In Peñiscola, you can enjoy the best fish, shell fish, rice dishes and home grown products. A varied cuisine, based on seafood and home grown Mediterranean products.

This fishing village stands out amongst the rest with its dishes typical to this area. You must try "Suquet" or "All i pebre", made with monkfish, a great tradition to the town.

If you go for the seafood, crayfish, prawns and the famous "Caragois Punxents", this would be a good choice as originated from this area.

In addition, throughout the month of October you can enjoy these products in the Gastronomic Shrimp and Octopus Fish Market in Peñiscola.

Peñiscola is also known for its popular rice dishes (Arroz a Banda, Arroz Caldoso, Marinero etc.), some made with Lobster and home made produce, not forgetting the delicious artichokes in the area.

To end an exquisite meal, there is nothing better than a traditional pastry from the town, curd and almond cake (Flaons de Peñiscola) and sweetes made with pumpkin pulp, cottage cheese and honey (Pastissets de Carabassa).

Finally, we must not forget the Tapas. Peñiscola has a variety of establishments in both the old town and along the beaches.  From the 1st - 8th September, there is usually a festivity called "Flip Flops and Tapas" with exquisite and amazing tapas.

An ideal place to enjoy the best Mediterranean cuisine!

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