Things to do in Benicasim
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Things to do in Benicasim

Festivities in Benicasim

Benicasim is an open and welcoming town that celebrates numerous popular fiestas throughout the year, inviting all those who visit it to join in and experience its hospitality first hand.

There are many traditions that form part of Benicasim's cultural heritage and which, during the different months of the year, burst forth with folklore, music, colour and a lot of sentiment. Through the fiestas it is much easier to get to know the essence of this cosmopolitan seaside town and feel like one of the locals!

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Festivals celebrated in Benicasim

Festival of San Antonio Abad and Santa Águeda

January 17th is the day of San Antonio Abad and marks the beginning of Benicàssim's most acclaimed patron saint festivities. Among the events, the procession and offering to the patron saint, the parade of floats, the distribution of "coquetes" (a typical blessed sweet) and the nightly bonfires stand out. The festivities are enlivened by the Queen and her ladies who star in the different costume balls, concerts, performances and fireworks.

The festivities conclude on 5 February with the festivity of Santa Águeda, which is celebrated with a pilgrimage to the saint's hermitage to celebrate the fact that it was in this place that the people of Benicàssim received the "Carta Pobla", a document that directed the repopulation of the lands of Benicasim in the 17th century after the pirate sackings.

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Day of the paella

It's a day to get your boots on! It is held at the end of January as part of the San Antonio Abad and Santa Águeda festivities. It is a gastronomic event of great magnitude declared a Festival of Provincial Tourist Interest.

With more than 25 years of tradition, it is the perfect event for lovers of rice, good food and fun. A day in which all the inhabitants of Benicasim, as well as tourists and visitors take to the streets where tasty paellas are prepared and tasted live.

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Easter week in Benicassim

Holy Week fills Benicasim with passion and fervour as its brotherhoods pass through an atmosphere of meditation and solemnity to the sound of the music bands and the traditional tamborradas.

The brotherhoods walk through the main streets of the old part of the town with their beautiful floats and colourful costumes in a public demonstration of fervour and faith. Not to be missed on Good Friday is the procession of the Holy Burial, which represents different moments of the Passion of Christ, ending with the kissing of the Recumbent Christ.

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Festival of Corpus Christi

The Eucharistic procession of Corpus Christi is a treat for the senses. This celebration depends on when Easter falls and takes place between the months of May and June.

As the procession passes through the most central streets of the town, the streets are carpeted with flowers and natural branches, composing artistic designs and patterns that fill the entire route with an intoxicating aroma to the delight of visitors and locals alike.

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The night of San Juan

This is undoubtedly the most magical night of the year in the Mediterranean. It celebrates the beginning of summer and the sea breeze exerts its purifying power on those who come to the beaches that night to ask for good wishes.

And that is what tradition dictates. The beaches of Benicasim are filled with locals and visitors who have to get their feet wet at midnight, after dancing in the light of the bonfires and burning the bad things. All this enlivened with various shows, fireworks, music... as well as the distribution of typical sweets and muscatel for those attending.

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Festival of Santo Tomás de Villanueva

Welcoming the autumn, from the 15th to the 24th of September, the patron saint festivities of Benicasim are held in honour of Santo Tomás de Villanueva. Together with the festivities in January, this is the big week of celebrations in Benicasim. Up to 10 days where you can enjoy a variety of events for all ages. Concerts, fireworks, gastronomic, bullfighting, cultural and religious events... all of them presided over by the main and children's Queen of the fiestas and her court of honour.

During these festivities, the last stretch of a summer season that refuses to leave Benicasim fills the streets of the town with life and rhythm.

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Pilgrimage to the Cross Monte Bartolo

On the last Sunday in October, the pilgrimage to the cross of Monte Bartolo, which crowns the Desierto de las Palmas, is held.

Residents from all the neighbouring villages go up to the cross to celebrate the festivity with a mass, a picnic and a lively popular festival. Undoubtedly, a real act of twinning for the people of the region.

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