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Experiences at Servigroup Hotels

Hotels with varied and healthy buffets

At Servigroup Hotels, we work 365 days a year to ensure that our guests are always satisfied with a wide and varied gastronomic offering. Our intention is not only to please through flavour, but also through innovation based on constant creativity that impresses and is eye-appealing. Ultimately, we want our customers to be amazed.

From the early hours of the day at our breakfast buffets, to our now traditional themed nights, all the alternatives for different habits and needs are always present. You will have options for vegetarians or vegans at your disposal, we take special care and attention with allergy sufferers and celiac patients with preparations suitable for their food. The menu is designed for all tastes and families, especially during high season in the chain's family hotels.

The local, fresh, seasonal and top-quality products are one of the aspects best valued by our customers. A way to taste local cuisine in a specific destination, without giving up other alternatives for all tastes.

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Servigroup gastronomic label, good food on your holidays

During your stay in our hotels you will enjoy the free buffet service, from breakfast to dinner. In the different food servings, you will have a great variety of dishes, choose from the best rice, pasta, meat, fish, salads, desserts or international dishes.

Thematic menus

Discover the flavours of the world with the Servigroup themed menus

Without a doubt, the themed dinners in our restaurants are a great attraction for any diner. In addition to the great gastronomic offer, our hotels present delicious thematic dishes, a fusion of different cultures and typologies adapted to fresh and seasonal produce.

Although the themed menus change from winter to summer, in them you can taste the best international cuisine in the world, some examples are Mexican, Italian, Indian, Japanese ... In addition to other diverse themes such as the gourmet buffet, the gastro buffet and the specials tapas or pastries.

Servigroup Calypso Hotel Mexican Buffet
Gluten Free

Forget everything and enjoy your vacation #glutenfree

We are aware that people with celiac disease sometimes face an odyssey when traveling, worries and difficulties when choosing where to eat or fear of not finding tasty and suitable options for themselves.

At Servigroup we want you to know that traveling with a gluten-free diet can be easy, you can stay in our gluten-free hotels in all our Servigroup destinations. The gluten-free menu and the training of the maître d 'and cooks make us recommended by many associations for celiac such as FACE or ACECOVA. Enjoy your gluten-free holidays with us!

Girl eating gluten free Servigroup Hotels
Show cooking

Made in the moment in front of you, to your liking

During breakfast, lunch and dinner you can taste the freshest products in the show cooking. The perfect way to eat the best meats and fish is to cook them immediately, in front of you and to your liking.

In addition to eating a freshly made, high-quality dish, the diner witnesses respect for the product, the handling process and learning the secrets of the recipe to achieve the best flavour.

Don't miss the delicious omelettes that are made at the show cooking breakfasts.

Live cooking La Zenia Hotel
Gastronomic days

We innovate to surprise your senses

Periodically, at Hoteles Servigroup we hold gastronomic conferences in which the main objective is to continue training our staff, assuring they are continuously innovating, in this way Servigroup kitchens are always at the forefront of preparing the most delicious dishes.

Innovative products are also presented, by the different food companies that join us throughout the year. The objective of these days is to surprise every year those returning customers who visit us again.

Buffet Servigroup Nereo Hotel
The clot estate

Recognise the authentic flavour of our kilometre 0 fruit and vegetables

Servigroup Hotels have the privilege of receiving the best raw materials from the Clot Estate in their kitchens every day. A very special place where we have been growing our fruit and vegetables by the sea for over twenty years, in the heart of Villajoyosa, very close to our hotels. 

This commitment to kilometre 0 produce, grown using the same techniques as always and preserving all the flavour and properties, has made The Clot an essential source of supply for our hotels, whose gastronomic offer varies according to the season, always achieving the best results.

The clot estate

Free buffets that conquer your palate

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