoubtedly, an ideal place to enjoy great holidays throughout the year with a privileged climate.

What makes La Manga so special?

Originally, La Manga del Mar Menor was a bay open to the Mediterranean, with the accumulated rocks at the ends of the cove being the culprits for the sand to begin to accumulate and form a column of dunes, wild vegetation and extensive beaches bathed by a sea on each side, the Mediterranean and the Menor. Its width varies between 200 m and 1.5 km and is cut by natural channels, called golas, which keep the two seas in contact.

It was in the 1960s when it began to urbanize and become a true tourist destination.

The Mar Menor offers warm and calm water that forms a unique ecosystem for hundreds of species. The sunsets from inside the lagoon or the many fishing villages that surround it will leave you speechless, because with the sunset over this sheet of water, it takes on a vibrant golden hue thanks to the last rays of the day. A true natural spectacle.

And on the other side, the Mediterranean. Words are not enough when talking about this sea and its long beaches of fine white sand. A few kilometres from La Manga you can find the Salinas and Arenales of San Pedro Regional Park or Calblanque regional park, one of those essential places where nature expresses its best version by combining the desert with the sea, giving rise to long sandy beaches, secluded coves and crystal-clear waters. A perfect place for hiking in front of the Mediterranean.

Two landscapes with different characteristics and two ideal settings for practicing all kinds of water sports.

The gastronomy of La Manga blends masterfully the products that are grown in the Murcian garden and those that come from the sea. A combination that will delight the palates of lovers of Mediterranean cuisine.

In short, La Manga is a unique tourist destination due to its extraordinary nature which offers you everything you need to make your holiday an unforgettable time.

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La Manga

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