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Legal Notice

Previous information

In accordance with Act 34/2000 provisions, dated 11 July, relating to Data and E-commerce Society services, and prior to any service, Servigroup informs web site users about procedures and obligations to be carried out in order to make this agreement effective:

  • Users commit to carefully read the content of these terms.
  • To provide personal details and additional essential information for the rendering of this service.

Servigroup with the present Conditions guarantees the full compliance of the regulations concerning Consumers and Users rights, protecting their legitimate interests from the beginning to the end of the agreement process for the products and services provided in this website.

Identification of the parties

Firstly, Servigroup Travel S.L. (hereafter Servigroup), address Avda. Europa, 6 · Benidorm, Tax number B-03039120, registered in the Business Register, book 86, sheet 184, section 3, sheet 1.281, is holder of the website, and makes this site available to internet users with the aim of promoting information concerning its products and/or services for all the companies belonging to Servigroup, as well as to allow accommodation reservation for the different hotels of the group.

Secondly, the User´s identity details are those directly given by him/her when completing the different forms that are provided by Servigroup to access any of the services available within its website, property of Servigroup. Since this process necessarily implies the collection of personal data, Users are held directly and exclusively responsible for the authenticity of the data provided.

Hotels of the group:

  • Hotel Servigroup Calypso (Benimar, S.L.) CIF B-17014887
  • Hotel Servigroup Castilla (Benimar, S.L.) CIF B-17014887
  • Hotel Servigroup Diplomatic (Juani, S.L.) CIF B-03028784
  • Hotel Servigroup Nereo (Ariel Park, S.L.) CIF B-03026382
  • Hotel Servigroup Orange (Marbeni, S.L.) CIF B-17016254
  • Hotel Servigroup Pueblo Benidorm (Erumar, S.L.) CIF B-78496759
  • Hotel Servigroup Rialto (Juani, S.L.) CIF B-03028784
  • Hotel Servigroup Torre Dorada (Gestión y Explotación Hotelera, S.L.) CIF B-03045507
  • Hotel Servigroup Venus (Garcisol, S.L.) CIF B-03036712
  • Hotel Servigroup Galúa (Gesefinmo, S.L.) CIF B-03052115
  • Hotel Servigroup La Zenia (Hotel La Zenia, C.B.) CIF E-53017729
  • Hotel Servigroup Marina Playa (Hotel Reina del Sol Nº1, S.L.) CIF B-43590272
  • Hotel Servigroup Marina Mar (Hoteles Reina del Sol, S.L.) CIF B-43587120
  • Hotel Servigroup Montíboli (Expeinvertur, S.L.) CIF B-03413762
  • Hotel Servigroup Papa Luna (Peñamar, S.L.) CIF B-12023065
  • Hotel Servigroup Romana (Peñamar, S.L.) CIF B-12023065
  • Hotel Servigroup Trinimar (Peñamar, S.L.) CIF B-12023065
  • Hotel Servigroup Koral Beach (Garcisol, S.L.) CIF B-03036712
Purpose of contract

The present Conditions regulate the rendering of services, and are aimed at controlling User access and the method of purchasing services and contents provided by Servigroup; setting up the legal framework in which the contractual agreement will be developed.

“Contents” and “Services” are those that are available to users in the following website, property of Servigroup.

Acceptation and availability

Servigroup, Users fully agree to comply with present regulations when contracting services or contents in which they are interested. Thus, Users compromise to carefully read these agreement terms each time they contract any service, given that they may have been modified since they where last viewed.

By accepting the present General Conditions within the agreement process, the User declares:

  • He/She is a person that is legally able to contract.
  • He/She has read the current general agreement terms and fully agrees to comply by them.

Prior to starting any agreement process, the User will always have access to the agreement terms and conditions, which can be stored and/or reproduced in a durable support system.

Modifying agreement terms

Servigroup reserves the right to modify present conditions should there be any cause or reason to do so; such as those aimed at:

  • Extending the range or number of services available to Users or improving existing ones.
  • Modifying, replacing or updating prices for the services offered through this website.
Terms of use

Users commit to use this website under the provisions stated in the general and particular terms contracted for Hotel reservations, according to the relevant regulations, as well as to moral and good customs.

By accepting current conditions, users commit to use this website and the services it provides as explicitly permitted herein. Users may not misuse this website and the services included with purposes opposed to those stated in this legal notice, as well as may not harm third party rights and/or interests or harm in any way this website or prevent its present or future correct working use.

Also, Users may not misuse nor obtain any contents provided in this web site by unlawful and dishonest means, robbery or plagiarism of contents; protected by the Penal Code provisions and statements and by the relevant regulations.

Servigroup reserves the right to refuse access to its website, without prior notice, to any User contravening current general agreement terms.

The User, on his behalf, agrees to not misuse the website's contents, or undertake any action that may harm Servigroup. Thus, the User will prevent from modifying, copying, distributing, publishing, transferring, and/or selling any kind of information concerning this website, property of Servigroup.

a. Cookies and secure environment

In some occasions Servigroup may use cookies in its website. Their use is aimed at identifying you when you visit the site and/or to remind you to register services. If you don't want Servigroup to set cookies into your web browser, you can set it up to reject all cookies or to be notified when a cookie is trying to be set into your web browser software. If you reject cookies, this may affect the capability to use of some of the services offered in this website.

Servigroup uses top technological means in its website to guarantee information protection. Servigroup guarantees that service agreements are done under a secure environment.

b. Hyperlinks

Servigroup may not be held responsible for the contents provided in hyperlinks to third parties´ websites. Users are solely liable for risks arising from such website consultations, which are governed by their own terms and conditions and legal notices, from which Servigroup declines any liability.

c. Intellectual and Industrial Property

© Servigroup is holder of the Intellectual and Industrial Property of the elements integrating this website design, as well as brands, trade names or emblems. The following elements have unlimited and particular protected by copyright laws: logo, colour matches, page layout, font type of the website, menus, button icons, HTML code, Java applets, texts, images, graphics, and also any other contents in Servigroup's website.

The User agrees to respect intellectual and industrial property rights of the Platform. Thus, the User may not copy, reproduce, distribute, or put to the public's disposal any of the website's contents, without express written consent of Servigroup.

d. Liability restrictions

The User expressly exonerates Servigroup from all liabilities for direct or indirect damages derived from possible web errors, as well as temporary failure, stoppage, delay or anomalies while accessing the website.

Servigroup commits to taking maximum care in preserving its website from any viruses, Trojans and any element that could harm the computing systems of any User or third party . In any case, the User exonerates Servigroup from all liabilities for direct or indirect damages caused by the eventuallity of such harmful or malicious elements.

e. Personal Data Protection

Accessing the site and reserving the services offered, may involve personal data processing. Servigroup considers of great importance the compliance with laws regulating personal data protection and information society services and e-commerce.

Generally, users of this website will not have to provide any personal information. However, in some cases Users may have to provide some personal data in order to access some services. Servigroup guarantees the confidentiality and protection of the personal data provided by users, under the data protection and information society services and e-commerce regulations.

Servigroup meets the current legislation regarding data protection, by adopting all the necessary administrative and technical procedures to garantee the protecion of the data provided.

Thus, Users are aware and agree to provide personal data for Servigroup's automated files registered with the General Data Protection Registry. Users also agree to their personal data being automatically processed, as a result of website queries, applications or agreements for any kind of service; or as a result of any transaction or operation made on Servigroup's website to obtain information and services; and during the maintenance of the contractual relationship and when mailing offers or promotional communications.

Moreover, the User expressly allows his/her personal data to be transferred to other companies integrated in Servigroup, only for the purposes stated in the above paragraph that are under the restrictions governed by Personal Data Protection Organic Law. For further information about the identity of the companies integrated in Servigroup consult the following URL:

The User states that all data provided by him/her is correct and accurate, and commits to inform Servigroup about any possible changes. The User can exert his/her right to be opposed to the processing of any data that it is not essential for the purpose of this agreement and to its use in any means other than those set forth in this agreement.

Servigroup's privacy policy guarantees the Users´ right of access, correction, cancellation and opposition of his/her data, by sending an e-mail notice to Servigroup to the following

Moreover, and in accordance with Law 34/2002 relating to Data and E-commerce Society services, Servigroup will send offers and promotional and publicity communications to the e-mail address provided by the user, via e-mail or via any other similar electronic means to those Users that have expressly consented it.

Users may cancel this type of communications just by following the instructions set forth at the bottom of all our e-mails or by written notice to the following e-mail address:

Rights and obligations of the parties

a. Servigroup obligations:

Servigroup commits to comply with the following agreement obligations arising from the business relationship with the User, resulting from the services contracted by him/her:

Provide maximum guarantees to Users for the services contracted under the disposition of the agreed terms, always acting in good faith.

Expressly inform the User prior to any agreement process about the existence of present terms.

Inform Users prior to the agreement in a clear, precise and accurate way, about the specific features of the requested services, such as price list and corresponding taxes.

Put at User's disposal a copy of general terms and conditions text.

Validate via e-mail the successful completion of the agreement and confirm the reservation by providing a customer number in a period of time not exceeding 24 hours from the moment the User accepts the agreement terms.

b. User obligations:

On his behalf, the User compromises to:

Fully comply with the present terms concerning the services offered by Servigroup.

Complete the registering forms prior to beginning the agreement process providing true and updated information.

Provide the correct bank data requested by Servigroup.

Prevent from sending messages that could obstruct in any way the normal functioning of the service. In any case the User will be held solely responsible for the content of the messages he writes or sends, as well as for the data provided.

Pay for the services hired. Any claim or complaint submitted will not exempt User from complying with this obligation.

Meet individual hotel regulations for the services rendered.

Follow hygiene, politeness and good manner regulations, towards the rest of users and the staff of the hotel rendering the service.

The client accepts and undertakes to use the accommodation unit and hotel facilities in an appropriate manner. Any behaviour contrary to good manners and public order may allow the Hotel to ask the client to leave the establishment without any compensation or any kind of refund of the charge made. The introduction of food into the Hotel by clients is strictly forbidden, and the establishment shall not be held responsible for any failure to comply with this internal regulation.

c. Rights of Users:

All the information provided to customers will be binding for the supplier, under the terms set forth in current legislation.

All users of the services hired, have the right for goods and services purchased to meet legal rating and requirements hired, and/or to meet the corresponding hotel rating quality.

All establishments have the duty to have a complaints book at customers' disposal in order to make any complaints. If you wish to make a complaint, please ask for these sheets, fill in your personal details and explain the reason for your complaint.

Method of payment and rates

The rates and price lists that will be applied when a User hires a service, will be those shown on the website property of Servigroup, the moment that the User retrieves a specific service and initiates the agreement process.

Generally, the price of the reservation exclusively includes: accommodation only, accommodation and breakfast, accommodation and half board, or accommodation and full board.

Availability and rates or gratuities for special services such as: transfers to or from the airport, special requests for a room, and the like, that are not included in total price of the on-line booking, will be pending upon confirmation of Servigroup.

Booking in advance guarantees you the best possible rate given that prices gradually increase as we move closer to the season and as demand increases.

To confirm a booking the establishment will take the money for ONE NIGHT per stay and room. This is NON-REFUNDABLE and the outstanding amount will be charged on check-in.

If the booking is made by credit card or Bizum, it will not be confirmed until the corresponding payment has been made within a maximum period of 24 hours after the booking has been formalised.

In the case of payment by bank transfer, the confirmation of the reservation will be subject to receipt of the amount owing in the indicated account. This must take place within the 48 hours following the making of the booking. For bookings made less than 10 days in advance, payment may only be made through credit or debit card.

When making a booking for other people, advance payment for all the services purchased must be made at the time of the booking, through bank transfer or similar, in an irrevocable manner.

In compliance of Law 11/2021, of 9th July, cash payments will not be accepted if they exceed 1,000€ for customers who are Spanish nationals and/or tax residents or 10,000€ for non-resident customers.

The prices shown at the time of booking include VAT at the rate applicable when the booking was made, which will be applied to the services purchased. This is without prejudice to the need to charge any additional taxes that must be passed on to the consumer in accordance with the applicable legislation.

In the event that the VAT rate changes between the date of the booking and the date on which the services to which the VAT is applied are provided, generating a disparity in rates, the one to be used to obtain the final price will be that in force at the time of receiving the aforementioned services. This is the case even if the resulting price is higher than the final price indicated to the customer during the booking process. The same applies in the event of the introduction of any tax that must be passed on to the consumer.

* CONDITIONS NOT APPLICABLE TO THE HOTEL SERVIGROUP MONTIBOLI. See the specific conditions this establishment has for the booking process on the website

Offers will only be valid during the periods stated by Servigroups publicity, or otherwise, whilst Users have access and are able to contract them.

Modification and cancellation of reservations

Confirmed bookings, may be cancelled on from the Consult Booking link found within the Manage Bookings section. In this section the user must enter the e-mail address used to make the reservation and the password that appears in the confirmation. All the booking's details will be shown, allowing their cancellation. The user will receive a confirmation e-mail with the cancellation.

Reservations may be modified or cancelled by contacting our Reservation Centre via e-mail, telephone +34 965 855 900 or fax +34 965 85 89 62; the User's personal details and booking number will be required. Or otherwise by getting in touch with the hotel directly on the contact details provided on the confirmation voucher.

No name changes are allowed for bookings.

The cancellation and/or modification of a booking that has been notified in a certain and indisputable way by any means at least 72 hours prior to the contracted check-in date will give the customer the right to transfer the amount charged for the booking to a future stay in the same hotel establishment and solely on behalf of the same named guest, within the 365 calendar days following the contracted check-in date, subject to room availability.

In the event that the customer exercises this right, the price and conditions existing at the time of making the new booking will apply. When the rate applicable for these dates is higher, the customer must pay the difference. If the rate is lower than that for the original booking, the customer cannot claim any amount for this. In any case, the hotel establishment is under no obligation to respect the conditions that existed prior to the modification.

Any modification will imply the cancellation of the original booking.

Only one date modification per booking is allowed and this cannot be split into different stays. The amount paid for the booking cannot be used for anything other than the payment of the stay itself.

If the booking is cancelled with no advance notice, or if this notice is provided within 72 hours of the planned check-in date, or the customer is a no-show, the hotel, as compensation, will retain the amount of the night charged at the time of booking, with no possibility of modification or refund to the customer.

No refunds will be made if customers check out early.

* CONDITIONS NOT APPLICABLE TO THE HOTEL SERVIGROUP MONTIBOLI. See the specific conditions this establishment has for the booking process at the website

Reservation confirmation

If the booking is made by credit card or Bizum, it will not be confirmed until the corresponding payment has been made within a maximum period of 24 hours after the booking has been formalised. Once payment has been made, you will receive a booking confirmation e-mail.

If you make the booking using a credit card, once you have completed it you will be sent an email indicating that your purchase is being confirmed. This is until the charge corresponding to your booking is confirmed. At check-in, the customer must present the credit card used to make the booking or, alternatively, a bank certificate demonstrating that they are the holder of that card and a valid and current identification document (ID card or passport).

In the case of payment by bank transfer, the confirmation of the reservation will be subject to receipt of the amount owing in the indicated account. This must take place within the 48 hours following the making of the booking. For bookings made less than 10 days in advance, payment may only be made through credit or debit card.

When making a booking for other people, advance payment for all the services purchased must be made at the time of the booking, through bank transfer or similar, in an irrevocable manner.

The user agrees to present the confirmation voucher of the reservation and to show it at the time of the check- in (it is not necessary to print it, it would be sufficient to show it through a digital device), accepting that, if this document is not presented, the conditions of the reservation will not be guaranteed.

On the day of arrival at the hotel, after checking in at reception, you will be able to access the hotel facilities. Access to the room will be as soon as possible and never after 16:00 h., but always within the regulations set by the Autonomous Community where the establishment is located. On the day of departure, the rooms must be vacated (luggage and personal belongings included), in all cases, before 12 noon.

Period of validity for present terms

The present terms will be valid during the full time published on the website, and will be applied to those services hired whilst these conditions were available.

In any case, Servigroup reserves the right to modify terms unilaterally, that will not affect the services hired by users prior to modification; except in the instance that the User changes or modifies the service hired, in this case the conditions that will be applied will be those in force when the User changed and/or modified the reservation.

Nullity and inefficiency of the clauses

Should any of the clauses provided within this terms be declared totally or partially null or inefficient, such nullity would only involve null or inefficient provisions or part of them, but it would not extend to the remaining provisions.

Applicable laws

he provision of the services on this web site and the present conditions of use are governed by Spanish law. Any litigious dispute concerning the services provided shall be settled through the consumer arbitration tribunal, mediators or similar to those adhered to HOTELES SERVIGROUP at the time of the dispute, as well as the courts and tribunals in accordance with Spanish legislation.

Online dispute resolution platform: The European Commission provides an online dispute resolution platform through which online sales disputes can be processed. Contact email:

Action guide for incidents related to COVID-19

The provisions of the health regulations approved by the Directorate General for Public Health of the Regional Ministry of Health shall apply in the event of any incidents related to COVID-19.

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