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Things to do in Mojácar

Theme Parks in Mojácar

Mojácar is an ideal family destination at any time of the year. Among its many cultural and scenic attractions, you will find a selection of interesting theme parks, capable of transporting you back to decades gone by when this desert-like area was a world reference in the production of western films.

Feeling like a glamorous movie star, having fun imagining what your life would have been like in the Wild West or cooling off on the most vertiginous water slides are just some of the experiences you will find in Mojácar's theme parks.

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Fun is guaranteed in Mojácar's amusement parks

Oasys MiniHollywood

In the Tabernas Desert, a unique place in Europe, at the beginning of the last century the sets of some of the most popular American westerns were built. Today they are no longer in use, but have been preserved and converted into a unique theme park on this side of the Atlantic.

At Oasys MiniHollywood you can enjoy live shows, visit a spectacular zoological reserve with a thousand animals of up to 200 different species, cool off in the aquatic area and sample the themed menus made in the USA.

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Fort Bravo

If you are looking for an authentic "western" experience in a film studio that is still in use for the filming of movies, commercials and music videos from all over the world, your ideal visit is Fort Bravo.

In the best location in the Tabernas Desert, outside the filming season, Fort Bravo opens its doors to visitors, reliving the most iconic scenes from western films in its streets. Horse raids, can-can dances, saloons and even the sheriff's office will take you back in time - don't miss it!

Fort Bravo Mojácar


Aquavera is a fabulous water park full of slides, pools and other types of attractions to cool off in the summer months very close to Mojácar, in the town of Vera.

Without a doubt, to visit Aquavera is to go back to childhood and enjoy one of the summer classics. Get ready to enjoy a family day out with leisure options for all ages and good dining options.

Aquavera Mojácar
Theme Parks in Mojácar

Lunar Park

The Cuevas del Almanzora reservoir offers an extreme experience for lovers of speed and adventure. This is undoubtedly a very special place to enjoy water sports in the middle of the desert.

Its five-tower cable for wakeboarding is a benchmark in Spain, where professionals and amateurs alike come to practice this sport where fun and adrenaline are guaranteed. But that's not all! You can enjoy paddle surfing, kayaking, inflatables on the water and many more activities so that nobody stops enjoying themselves for a second.

Lunar Cable Park

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