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Mediterranean Beach
Figures of two, coloured swans in a park

What animal am I in the Chinese horoscope? Hung Yi brings the Far East to Benidorm

Don't miss the extraordinary street exhibition of the international artist Hung Yi in Benidorm and take this opportunity to find out which animal represents you according to the Chinese horoscope.

Did you know that oriental culture gives people certain qualities related to an animal? Dive into this wild galaxy of colour and find your animal alter ego. 

Zodiac signs on a clock

Your perfect trip for 2021 according to your sign of the Zodiac

Still don't know where to travel in 2021? We propose the most fun way to decide the destination of your next holiday. How? Tell us what your zodiac sign is and we will explain the reasons why a certain corner of the Mediterranean is destined by the stars to be your paradise in this season that is about to begin. Do You dare?

Walt Disney

Was Walt Disney really born in Mojácar?

Myths and legends are a fundamental part of knowing the history and character of a town. Mojácar is art, passion, joy and ingenuity. Some qualities that are part of its DNA and that is shared with the creator of cartoons.

Is the genius of Walt Disney of Andalusian heritage? Read all the details and judge it yourself.

Manarola, one of the towns that make up the Cinque Terre

Find in Spain the world's best destinations

Wanting to travel? If you have an adventurous, curious spirit and love to travel around the world, today we bring you some similarities that you will love.

Travel to Spain and meet some of the most desired destinations in the world that you may not even know you can visit in this wonderful country.

Christmas Square

Here are 10 reasons why you should choose Benidorm at Christmas

If you associate Christmas with low temperatures, snow and cold weather…We are going to dispel the myth, you can also enjoy the Christmas spirit without freezing at the same time!

Take note of all the places to visit in Benidorm during your Christmas holiday and enjoy this special time with us. We’re waiting for you!

Most popular entry

The Explanada in Alicante

What to see in Alicante: the definitive guide to a surprising city

Alicante boasts of being one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the Mediterranean, whose character has been forged over time thanks to the many civilizations that have settled in its territory and that have left their mark on the history and heritage of the city.

If we add to that the open and maritime character of its people, we find ourselves in front of a vibrant, modern and full of life capital ideal to enjoy a summer afternoon of fun and culture. Will you sign up? 

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