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Things to do in Benidorm

What to eat Benidorm

Benidorm offers a wonderful mix of the best gastronomy of the country together with the most exquisite international flavours. In the buffets of our hotels you will be able to taste a great variety of dishes that the city of Benidorm can offer you.

The local gastronomy is a mixture of the influences of the typical cuisine of the fishermen, of the orchard, of the flavours coming from the Arabs and other cultures brought by the merchant seamen to the city, giving as a result a variety of dishes.

During your visit to Benidorm, we want to encourage you to discover the immense gastronomic culture of the city. You will be able to taste delicious dishes from the Levant, typical traditional cuisine, international cuisine and even the fusion of them, a great variety of flavours to surprise all palates. You decide what your preferences are.

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The best dishes to eat in Benidorm:
The secret of our most international recipe

Specialists in rice dishes

The province of Alicante is known worldwide for its rice dishes, and Benidorm, as a town in Alicante and a meeting point for many nationalities, cannot have a greater variety of rice dishes, recipes interpreted with infinite nuances for all tastes.

Some of the most prized rice dishes in the area are

  • Red mullet and pumpkin rice.
  • Rice with beans and turnips.
  • Arroz a banda (rice with beans and turnips).
  • Rice with anchovies and spinach.

But surely, walking through the streets of Benidorm, you will be able to find many other more varied rice dishes with more atypical ingredients. Venture into discovering your favourite rice.

Rice dishes in Benidorm
The best products fresh from the sea

Land of fishermen

We must not forget that Benidorm was originally a fishing village, which is why its cuisine is based on fresh seafood. The port of Benidorm offers the luxury of having fresh fish of the highest quality.

Some of the fish dishes from Benidorm:

  • "Cazuela de pescado a lo pobre."
  • "Pebrot."
  • Stuffed squid.
Fish Benidorm
Culinary tradition inherited for generations

Artisanal products

Moreover, the taste of the artisanal products is not overshadowed in their gastronomic culture by the contact with other cultures, but rather enriched. There are many vegetable gardens on the outskirts of Benidorm that provide their gastronomy with seasonal fruits and vegetables.

The most famous handmade products:

  • San Blas cakes.
  • Sweet potato cakes.
  • Coca Farcida.
  • Alioli.
Products of the land Benidorm
For the most cosmopolitan palates

Flavours from around the world

Benidorm is home to many people who have moved here for work, as well as many foreigners who return to the city year after year. For this reason, in addition to the typical Benidorm food, you can also enjoy a multitude of options in the streets.

On the one hand, you can enjoy a multitude of traditional Spanish dishes. Kitchens like the Asturian, Granada, La Mancha or the well-known Basque pintxos have a very special place reserved within the gastronomy of Benidorm.

At the same time, many international customs are also present in the city, such as Chinese, Indian, English, Dutch, Argentinean, Mexican or Colombian food, among many others.

Variety always brings more richness and we are convinced that in Benidorm you will find options to eat that you will love.

Themed dishes international Torre Dorada Benidorm

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