Benidorm offers visitors a fantastic blend of the country’s finest cuisine and the most exquisite international flavours.

The local cuisine is a mixture of influences from the region’s typical fishermen’s dishes, vegetable dishes combining flavours from Arabic and other cultures the merchant seamen brought with them to the city, resulting in a wide variety of dishes to cater for all tastes.

Some of the most typical dishes of the Levante are:

- Soupy rice with red mullet and pumpkin.

- Rice with kidney beans and turnip.

- Arroz a banda (rice cooked in fish stock).

- Alioli (garlic and olive oil sauce).

- Fisherman’s pie.

- Rice with fresh anchovies and spinach.

- Peppers.

- Stuffed squid.

Not to mention the desserts; Benidorm offers some specialities such as sweet potato pastries and San Blas buns; the latter is made from eggs, almonds, flour, cinnamon, lemon and olive oil.

Also typical are savoury cocas (similar to flatbread), filled with vegetables and fish or pork sausages, bacon or black pudding.

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