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Things to do in Benidorm

Beaches of Benidorm

Thousands of tourists from around the world flock to Benidorm, attracted by its beaches and exceptional climate that allow visitors to take a dip in the sea any time of year. Some tourists from British or Nordic countries enjoy its waters throughout the year, but also national visitors, generally Basque, Cantabrian or Galician.

Three of its beaches have been honoring for many years the blue flag, an award that certifies the quality of its waters, services, safety, information and environmental education, presented by the European Education, for Environmental Education. Specifically, the Poniente, Levante and Mal Pas beaches.

In addition to its beaches, their respective promenades and the marina are famous, offering a wide range of services and activities. Among them, the practice of snorkeling or scuba diving, cable skiing or libaries on the beach.

In total, Benidorm has 3 blue flag beaches and 2 small natural coves at the foot of Sierra Helada, these small coves are highly recommended options for those seeking to escape and enjoy the sea while avoiding the crowds of the town.

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Bathe in the 5 beaches of Benidorm
One of the most awarded beaches in the world

Levante beach

The popular Levante beach is located in the centre of the city and is the most bustling of the five beaches. It attracts a large number of visitors throughout the year and its crescent shape is the most characteristic image of Benidorm.

It stretches for more than 2 kilometres, has fine sand and offers a wide range of services and equipment, such as: sun beds (a grand total of 4,600), sun umbrellas, areas for washing feet, etc.

Its famous promenade has a spacious pedestrian area, home to a large number of bars, terraced cafés, pubs and nightclubs.


Avda. Alcoy, s/n • 03503 Benidorm • Alicante (Spain)

Levante beach
The favourite of the people of Benidorm

Poniente beach

Poniente beach is the first beach you come across in the southern area of Benidorm. It starts at the sea port and stretches for more than three kilometres as far as the area known as La Cala (The Cove). It is the largest of all the beaches and competes with Levante beach in terms of beauty and services on offer, although the atmosphere is generally quieter and there is more space. Its fine golden sand looks clean and immaculate every morning.

It offers a wide range of equipment and services, such as: numerous sun beds and umbrellas for sunbathing, foot washing facilities, etc.

A notable feature is the architecture of its spectacular promenade, which looks like the structure of a cliff and resembles the movement of waves and tides.


Avda. Armada Española, s/n • 03502 Benidorm • Alicante (Spain)

Poniente beach Benidorm
Take a bath in the heart of Benidorm

Mal Pas beach

The small cove of Mal Pas is located between the beaches of Levante and Poniente, right in the heart of the old town. Opposite the cove is Benidorm Island, which is home to an important marine reserve with excellent sea beds representing an authentic paradise for divers. It is situated beside the city’s marina, and from there you can access the castle and observatory via a set of stairs to enjoy the splendid views of Levante and Poniente beaches and the geyser.

It is small, pleasant, and usually not very busy, unlike Benidorm’s two main beaches. There is a bus stop nearby, and other services such as parking, showers and telephone.


C/ Dos Calas, 2 • 03503 Benidorm • Alicante (Spain)

Mal Pas cove Benidorm
A haven of peace a stone's throw from the city

Tio Ximo Cove

Tio Ximo is in the north of the city, at the foot of the Sierra Helada nature park, surrounded by cliffs in an outstanding area of natural beauty.

This small cove is 60 metres long and consists of fine sand and rocks. Its crystal clear waters invite you to practice diving and snorkelling, offering divers the beautiful spectacle of the rocky sea bed.

It is a welcoming and quiet experience after the hustle and bustle of large crowds of tourists. It has sun beds, umbrellas in high season and lifeguard stations.


C/ Dos Calas • 03503 Benidorm • Alicante (Spain)

Tio Ximo Cove
Nature in its purest form

La Almadrava Cove

La Almadrava Cove is located just beside Tío Ximo Cove, in the final stretch of the northern coast of Benidorm, at the foot of the Sierra Helada and surrounded by cliffs in an unspoilt, natural environment.

It is 100 metres long and has crystal-clear water, fine sand and rocks. Its beautiful rocky sea bed and calm, crystal-clear waters attract scuba divers and it is also ideal for snorkelling.

The area around the cove is very quiet and welcoming, with sun beds and safety flags.


C/ Dos Calas • 03503 Benidorm • Alicante (Spain)

La Almadrava Cove

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