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Experiences in Servigroup Hotels

Hotels recommended for adults

If what you are looking for on your holiday is to disconnect and relax, we offer you some of our recommended hotels for adults. Every once in a while, we all like to pamper ourselves with a little, get away from the hustle and bustle of other family-friendly destinations and enjoy activities specially designed for us.

At Servigroup we want to offer you an individualized service and guarantee a hotel tailored to each client. Therefore, our recommended hotels for adults are the ideal place to enjoy the design, comfort and tranquillity, that its facilities offer, a select and varied cuisine, bars and terraces with the best cocktail menus and a careful entertainment program, along with plans of enjoying the sea of interesting activities that will activate your five senses.

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A hotel designed for you

Disconnect with Servigroup

Don’t think about it anymore, treat yourself to the well-deserved days of rest that you need so much. You, your partner, the sun, a pool, the silence, the sea and the best terraces where you can forget about the clock and let yourself be carried away by the Mediterranean breeze.

Relax and tranquillity

Hotels ideal for rest

The spaces and facilities of our hotels recommended for adults are functional, comfortable and with a suggestive design and decoration. The essence of the sea inspires the furniture so that you can enjoy a relaxed, diaphanous and refined atmosphere with a definite Mediterranean character.

The outdoor areas of the hotels, with their pools and terraces surrounded by palm trees, are the ideal place to enjoy our drinks menus, with the caress of the sea breeze. You supply the company and we do the rest, so that everything is perfect.

Hotels ideal for rest
There are also areas to party

The pleasure of live music

There are always times when the body needs to let go, to feel free and enjoy life. In our hotels recommended for adults we are specialists in building the right environment for you to enjoy moments of fun in capital letters where music is the main attraction.

It is the acoustic concerts and live music that are the star of our wide range of entertainment. Test your dance skills, your sense of humour, while keeping that smile on your face throughout your stay.

The pleasure of live music

Some of our recommended hotels for adults.

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