Eating in Benicassim is a pleasure, its gastronomy is characterized by the variety of products typical of the Mediterranean diet. The most used products in its cuisine are fish and seafood, such as red mullet, sea bream, sea bass, sardines, prawns, prawns ... fish that are cooked roasted, grilled or as part of a tasty stew. For example, "the braised cuttlefish".

Vegetables are also widely used in such well-known dishes as the "broad beans stew", the "grandmother's thistles" or "artichokes with cream".

Benicassim is a land of rice, the famous paella is an example of the infinite preparations with rice as the protagonist, rice in paella or sauces with many variations, such as "arroz a banda", paella with cod and white cabbage, rice with swiss chard or "baked rice"...

For dessert Benicassim and its gastronomy offers a varied pastry like the "coqueta de Sant Antoni" (typical anis cake), the "fig cake", the "buñuelos" (fritters) or the "celestial coca"... also tasty fresh fruits, like the muscatel grape or the oranges, which can be accompanied by the Carmelite Liquor made by the monks of the desert of Las Palmas.

But in addition to the native cuisine, being an international destination, it also offers a wide range of culinary options such as American, Chinese, Italian, French or German food among others ...

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