Oropesa del Mar
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Oropesa del Mar

Things to do in Oropesa del Mar

Oropesa del Mar is a charming and historic coastal town located in the heart of the Costa de Azahar, in the province of Castellón, which offers a perfect combination of relaxation, culture and fun.

It is the perfect tourist destination where you can sunbathe and rest peacefully on the endless white sandy beaches and dreamy coves, discover the exciting Berber past of the area, practice all kinds of sports on the mainland as well as in the sea and enjoy it to the full with endless events throughout the year.

What makes Oropesa del Mar so special?

There are many reasons to Oropesa your next holiday destination, but if there is something that characterizes Oropesa del Mar it is its 12 km. of coast with 7 beaches for all tastes that share the purity of the best waters in the Mediterranean. You can choose between immense beaches of fine golden sand such as Morro de Gos, more secluded beaches in a natural and wild environment or small and hidden coves that combine sand and rocks such as Cala del Retor.

It's warm climate throughout the year makes it possible to enjoy its landscapes and practice outdoor sports at any time. Its famous local festivals are the ideal time to learn about the customs of the area, mix with the local people and feel the spirit of this once fishing town.

The gastronomy of Oropesa del Mar mixes the influences of the Mediterranean diet to combine the best seafood with those of its extensive garden and offer you genuine culinary delights for the enjoyment of the senses.

You cannot miss the cultural facet of Oropesa del Mar, who's historical centre preserves the vestiges of the various cultures that conquered it due to its strategic location. The old defensive towers among which the imposing Torre del Rey, the Iberian settlement of “Orpesa la Vella” or the archaeological remains in the Castillo area are good examples of this.

Oropesa del Mar is a place to escape to disconnect and let yourself be infected by the calm joy of the Mediterranean.

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Oropesa del Mar

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