Finding more about the Almeria Coast

A few months ago we presented a publication regarding various routes in the Mojacar area.  We suggested a short itinerary which  takes in beaches and coves, all of which can be reached either on foot, by car or motorbike.

On this occasion we  propose  a longer route of approximately 32 kms. This is a new itinerary  starting  in Mojacar, bordering the coast  southbound  and finishing in Aguamarga.

This route is a little challenging and therefore more appropriate by car, motor bike or for the more adventurous bycicle.

From Mojácar to Sopalmo and La Granatilla Beach

Leaving  Mojacar and going south by the coast road you will arrive at your first stop, Sopalmo, in the vicinity of the Almerian city .

Sopalmo is well known as one of the most interesting settlements in the area, situated in between the Sierra Cabrera and the sea.  You may recognize this area because of the traditional cross-country marathon known as Carrera de la Mojaquera.

Considered to be one of  the best kept secrets of the Almerian  Coast the hidden Sopalmo beaches are becoming more popular with  tourists from the nearby  Mojacar, Vera and Garrucha.   However, this area has always been very popular because of its picturesque walks clearly marked by the agriculture of the past. These tracks are ideal if you wish to have a pleasant evening stroll, and without doubt a perfect choice for taking photos of the beautiful panoramic views.

From Sopalmo its tradition to continue the bulevard  that leads to the popular Playa La Granatilla .

This nice little beach of volcanic origin has a peculiar red coloured sand.

This  beach is in a quiet area with no promenade, however there is a large secure parking area. Although the beach is isolated the Carboneras marine port is only a few kilometres away.

This destination is ideally suited to those looking for sun and swimming in its calm waters off season on a warm day. In mid to high season it is generally busier but not overcrowded.

El Algarrobico Beach

Situated between two beaches where the stunning cliffs make this one of the most attractive landscapes of the area, the El Algarrobico Beach in Mojacar is popular as it has been used to film various scenes of the classic film Lawrence of Arabia.

Situated in the Cabo de Gata nature park, only 4 kilometres from Carboneras, and normally boasts a medium to low occupation.

This levante beach of Almeria is very easy to find if you follow the route then take a dirt track which is sign posted to take you to the beaches car park.

The Algarrobico beach is very popular for its calm and crystalline water.

El Algarrobico Beach Almería Coast

Carboneras and Playa de los Muertos

We depart from the Algarrobico Beach and continue our journey on the same road arriving in a few minutes to Carboneras.

This is a town traditionally dedicated to fishing although it is famous for the mythical San Andres Castle, which is the first land mark you will see as you approach the town.

As is the case with with many original fishing towns Carboneras has grown bit by bit as a tourist area and has become one of the most tempting destinations of the Almerian Levante coast.

The Playa de los Muertos is one of the most popular and attractive beaches of the Almerian coast because of its crystalline water it is an ideal area for deep sea diving boasting spectacular white sand, and can be easily compared to an authentic Carribean beach

Beach of deads

Despite being one of the most popular beaches in the area the access if complicated. For this reason you will not find older people at this beach. If you are tempted to take a dip in this “ carribean beach of the Almerian coast” you must be careful with the strong winds causing strong currents which can be dangerous.  The tranquillity of the actual beach it makes this difficult to comprehend.

La Mesa de Roldán (Roldans table)

Leaving the Playa de los muertos in Carboneras if you continue your same route by car you can make your next stop in the popular Mesa del Roldán.

La Mesa de Roldán is another natural enclave frequently visited in the Cabo de Gata area. If you decide to go up then in minutes you will come across a dome on a flat surface with easy access where you will see evidence of a volcanic surface due to the distinctive eroded crater caused by an ancient volcano under the sea.

If you found the route to the Albir lighthouse in the Alicante province interesting then you will enjoy a visit to one of the oldest lighthouses in the Almeria province. Considered to be the highest lighthouse not only on the Iberian Peninsula but on the whole of the Mediterranean.

Great lighthouse next to the

El arrecife de las sirenas

From the lighthouse you have direct access to the renowned Arrecife de las Sirenas del Cabo de Gata. The name meaning mermaids reef is given to this area because of the constant presence of monk seals the length  of the coast.

These are an endangered species commonly known as the Sirena (mermaid). If you do not wish to walk down  you can contemplate the reef from a look out point. The views are exceptional and the volcanic rocks will especially attract your attention. These rocks make up a series of vertical lines sporting an unusual  beauty.

The reef of the Mermaids under the lighthouse and the

From Aguamarga to Mojácar

Leaving Carboneras, we complete this beautiful route with the Aguamarga beach, which is the most visited of the Gabo de Gata.

Despite its increase in occupation during the summer months, it boasts a calm sea and easy access, making this beach suitable for all ages.

Belonging to Nijar, this is an ideal destination for water sports such as snorkelling, sailing and scuba diving, all of the equipment necessary for any of these sports is available on site.

And after this amazing 32 kilometre itinerary , we come to the end of the route and we make our way back to Mojacar.


Mojacar from above

Dont forget if you are staying in the Hotel Servigroup Marina Playa and you don t arrive back too late then you will have time to relax in our wellness centre or in the heated swimming pool after your long busy day.

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