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Experiences in Servigroup Hotels

Hotels for events

Making sure the success of your event and the satisfaction of the attendees is the main objective

We have several hotels along the Mediterranean coast with rooms to celebrate different types of events, such as business meetings, large conventions, banquets or weddings.

Just worry about choosing which location is the most suitable for your event, taking into account the proximity for the attendees or the best environment that your event needs, ensuring you will have all the necessary means at your disposal.

For the perfect organization of any event, we have extremely comfortable facilities, equipped with Wi-Fi connection, projection services, public address system, fax service, a variety of distributions depending on the type of event or capacity, along with a top quality cuisine.

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Is Servigroup suitable for my event?

We have a great team of professionals who, together with our fully equipped facilities and experience in hosting large events, will guarantee the success of any celebration or business meeting.


The wedding of your dreams!

Your wedding day will be one of the most memorable days of your life which has to be completely perfect.

However, we are aware that the pre organising is not easy and can lead to a lot of stress which then slightly blurs the pre-wedding illusion.

Do not worry! Our wedding planner service will make those inevitable nerves much more bearable. Trust us to make this special day an unforgettable memory.

The wedding of your dreams! In Spain
Company meetings

Spaces to help the growth of your company

Do you need help to achieve the re launch of your company? We have all kinds of conference rooms available in various locations, with a large capacity and fully equipped, thanks to new technologies.

Meetings with clients, training, demonstrations or any other type of activity that your company needs, will have absolute success in the special lounges of our hotels.

Company meetings
Corporate events and conferences

An ideal space for the exclusivity of your event

A great event dictates scrupulous organization in an ideal environment, the exclusivity of your event will be taken care of, down to the smallest detail, leaving a lasting impression in the memories of all your attendees.

In the many salons of the different Servigroup hotels, we have hosted international conferences on applied mathematics, Chess or presentations of new models for major brands such as Zurich, BMW, KTM or Suzuki.

Corporate events and conferences

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