Mojácar is an ideal place to practice a multitude of activities, its climate which is warm all the year round and due to its location allows you to practice a number of sports with the best conditions.

The local beaches are a must for all sea lovers and due to its great marine wildlife it is of special interest to snorkelers and divers.  For nature lovers you have many wonderful trails for hikers.

Without a doubt, other sports such as golf or paddle and cycling can be practiced for both professionals or amateurs.


Cyclists in Mojácar

Thanks to its brilliant climate, its well paved roads and little traffic, lots of cycling clubs and national professionals carry out their training sessions in this area.

Scuba diver in Mojácar

With its 17 km of coastline Mojacar included and due to its mild climate throughout the year, makes it the best place to practice every sort of water sport activity.

Balls bowls in Mojácar

Mojácar Bowls Club of the Hotel Servigroup Marina Playa has become a place of reference for playing this sport in Mojácar. It consists of 6 lines of game and a capacity of up to 48 players on a special artificial turf surface. 

Golf in Mojácar

Mojacar is one of the corners of Europe where the most time can be spent out of the year enjoying golf under the most attractive and mildest climate. The golfer can enjoy five different ones.

Paddle in Mojácar

Being one of the most successful current sports, Paddle is a game which is played in pairs with special paddle racquets in the open air. The Marina Playa Paddle Club is a sensational place to enjoy this activity. It has four artificial grass courts.

Motor in Mojácar

The area offers a comprehensive selection of motorized activities through the mountains, the sea, dirt tracks or circuits. Just 50 km away, is located the Tabernas Circuit of Almeria which measures up to 4030 m.

Hiking in Mojácar

Walking in Mojacar is an excellent idea. Its climate and landscapes make it a pleasant experience to walk and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Amongst the various routes provided in this area, we can highlight what the Sierra de Cabrera has to offer.

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