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Mediterranean Beach
Pumpkin fritters at Servigroup Hotels

The best desserts and sweets to remember autumn

It is always a good time to enjoy the traditional flavour of our land. Today we put on the table the recipes of the best desserts in the Valencian Community so that you can transport yourself from your kitchen to the buffets of our hotels. Do you like cooking?

Paella Montiboli Villajoyosa

Alicante or Valencian? The secret of the authentic paella recipe

In Spain we love to sit around a good table with family and friends to enjoy our gastronomy. What better excuse than a good paella to get together!

Today we tell you many of the tricks and curiosities around the star of Spanish cuisine. Find out how to achieve the best flavour and learn to enjoy this popular delicacy to the fullest.

Show room with products and tastings

Servigroup celebrates its XII Gastronomic Days with the slogan “50 years providing quality”

The Hotel Pueblo hosts the XII Gastronomic Days of Servigroup. A meeting point between head chefs and chefs, that served to continue improving the quality and catering service offered by the company.

During the conference, the proposals and innovations that will be incorporated in the coming season were presented, in which healthy food and sustainability will be enhanced.

Hoteles Servigroup accommodation with Gluten Free option

Servigroup Hotels renews their agreement with FACE to offer gluten-free menus to celiac guests in their establishments

Another year on and Servigroup Hotels maintains its commitment to supporting people with celiac disease, with the renewal of the collaboration agreement, which they have maintained since 2014 with FACE (Federation of Celiac Associations of Spain).

The agreement was signed for the first time in 2014, although since 2010 Servigroup already had the recognition from ACECOVA (Association of Celiacs of the Valencian Community) and unofficially has been working since 2005 to offer a maximum guarantee and security service to people with celiac disease.

Most popular entry

The Explanada in Alicante

What to see in Alicante: the definitive guide to a surprising city

Alicante boasts of being one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the Mediterranean, whose character has been forged over time thanks to the many civilizations that have settled in its territory and that have left their mark on the history and heritage of the city.

If we add to that the open and maritime character of its people, we find ourselves in front of a vibrant, modern and full of life capital ideal to enjoy a summer afternoon of fun and culture. Will you sign up? 

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