At Servigroup we join in the celebration of International Coffee Day!

Well yes, we are coffee lovers. Spaniards drink an average of 3.6 cups of coffee a day, which is no more and no less than 535 million cups served every week throughout the country.

A true passion for coffee that places Spain in 19th position in the world ranking of coffee consumers.

A coffee with views at the Montíboli

Why is International Coffee Day celebrated?

The annual commemoration of International Coffee Day was created just five years ago. It was in 2015, when the International Coffee Organization (ICO) decided to choose October 1st  in order to make the hard work involved in all stages of the coffee growing process more visible.

It is painstaking work carried out in very specific regions of the world, often far from the countries where the final product is consumed, whose inhabitants ignore the efforts required to collect it. In short, this commemoration is an opportunity to pay tribute to the women and men who are involved in all the stages of the coffee process, almost always in a rural environment plagued with difficulties and threats.

Colombian coffee beans

At Servigroup Hotels we are very aware of the reality of coffee growers in areas like Colombia, where the coffee industry is of vital economic and social importance. There, in the city of Manizales, where there is even a Coffee Museum dedicated to exalting the ways of growing, roasting and consuming Colombia's most international product, our chain opened the Hotel Benidorm in 2012.

The opening of this establishment meant the birth of a close relationship between Servigroup Hotels and Colombia, thanks to which today we can enjoy top quality coffee imported directly from the Caribbean country in the buffets, cafes, bars and terraces of our hotels, preserving everything, its flavour and representing a fair and sustainable trade.

Benidorm Hotel in Colombia

The benefits of coffee

If you are also a coffee lover, you don't need any more reasons to enjoy it, but did you know that it also has many health benefits?

Coffee helps your brain and fights cognitive decline. Certain studies have shown that coffee consumption reduces the chances of suffering from degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's or Parkinson's by 60%, since caffeine acts on our genetic material causing dopamine and norepinephrine to increase, causing a stimulation of brain functions.

It has also shown that coffee is a great source of antioxidants and provides important nutrients to the body, reducing the risk of diseases such as colon cancer, breast cancer or cirrhosis and up to 50% less chance of developing type 2 diabetes.

Without a doubt, coffee is a great ally for us.

Hotel coffee bar

And you, when do you enjoy it?

At Servigroup Hotels you can enjoy the best coffee at any time of the day. Tell us how you like to drink it and we will prepare it for you instantly. On its own, with milk, with ice ... we all have our own way of drinking coffee.

Why change it!

At breakfast…

At breakfast we charge our batteries to make the most of each day of our holiday and in this task, coffee is always the perfect companion.

Choose your preference in coffee, and accompany it with toast or our selection of freshly baked pastries and start the day in the best possible way.

Breakfast coffee buffet

What we like, an after- dinner coffee!

A habit that shouldn’t be absent at family meals, is after-dinner time. What a real pleasure to have a coffee with the family after eating, remembering old anecdotes, who has not enjoyed being together at six in the evening around a table?

In the bars and cafes of the different hotels in the chain you can savour the authentic taste of Colombia in a hot cup, in a cold glass or let yourself be surprised by the suggestions of our professionals.

And in the afternoon, more coffee!

A coffee with friends? The Spanish do not understand a plan in the afternoon without a coffee, similar to the British, with their five in the afternoon tea.

At Servigroup we offer you the best environments throughout the year, so that you can enjoy your coffee with ideal comfort, with either the cosy lounges, the terraces with sea views or the bars by the pool that our hotels enjoy.

But if you still want more, try our selection of Gin and tonics flavoured with coffee, this will not leave you indifferent. An explosion of sensations to commemorate International Coffee Day in the most unexpected way.

Gin-tonic coffee

And if October 1st has already gone, there is no need to wait for next year. Any excuse is good to pamper yourself and enjoy at Servigroup Hotels.

We will be waiting for you!

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