Beach Bar Cala Marina in Mojácar
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Beach Bar Cala Marina
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October, 2021
October, 2021
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Things to do in Mojácar

Beach Bar Cala Marina

In between long sessions of sunbathing and swimming at the beach, what could be better than a mid-morning snack, a delicious lunch or simply relaxing, enjoying a drink, feeling the sea breeze and listening to the sound of the waves?

For this, you have at your disposal our Cala Marina Beach Bar, situated in front of the Hotel Servigroup Marina Playa.

Open during high season from 10.00 to 02.30hrs, the Cala Marina Beach Bar in Mojácar is a welcoming place that offers a full and varied food and drinks menu as well as the best themed evenings.

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The perfect plan while in Mojacar

If you visit Mojacar you cannot miss the summer evenings and nights at the Chiringuito (beach bar) Cala Marina. Enjoy an unforgettable summer in Almería, the Playa Marina de la Torre will not disappoint you.


Our more traditional dishes

At our beach bar, you can enjoy a snack or a drink at any time of day whilst tasting our most traditional dishes of the area, always prepared with our very own personal innovative touch.

At our Cala Marina beach bar, you will find the popular Garrucha Red Prawn, (prepared with our chef’s personal flair), our original crispy octopus fillet (which over the years has become one of our star dishes), our special cuttlefish in green sauce and our classic Cala Marina Kumato. There are also many other options available on our menu, dishes which are ideal for enjoying on the beach.

We also have our very own high quality fish and meat skewers, which we always cook with the heat from the glow of the fire.

Check out here our beach bar menu

Octopus Chiringuito Cala Marina

Our Cocktails and Gin & Tonics

Different and creative gin & tonics adapted to all tastes complete an exotic drinks list that will surprise you with its wide variety. The popular strawberry and rose gin & tonic is one of the most requested. There are others that will also surprise you, such as ginger aroma with grape, apple aroma, cardomon and kumquat or the Mediterranean gin & tonic. If you prefer an alcohol-free gin & tonic, we can make this for you with Lemon Verbena and Lime with Juniper Syrup.

As for cocktails, you will love our Strawberry Daiquiri, Caipriña and our Servigroup Mojito for their extraodinary flavour and for the wonderful personal touch that our professional cocktail making experts add.

We also have available the best selection of top brands in drinks such as whiskey, gin, rum and vodka.

Professional cocktail making experts Chiringuito Cala Marina
Beach Bar Cala Marina

Our Themed Evenings

At nightime, we once again have the best themed evenings.

Ibiza Nights

On Tuesdays we offer the best Ibiza style party that adds its own special touch to summer evenings on the beach.

Salsa and Bachata Themed Evenings

On Wednesdays and Fridays you can enjoy the most exotic Salsa and Bachata evenings. For this, we offer the best professional latin dancers from the Almeria province.

Parties at Cala Marina Beach Bar
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