The 10 best beaches in Castellón

The Valencian Community has beautiful beaches to suit everyone. In fact, the Mediterranean has become the epicentre of summer tourism and both national and international tourists visit the area looking to enjoy the sunshine and the best beaches.

Castellón is a top destination on Spain’s Levante Coastline and so you can discover all its charm, we have planned a route to help you explore the beaches of Castellón in all their splendor. So, we are going to offer you a selection of Castellón’s best beaches, the most valued beaches, in order to inspire you to visit them during summer 2021.


1. Playa Norte (North Beach), Peñíscola

The beautiful Playa Norte (North Beach) is Peñiscola’s more central beach, right in front of this beach is our Hotel Servigroup Papa Luna. The beach concludes at the foot of Peñiscola’s beautiful old town and from there, you can see the historical castle of Papa Luna which from the top presides over the town of Peñiscola.

The beach consists of 5Km of white sand and coarse grit, clear waters, lifeguard station and life saving equipment, access for anyone with reduced mobility as well as other facilities. You can also practice water sports such as sailing, jet-skiing, kayaking etc…

Peñiscola beach

 2. Playa Morro de Gos, Oropesa del Mar

The playa de la Concha in Oropesa del Mar, has a unique half moon/bay shape. It is 700m long and approximately 80m wide with fine white sand. It is a beach highly recommended for families due to its calm shallow waters as well as its easy access, children’s play park and slides. We recommend you to take a walk along the promenade and attend the different leisure activities that are organised on this beautiful coast, the epicentre of Oropesa del Mar.

La Concha Beach in Oropesa del Mar

3. Romana Beach, Alcocéber

The Romana beach in Alcocéber, Castellón is situated opposite the Hotel Servigroup Romana. You will be amazed by this 40 m wide by 500m long pretty, family friendly beach of fine, golden sand. It is a beach with sand dunes of great ecological value that stretch 6.000m²  and reach a height of 4m, caused by light winds that mould them and create uneven shapes, untypical in other dune systems.

Footbridge to the Romana beach in Alcocéber

4. Les Cases Beach in Chilches

Very close to the port of Sagunto in Valencia and Moncófar in Castellón, you will find the playa de les Cases in Chilches (Xilxes). It is a beautiful horse shoe shaped beach, protected by a breakwater. It is 400 metres long and approximately 55 metres wide. Although it is mainly a sandy beach, it still has a few gravelly areas.

Don’t forget to go for a stroll, take a nap or attend the many cultural or sports activities that are arranged in the wooded area with pines and gardens, on the beach front.

Summer on Les Cases Beach

5. Els Terrers Beach, Benicàssim

The Els Terrers beach just 10 minutes from the Hotel Servigroup Trinimar in Benicàssim, is an 80m wide by 1.750m long quiet beach with fine golden sands.

Equipped with all amenities, you can walk along the wooden walkway, sit on one of the benches and watch the Mediterranean sea in all its glory.

During high season, you can enjoy various activities such as exercising, yoga or sailing as the Valencian government sailing school offers courses at this pretty beach. Likewise, you can enjoy cinema screenings seaside style.

Couple walking Benicàssim beach

6. Las Fuentes Beach, Alcocéber

Also situated in Alcocéber, in the vicinity of the marina and behind the Sierra de Irta, you will find the playa de las Fuentes which was given its name for the natural freshwater sources from the maestrazgo aquifer that emerge in its waters giving an added ecological value to this unique beach.

In addition, the little ones will have a great time making sand castles and playing in the water while the adults can spend time with friends playing basketball or volleyball on the several courts facing the sea.

Las Fuentes Beach in Alcocéber

7. Gurugú Beach, Castellón

Located in Castellón de La Plana, in the direction of Benicàssim, opposite the Castellón airfield, the Gurugú beach is a kilometre long, 140 metres wide, fine sandy beach.

It is surrounded by a beautiful lanscaped walkway, cycle path and some delightful little beach bars that in summer make it a very lively place until late at night. It is also a designated point for kitesurfing.

Kitesurf in Gurugú Beach

8. Fortí Beach in Vinaroz

The Vinaroz beach is situated north of the marina, a 1.000m long and 40 metre wide beach of white sand that offers many services: Lifeguards, blue flag, showers, reduced mobility access and parking. It is quite crowded during the summer months and it has a lively promenade which makes it a pleasure to go for an evening stroll.

Fortí Beach, Vinaroz

9. Heliópolis Beach in Benicàssim

The Heliópolis beach, opposite the Hotel Servigroup Trinimar, is the largest beach in Benicàssim. It is 3 kilometres long and is situated very close to the town centre, which means that it can get very busy in summer. The beach is ideal for families due to its many infrastructures and services, such as a tourist information point, a large sports and recreational games area, access for anyone with reduced mobility, sunbeds, scooters, library and activities as well as many other facilities.

Don’t forget to take a stroll along its lively, unique promenade and explore the coastline while exercising in the cycle lane.

10. Playa el Russo, (The Russian Beach) Peñíscola

The Russo beach is one of the few sandy beaches that exist in the Sierra de Irta Natural Park along with the Pebret beach.

It is 80m long with fine sand and it adopted its name, Playa de Russo after a Moscow Lieutenant who settled there.

Access to the beach is a little difficult, to reach it, you need to travel 4.5 km along a forrest track that is not in great condition, although which guarantees peace and quiet as not many people visit this natural beach that has dunes, vegetation and a wide variety of animal species. (It is also a nudist beach).

El Ruso Naturist Beach in Peñíscola

What do you think of our selection?

This summer, don’t hestitate to take a wonderful trip to the best beaches of Castellón, where you can enjoy the renowned beaches of the Costa de Azahar. You’ll love it!

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