On the coast of Mojácar you can find busy, fully equipped beaches or unspoilt ones where visitors can escape from the noise and daily routine. The beach type is also varied; the fine golden sandy beaches being the being preferred ones.

Below you will find some of these beaches listed; the majority have been awarded with the prestigious blue flag of the European Foundation of Environmental Education.


Marina de la Torre Beach

It is the first beach we come across in the town of Mojácar accessing from the town of Garrucha from the east. This large sandy beach (medium-grain) 1900 metres long is situated in front of the golf course of the same name where the hotels Servigroup Marina Playa and Servigroup Marina Mar are located.

It is one of the local beaches awarded with the prestigious blue flag and included in the services it offers is the hire of parasols and sunbeds, wheelchair access with amphibious beach chair at the lifeguard station and showers.

In addition, Servigroup guests have a reserved area with sunbed hire (supplement) and the “Cala Marina” beach bar, in which you can enjoy its famous barbecued skewers or summer evenings with the different themed parties that are organised.


Rumina and El Palmeral Beach

Located in the vicinity of the palm grove, a quiet residential area next to the “río aguas” lagoon. They are 1200metre long beaches of grey sand and gravel and can become very busy during the summer months. They offer shower and foot bath facilities, wheelchair access and nearby parking. At certain spots, there is the offer of sunbed hire and a beach bar where you can cool off.


Descargador Beach

A beach of medium-grain, greyish colour sand. It was given the name due to a mineral deposit which was at the very same point years ago, however of which currently nothing remains.

It is 900metres long and has all the facilities necessary for visitors use. Due to its water quality and surroundings, it has been awarded the blue flag for several years. Among the services offered, you can find amphibious beach chairs, walkways, showers and life guard station during the summer months.


Piedra Villazar Beach

This beach owes its name to the stone situated on the sand, the stone of Villazar. It is located near to the shopping centre and the town access intersection.

A family beach with golden medium-grain sand and high quality surroundings for which it has been awarded the blue flag. If offers services such as disabled access, toilets, sun loungers, lifeguard during the summer season and children’s play park. Although it is a very busy beach, its length of nearly 3km allows you to enjoy its waters without any problems.


Vista de los Ángeles Beach

Between the beaches of Villazar and Cantal, lies this medium-grain sandy beach. It is a beach surrounded by a wide range of leisure activities that together with the services offered make it a good choice for a swim and to spend the summer days.


Cantal Beach

chiringuitos que animan la zona. A beach that is characterised by a large stone on the shore, the stone of Cantal to which it owes its name. Easily accessible and well connected; this medium-grain beach offers various services which include foot baths, showers, sunbed hire and disabled access. It is also very well-known as it accommodates several beach bars that liven up the area.


Lance Nuevo Beach

Also known as “Lance del Cantal”, it was an area previously chosen for the practice of fishing in the village (hence its name), an activity that currently takes places at a nearby fishing port.

This beach alternates between medium-grain sand and pebbles. It has easy access and is surrounded by tourist amenities such as foot baths, sunbed hire and local bus stop.


Cueva del Lobo Beach

Close to this beach, one of the first buildings, to which a famous pianist gave the name “cueva del lobo” “wolf cave”, was built. As a result, it was decided to give the beach the same name.

A blue flag award winning beach, awarded for the quality of its sand and water. Its surface is composed of dark sand and gravel. It has a promenade which stretches to the south and amenities during the summer months such as showers, sunbed hire, lifeguard station and toilets. Due to its break water area, that shelters it from the swell, this beach is recommended for the little ones to swim.


Ventanitas Beach

A beach of fine, golden sand, surrounded by multiple amenities. Awarded the blue flag for its quality and respect for the environment and nature. A long beach that offers disabled access, amphibious beach chairs and a lifeguard station during the summer months. This beach has easy access and there is nearby parking as well as a public bus stop. It has a promenade.


Venta del Bancal Beach

This is the first beach of the urbanized area from the west; from here the promenade stretches north. This beach is practically joined to the Playa de las Ventanitas. Its main feature is the artificial breakwater that protects it and the views of the Cabrera Mountains meeting the sea. Fine sandy beach that has a children’s play park for the little ones, showers and a lifeguard station during the summer months.


In addition to these urban beaches, Mojácar has other more secluded beaches that enjoy a natural environment:


1. Macenas Beach

Towards the south, leaving behind the urbanised area, we find this beach of medium-grain sand, gravel and rocks. A quiet beach surrounded by nature, its name was given from the nearby tower that dates back to 1765. It has a beach bar. It is recommended to wear beach shoes for swimming.


2. Protected beaches 

Dark sand and gravel beaches located to the south. They are protected naturist beaches in a natural environment (Cala del Peñon o Perulico, Cala de Bordenares, Cala del Sombrerito and Cala de la Gratadilla). They do not feature amenities, so respect and special care of the surroundings and environment is requested.


3. Los muertos Beach

Located in Carboneras, Playa de los Muertos is a beautiful and quiet beach that has a wide variety of rocks created by the wind and sea. It is 1160metres long and is one of the best beaches on the Spanish coast with unbeatable water quality. Among its most outstanding services, we can include the practice of nudism and two nearby unsupervised car parks.


4. The beaches of Cabo de Gata

The beaches of Cabo de Gata are a group of beaches that occupy more than 12 kilometres of coastline, stretching from the coast of Torre García to the lighthouse of Cabo de Gata. Visitors can enjoy a wide variety of beaches both urban and natural and unspoilt coves such as the well-known Mónsul and Los Genoveses. Beach bars, beach foot baths, parasols and sunbed hire are some of the services offered at some of these beaches.

Other beaches we can find from Mojácar to Cabo de Gata are Playa Bordenares, Playa de la Rambla de Grajo, Cala Blanca, Cala “En Medio”, Cala Plomo, Las Negras and San José.

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