In this coastal town the summer months are the most important for local festivities. During these months there is a great variety of events suitable for all ages in the area.


March or april. Easter Week

The event that stands out most during these months in this area is the Procession of Christ and the Fishermen of Cabo de Palos which is celebrated on Easter Thursday organized by the brotherhood of fishermen. One of the most characteristic moments of this procession is when the fishermen dressed in yellow macs announce the beginning of the religous festivity with the sound of the sea from large shells.

Additionally the holy week in Cartagena was declared an International Tourist attraction in 2005. The highlights are the lights, flowers and music in the processions. The religious acts represented include the washing of Pontius Pilat, the encounter, porcessions of Saint Peter or the Saint Lucia Nazarene and the arrival of the Virgin at the end of every procession.


16th July. Virgen del Carmen

Festivities in honour of the Virgen del Carmen, patrón saint of the fishermen and ver y important in this area. Included in the event is the mass in her honour and also the sight of her being transported by boat and with other boats following which is an expectacular sight- These fiestas were declared a tourist attraction in 1965.


September. Local Festivities

As from the second weekend in September and for a few days the Bohemia Plaza is filled with music, stands and activities for all ages. 


27th September. International Tourism Day

La Manga is a destination which is predominately dedicated to tourism and for this reason cannot fail to celebrate the International Tourism Day.

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