Things to do in Peñíscola
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Things to do in Peñíscola

What to eat in Peñíscola

In Peñíscola you can enjoy the best fish, seafood, rice dishes and garden produce. A very varied gastronomy, based on the products of the sea and the Mediterranean market garden.

As a fishing village, its seafood cuisine, based on the typical fish and seafood of the area, stands out. You cannot miss the "Suquet" of fish or the "All i pebre" of monkfish, typical seafood dishes with a long tradition in the town.

If you prefer seafood, the langoustines, prawns and the famous "Caragols punxents" with denomination of origin in Peñíscola, will be your best option.

Moreover, during the whole month of October, you can enjoy these products in the Gastronomic Days of the Prawn and Octopus of the Fish Market of Peñíscola.

Peñíscola also stands out for its rice dishes, either accompanied by seafood (with lobster, caldoso, a banda, marinero...) or from the garden, highlighting in this case, the exquisite artichokes of the area.

To end a delicious meal, there is nothing better than the town's traditional pastries, especially the cottage cheese and almond cake (Flaons de Peñíscola) and the sweets made with pumpkin pulp, cottage cheese and honey (Pastissets de Carabassa).

Finally, we must not forget the Tapas. Peñíscola has a wide variety of restaurants both in the old quarter and along the beaches. As a result of this great gastronomic offer, from the 1st to the 8th of September, before the Patron Saint's Festivities, the fun Gastronomic Route "Chanclas y Tapas" is usually held, with exquisite and surprising tapas.

An ideal place to enjoy the best Mediterranean cuisine!

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