Salinas and Arenales of San Pedro del Pinatar in Murcia

Today we would like to propose a wonderful excursion in the region of Murcia, we are talking about the Regional Park Salinas and Arenales de San Pedro, located between San Javier and San Pedro del Pinatar, an example of sustainable development with an area covering 856 hectares.

This regional park of Murcia is a wetland of great importance, it is considered a protected natural nature reserve and consists of 6 km of Mediterranean coast where an enormous diversity of flora and fauna lives.

Salinas de San Pedro is classed as an environment of sustainable development, due to its development of different activities committed to the environment and respecting nature. It is considered a Special Protection Area for Birds (SPA) and belongs to the Natura 2000 Network of the European Union, as well as being part of the Mar Menor Ramsar Wetland.


Activities in the Salinas and Arenales areas of San Pedro del Pinatar:

Salinas and Arenales de San Pedro del Pinatar

Hiking through the Salinas de San Pedro

The Park has three different marked trails, where you can discover all the wonders with which this area can show and surprise you, they have routes of medium-low difficulty prepared and with explanatory posters for you to enjoy a walk through the salt flats and enjoy a special day.

In addition, it also has a bicycle lane if you wish to travel by bike.


Mud baths San Pedro del Pinatar

The Regional Park of the Salinas and Arenales de San Pedro del Pinatar is the outdoor thalassotherapy area in Europe, the weather conditions of the Mar Menor have generated an ecosystem that is considered a real medicinal treasure and attract many tourists who come to benefit from the mud baths of the area.

Mud therapy at the Mar Menor, San Pedro del Pinatar

Visit the observatory of the Park

This is located at the entrance of the nature park and has organized group visits, it has exhibition halls in which there are didactic panels on the wetlands and the work that is done in the salt pans, so it is an activity of special interest if you want to know more about the importance of the salt mines and the arenales.


Fauna and Flora, Regional Park "Salinas de San Pedro”

The richness of the fauna of the park revolves mainly around birds, especially aquatic, this wetland has a special importance for many birds, as it serves as a place for nesting and migration at different times of the year.

Depending on the season in which you visit the salt pans, you will see different species, but some like flamingos, avocets or stilts are present in the park throughout the year. In addition, other species that you will see depending on the time of year you visit this natural reserve of San Pedro del Pinatar, are the black-necked grebe, the sandpiper, the shoebill, the redshank, or the great cormorant, among many other types of birds.

The fauna of the park does not focus exclusively on this type of animal, you can also find, reptiles such as the red-backed lizard, mammals such as the weasel or the shrew and other endangered species such as the toothcarp (endemic fish) or the scarab "Scarites Eurytus".

Fauna and Flora Salinas de San Pedro

Regarding the flora of the salt pans and arenales area of San Pedro, this natural space stands out for its biodiversity, the vast extension of the park and the environmental conditions allow the area to be rich and varied. The dunes, the areas close to the salt flats and the beaches both Mediterranean and those of the Mar Menor are responsible for such diversity of ecosystems in the natural park.

It is important to highlight especially the oceanic Posidonia meadows that clean the waters and preserve the beaches. Depending on the area you can see the salicornias, almarjos or tarays in the salt marshes ... the mastic and the black hawthorn in the dune areas farthest from the sea and the sea caterpillar and the sea thistle in the areas most exposed to the sea. It is only a small summary of all the flora that the regional park of San Pedro can offer you.


Hotels near to San Pedro del Pinatar

If you are looking for accommodation in San Pedro del Pinatar, just 13 km away you can stay at our Hotel La Zenia. It is located between two beaches and has spectacular views of the sea, perfect to combine healthy leisure and rest. No doubt its proximity makes it an ideal hotel if you want to visit San Pedro del Pinatar, the natural park, and Salinas y Arenales.

Another option to take into account, even if a little further away... is the Hotel Galúa in La Manga, located between two beaches of first-class quality. A hotel especially recommended for families where you can stay and make a trip to the salt flats and sandy areas of San Pedro del Pinatar as it is located less than 50 km from the regional park "Salinas de San Pedro".

Map of San Pedro del Pinatar, Salinas and Arenales

The great variety of fauna and flora that inhabits this regional park, in addition to the diversity of activities offered, converts "the salt pans and arenales areas of San Pedro del Pinatar" into a point of interest that you should not miss.

Do you fancy taking this trip to San Pedro del Pinatar? We are convinced that you will not be disappointed.

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