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Mediterranean Beach
Ciclying boy at the beach

Discover the best plans to do with children in Benidorm

Is Benidorm a destination to travel with children? Of course, it is! In this vacation city par excellence, there are endless plans especially aimed at each type of traveller, and especially for families.

We show you what to do in Benidorm with the little ones in the house so that you can spend an unforgettable holiday. Not to be missed! 

Christmas decoration in Benidorm

10 reasons to choose Benidorm at Christmas

If you associate Christmas with low temperatures, snow, and a lot of cold ... We are going to make you change your mind, banish that myth and enjoy the Christmas spirit without freezing in the attempt!

Write down on your diary all the places that make Benidorm the perfect destination for next Christmas and enjoy these special dates with us. We are waiting for you!

The 5 most beautiful towns in Castellón, on the beach and inland

The Costa de Azahar is much more than heart-stopping beaches and untouched nature. Dotted by the geography of the province of Castellón, there are numerous towns full of beauty and charm that you cannot miss on your visit to this area.

Don't you know them yet? Today we have prepared this list for you in which we include what we consider to be the most beautiful villages in Castellón.

Figures of two, coloured swans in a park

What animal am I in the Chinese horoscope? Hung Yi brings the Far East to Benidorm

Don't miss the extraordinary street exhibition of the international artist Hung Yi in Benidorm and take this opportunity to find out which animal represents you according to the Chinese horoscope.

Did you know that oriental culture gives people certain qualities related to an animal? Dive into this wild galaxy of colour and find your animal alter ego. 

Zodiac signs on a clock

Your perfect trip for 2023 according to your sign of the Zodiac

Still don't know where to travel in 2023? We propose the most fun way to decide the destination of your next holiday. How? Tell us what your zodiac sign is and we will explain the reasons why a certain corner of the Mediterranean is destined by the stars to be your paradise in this season that is about to begin. Do You dare?

Road trip holidays through Alicante

A definitive road trip through Alicante: the best of the Costa Blanca in 7 days

A new way to travel? Not at all! A road trip is the best way to get to know every corner of a destination. We often travel from one place to another on highways and expressways and inadvertently miss incredible places that we may not have even heard of. With the route along the Costa Blanca that we propose below, it will not happen again. Along the mythical N-332 you will get to know the most beautiful places in Alicante in a very special holiday for you and yours.

Most popular entry

Caves of San José, enter the heart of La Vall d'Uixó

The endless white sandy beaches of the Costa de Azahar often overshadow the many other charms that this incredible area of the Mediterranean coast awaits travellers. This is the case of the Coves de Sant Josep, some very interesting underground caves that hide the longest underground navigable river in Europe and whose walls house cave paintings. Are you going to miss it?

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