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Things to do in Benicasim

What to eat in Benicasim

Benicasim's cuisine perfectly sums up the values of the Mediterranean diet. Its gastronomy masterfully combines freshly harvested produce from its orchards with the freshest fish and seafood from the bay of Grao, which are the protagonists of the most characteristic dishes of the town.

Enjoy the Trinimar buffet where you can taste the authentic cuisine of Benicasim and the whole region at every service. You will also find alternatives that are the result of the fusion of cultures and the recreation of the most exotic flavours from the five continents, as well as delicious recipes based on innovative culinary techniques. Enjoy your meal!

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The best dishes to eat in Benicasim:

Rice with designation of origin

Rice is the universal dish in the cuisine of the Valencian Community and is the basis of countless recipes such as paella, arroz caldoso, arroz a banda, arroz al horno or arroz negro. There are infinite variations of this recipe and in Benicasim they master them to perfection! Do you know the arroz a banda, the cod and cabbage paella, rice with chard or baked rice?

The proximity to the Albufera Natural Park, the place par excellence of rice production in Spain, assures us that in this land you can eat like nowhere else one of the recipes that have taken the name of Spain all over the world. What better opportunity to savour its most genuine flavour!

Valencian paella

The best of the sea and the orchard

There is a wide range of Mediterranean fish and seafood on offer, but being in Benicasim you cannot miss the red mullet, gilthead bream, sea bass, sardines, prawns and king prawns which, roasted, grilled or as part of tasty stews, are the stars of its cuisine. For example, stewed cuttlefish, the city's star dish.

The land also offers great delicacies in the form of vegetables that fill the numerous vegetable gardens that surround Benicasim. Broad beans with tumbet, grandmother's cardoons or creamed artichokes are traditional recipes from this land, which have been passed down from generation to generation and which you must try during your holidays.

Fruits and vegetables of Benicasim

Show cooking

Alongside our selection of hot, cold, sweet and savoury dishes at the Hotel Trinimar's buffet restaurant, our chefs reinvent themselves every day to delight guests in the live cooking area, popularly known as "show cooking".

Enjoy live cooking and choose the best meats, fish, seafood or vegetables prepared on the spot in front of you and to your liking to travel directly from the fire to the plate.

Show cooking in Benicasim

Flavours from around the world

We love travelling! And at Hotel Trinimar you can experience it again and again during your holidays, dreaming of the five continents and all their essence with countless culinary proposals.

Take advantage of the themed buffets and enjoy endless gastronomic adventures that will surprise even the most travelled palates.

Buffet restaurant of Trinimar hotel

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