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Servigroup Hotels renews their agreement with FACE to offer gluten-free menus to celiac guests in their establishments

Another year on and Servigroup Hotels maintains its commitment to supporting people with celiac disease, with the renewal of the collaboration agreement, which they have maintained since 2014 with FACE (Federation of Celiac Associations of Spain). Thus, Hoteles Servigroup will continue to offer gluten-free menus in its hotels, so that our clients only have to worry about enjoying their stay in our establishments and their tourist destinations to the fullest.

Hoteles Servigroup renews its agreement with FACE

For many people with celiac disease, eating outside the home becomes a challenge, especially in the case of newly diagnosed celiacs and families with children. A concern that is raised when talking about travel and vacations.

For this reason, Hoteles Servigroup have been working, for more than a decade, to offer the maximum guarantee and security to this group in the catering services of their establishments with a specific menu for celiacs, which contain a balanced diet adapted to all age groups.

Gluten-free options and menu for coeliacs

It was in back in 2005 when Servigroup started this commitment with the collective to provide all its customers with comfortable and risk-free stays. In 2010, the work carried out was recognized by ACECOVA (Association of Celiacs of the Valencian Community), with Servigroup becoming the first chain of gluten-free hotels in Benidorm, officially and as pioneers in the gluten-free holiday offer in the Valencian Community.

Following the chain's quality policy, in 2014 Hoteles Servigroupsigned its first collaboration agreement with FACE. An agreement that the hotel chain has been renewing year after year maintaining its support for people with celiac disease, with the aim that all of its clients can enjoy an unforgettable holiday.

Through this agreement, the catering services of Hoteles Servigroup undergo exhaustive testing and food control, as well as training of the kitchen and restaurant staff, on the condition and diet required by people with celiac disease (products apt, forms of elaboration, storage and presentation without risks).

The FACE badge identifies establishments as safe places in which to eat and where the necessary measures are met so that there are no problems, such as cross contamination in food, thus confirming the maximum guarantee and safety of this service.

Products for celiacs

Our establishments are gluten-free hotels, with buffets that offer a special menu for people with this difficulty, which must be requested in advance for consumption during lunch and dinner. Corn Flakes cereals, Manchego cheese, rice, macaroni with tomato, peas with ham, seafood paella, quiche Lorraine and egg custard are some of the twenty options you can opt for.


Also, the bars of our hotels have special drinks for coeliac. It should be noted, in the case of beer, that only some brands are suitable for coeliacs.

We look forward to seeing you at Hotels Servigroup, your gluten-free hotels, where you can enjoy the best holidays.

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