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Gluten free Hotels

Eating out is considered a real problem by many people with gluten intolerance, especially newly diagnosed celiacs and families with children. This concern grows when we think about travel and vacations, making it almost challenging to find gluten-free hotels that meet your needs.

At Servigroup Hotels we want to make gluten-free travel as easy and simple as any other option, FACE and ACECOVA recommend all our hotels for your gluten-free holiday

You just have to choose the hotel you prefer in your favorite destination to enjoy an unforgettable holiday. We take care that your menu is perfect!

Our greatest reward is to provide you with a stay that meets your expectations. We offer you different gluten-free hotels in our tourist destinations on the coast with an extensive menu of dishes for celiacs, following a balanced diet adapted to all ages.

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Traveling gluten free with Servigroup

Gastronomy is an essential part of the Servigroup philosophy; it plays a very important role, being fundamental for our chain. We want all customers to feel comfortable and enjoy their stay with us and an essential part is to offer them a gastronomic experience of the highest quality. For this reason, we provide the most personalized treatment in each hotel whenever the situation requires it.


Recognized by ACECOVA since 2010

Our goal is not only to offer hotels for Celiacs, but to adapt to your needs so that you can enjoy an unforgettable gluten-free vacation. For this reason, we were the first hotel chain in Benidorm to provide an extensive menu of dishes for Celiacs adapted to all audiences, and always taking into account a balanced diet.

This initiative materialized in 2010, obtaining recognition from ACECOVA (Association of Celiacs of the Valencian Community) thanks to the performance and daily work of the entire catering department.

Recognized by ACECOVA

Recommended by FACE

In our effort to guarantee the best gluten-free holiday, we have signed an agreement with FACE (Federation of Celiac Associations of Spain), as a regulated company to offer a suitable and quality gastronomic offer for this group.

This agreement with FACE involves an exhaustive control of food, storage, preparation ... as well as special training for kitchen and restaurant staff, especially head chefs.

Coordinators from the department of Food safety and nutrition from FACE visit the different hotels to give training and informative courses about the disease and the diet it requires.

Through this agreement, FACE recognizes and recommends us as a hotel suitable for Celiacs for the entire national territory.

Recommended by FACE
Celiac menus

Special Gluten-free menus

Our buffets offer you a special gluten-free menu with a wide variety of dishes so that both adults and children can enjoy a gluten-free trip without any problem.

At the time of booking, this need can be indicated in the observations and our receptionists coordinate with the restaurant to prepare the menu.

You will have the personalized attention of the maitre‘d who will answer all your possible doubts and will help you to have a wide choice of dishes to your liking during your gluten-free stay at Servigroup.

Check our Celiac Menu, made with the best ingredients and ensuring the offer of a great balanced diet.

Special Gluten-free menus
Celiac suitable drinks

Gluten-free options in our bars

The bars of our hotels have (on request) special drinks for Celiacs. It should be noted, in the case of beer, that only some brands are suitable for celiacs.

Only by communicating it to the hotel reception, you can enjoy gluten-free drinks during your stay.

Remember that you can indicate that you travel with celiac disease in the observations of your reservation.

Gluten-free options in our bars

Some of our gluten-free hotels

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