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Things to do in Mojácar
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Things to do in Mojácar

Beaches of Mojácar

Mojácar is located at the northernmost tip of Andalusia and has 17 kilometres of magnificent beaches that lead to the Cabo de Gata Natural Park, in the province of Almería. Along its coastline, we can find sandy beaches and coves for all tastes, from the most famous and crowded beaches equipped with all services, to unspoilt and secluded beaches where visitors can escape from the noise and bustle of the summer.

The rugged and rugged coastline of the area contrasts with the very long beaches where the protagonist is the fine golden sand. These are genuine coastal oases where you can enjoy the area's pleasant climate to the full.

Below you will find some of them. Most of them have been awarded the prestigious blue flag of the European Foundation for Environmental Education.

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Swim in the beaches of Mojácar

Marina de la Torre Beach

Located just opposite the hotels Marina Playa and Marina Mar, this is the first beach in the municipality of Mojácar, accessed from the north through the town of Garrucha. From here you can enjoy a beautiful panoramic view of the old town of Mojácar.

This wide beach of medium-grain sand is 800 metres long and has been awarded the prestigious blue flag. Among the services on offer are sunshade and sun lounger hire, access for the disabled with an amphibious chair at the lifeguard post, and showers.

In addition, Servigroup clients have a reserved area with a supplementary sun lounger rental service and the Chiringuito "Cala Marina", where they can enjoy the famous "espetos" (skewers) or the theme nights that are organised there.

Marina de la Torre Beach

Rumina and El Palmeral Beach

Next to the mouth of the river Aguas and in the vicinity of the spot known as El Palmeral due to the abundance of these trees that contrast with the ochre colour of the land, this magnificent beach of greyish sand and gravel stretches for 800 metres and is equipped with all kinds of services.

It is one of the most popular beaches in the municipality and is located in a quiet residential area that reaches its peak in the summer months.

Rumina Beach and El Palmeral

Descargador Beach

It is a beach of medium-grained, greyish sand and crystal-clear waters. It takes its name from an old merchant loading point for the minerals that were extracted in the area, of which nowadays nothing remains but a memory.

It is 300 metres long and has all the necessary equipment for visitors. Due to the quality of its waters and its surroundings, it has been awarded the blue flag for several years. Its services include amphibious chairs for the disabled, walkways, showers and a lifeguard post in the summer months.

Beach Descargador Mojácar

La Piedra Villazar Beach

This beach is just over 300 metres long and owes its name to the huge rock that sits on its sands, the Villazar stone. It is very centrally located next to a commercial park at the crossroads of the access to the old town, so it is always full of good atmosphere.

It is a family beach of golden sand and medium grain surrounded by an environment of great landscape value, which is why it has been awarded the blue flag. It has numerous services such as disabled access, toilets, deck chairs, lifeguard service during the summer season and a children's playground.

Villazar Mojácar Stone Beach
Beaches of Mojácar

Vista de los Ángeles Beach

A small 300-metre-long beach that is the ideal place to take a dip, as its calm, transparent waters offer a haven of peace to all those who choose to enjoy a day by the sea.

Located in a very accessible and well-communicated area, this beach is surrounded by many services and leisure activities for the whole family. Come and walk along the coastline and enjoy its beaches!

Angeles Beach Mojácar

Cantal Beach

Cantal Beach is characterised by the large rock on the shore that divides the sandy area into two halves, the Cantal stone. And it is precisely from this characteristic rock that it takes its name.

Easily accessible and well communicated, this 900-metre long beach is medium-grained and surrounded by eucalyptus trees. It has several services, including footbaths, showers, deckchair hire and access for the disabled. It is also a very popular area as it has several beach bars that liven up the area at sunset.

Cantal Beach Mojácar

Lance Nuevo Beach

On this beach, many decades ago, sea bass fishing was practised, and this was the fishing area par excellence in Mojácar, whose neighbours even left their boats on the sand during the night. Nowadays the fishing activity has moved to the port and the beach of Lance Nuevo is an ideal place for bathing.

It is a small beach sheltered by the old breakwater that combines medium-grained sand with pebbles. It is easy to access and is surrounded by many services such as footbaths and sun lounger hire. It is ideal for a stroll and a swim with the children in its calm waters.

Lance Nuevo Beach Mojácar

Cueva del Lobo Beach

In the 1960s this beach was a completely unspoilt and little frequented place, so it came as a surprise when a famous pianist decided to build his summer residence here. The musician christened it "Cueva del Lobo" (Wolf's Cave) and soon the mojaqueros began to call the beach by the same name in allusion to their illustrious neighbour.

It is a small beach, no more than 200 metres long, but it has been awarded the blue flag for the quality of its sand and water. Its surface is made up of gravel and dark sand. It has a promenade and numerous services in the summer months, such as showers, deckchair hire, lifeguard post and toilets.

Cueva del Lobo Beach Mojácar

Ventanicas Beach

It is one of the most popular beaches in Mojácar, and it is a beach of fine golden sand, surrounded by multiple services. Awarded the blue flag for its quality and respect for the environment and nature, it has a promenade and is located in an area full of shops and restaurants.

Dotted with palm trees and more than 600 metres long, it has access for the disabled and amphibious chairs, as well as a lifeguard post in the summer months. This beach is easy to access, with parking spaces nearby, as well as a public transport stop.

Ventanitas Beach Mojácar

Venta del Bancal Beach

This is the most southerly beach of Mojácar, bordering the cliffs of the Sierra de Cabrera that lead directly to the sea, offering one of the most spectacular panoramic views in the province of Almería.

It owes its name to an old roadside shop that used to be in the area and is a fine sandy beach of about 300 metres long with all the services and has been awarded the blue flag for the quality of its sand and crystal clear waters, especially recommended for scuba diving.

Venta del Bancal Beach Mojácar

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