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Alcocéber and its beaches on the edge of the Natural Park
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Things to do in Alcossebre

Alcossebre belongs to the municipality of Alcalàde Xivert - Alcossebre, located 50 km. from Castellón and framed in the natural and protected environment of the Sierra de Irta, a place of great beauty in which the mountain mixes with the sea giving rise to the famous landscapes of the Costa de Azahar.

The beaches are the greatest treasure of this town, quiet and surrounded by vegetation, they have managed to preserve the unaltered flavour of the least explored Mediterranean. Its history and culture have also left an important mark on an Alcoceber that today has become a modern city, full of life and with all normal services.

What makes Alcocéber so special?

Alcocéber, popularly known in the Valencian Community as Alcossebre, offers an original landscape full of contrasts, within the canons of the most authentic Mediterranean. Plains and mountains follow one another with beaches and cliffs forming a true film setting, and of course the blue sky is a great ally. All this furrowed by a multitude of coastal trails that you cannot miss, with them all ending at the Sierra de Irta Natural Park.

Its beaches, including La Romana, Cargador or Las Fuentes, are the emblem of the municipality and have all the amenities you need to make the most of your holiday.

The proximity to places such as the Natural Reserve of the Columbretes Islands allows you, in addition to enjoying the variety of landscapes, to carry out a multitude of activities and sports such as hiking, cycling, diving or snorkelling.

Alcossebre is part of El Maestrazgo and enjoys a historical and cultural heritage that will not leave you indifferent, offering you the possibility of seeing some places of interest such as the Xivert Castle, the baroque church of San Juan with its famous bell tower, or the numerous lookout towers scattered all over the coast and which are a silent testimony to the presence of Berber pirates in the area in past centuries.

The native gastronomy has its roots in the Mediterranean tradition, putting seafood at the top of the best and most innovative culinary techniques, providing an unforgettable experience for the visitor.

These are just some of the reasons why you should choose Alcossebre for your holidays, consider a Mediterranean getaway and discover all that this corner of the Costa de Azahar has to offer.

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