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October, 2021
October, 2021
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Things to do in Mojácar

What to eat in Mojácar

In the cooking industry of Almería it is evident that seafood produce dominates this area, along with dishes that are prepared with fruits of the earth and its local produce. From the sea, famous species of fish can be tried such as crayfish, red shrimp from Garrucha, fish “Gallo Pedro”, redfish, grouper, snapper, bream, cuttlefish and sea bream... the use of the griddle pan is used by the masters of Almería and permits you to appreciate the quality and flavour of these “fruits of the sea”, especially seafood, grilled food which needs less salt seasoning.

Furthermore, in this area we find other hearty dishes of traditional cuisine with great flavour whose main ingredients combine home grown produce with meat or fish. Here are some typical dishes of this area:

  • Seafood stews: with fish and vegetables.
  • Wheat: Casserole with crushed wheat and typical local vegetables.
  • Garlic Colorao: typical stew made with mashed potatoes and paprika, tomatoes and ray fish.
  • Meatballs: light broth accompanied by a traditional meatball with pine nuts.
  • Gurullos: pasta with partridge or rabbit cooked with semolina.
  • Migas: dish made with wheat or semolina and accompanied with sardines, fried anchovies, fried aubergines, black pudding etc…
  • Rice dishes: seafood, oven or boiled rice.
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