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Things to do in Benicàssim

Beaches of Benicasim

Benicasim enjoys more than 6 kilometres of golden sandy beaches in the heart of the Costa de Azahar, in the province of Castellón. These fantastic sandy beaches are separated by stone breakwaters built to contribute to the calm state of the water that characterises the beaches of the area.

Transparent water whose quality is completely guaranteed, as all these beaches have the prestigious Blue Flag.

The beaches of Benicasim are the perfect setting to enjoy and relax in a town full of life, but far from the crowds. And to round off the scene, Benicàssim extends its promenade along all the beaches, adapting its morphology to each stretch. Walking along it and enjoying its charm and views is one of the great attractions of the city.

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Bathe in the beaches of Benicasim

Heliopolis Beach

It is the longest beach in the municipality of Benicasim with 3 kilometres in length and stretches from Els Terrers beach to the municipality of Castellón.

This beach, awarded with the international award of the Blue Flag of the seas of Europe and with the "Q" for tourist quality, offers a beautiful and fine golden sand. Its waters are very clean and calm, making it an ideal beach for children and adults alike.

Located at the foot of the Hotel Trinimar, its services include a tourist information point, a bicycle lane, a sea library, sunshade, sun lounger and skate rental, as well as a spectacular boat and surfboard rental area, recreational and sports areas, access for people with reduced mobility, a summer cinema and much more.

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Voramar Beach

Voramar beach is located at the northern end of Benicasim, just at the beginning of the Via Verde del Mar. It is a fine sandy beach with an extension of 50 metres wide by 550 metres long and clean, transparent water. Thanks to these qualities and its many services on the beach, the beach has been awarded the Blue Flag and the "Q" for tourist quality. Sheltered by the Oropesa mountain range, the beach is protected from the wind and thus avoids strong currents and waves, which makes it ideal for children.

A perfect plan at sunset is to let yourself be carried along the promenade and contemplate the numerous early 20th century villas that add exceptional beauty to this beach, nicknamed the Valencian Biarritz.

Voramar Beach

Almadrava Beach

This beach owes its name to the fact that in the past it was home to the traditional tuna fishing trap. Its fine sand stretches more than 520 metres long, almost like an extension to the south of Voramar beach.

With numerous awards, its services include surveillance, sports games, nautical rentals, a library and a fishing school. It is also accessible for people with reduced mobility.

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Torre San Vicente Beach

Also called Playa del Torreón, it is named after the old watchtower of San Vicente, built as a strategic point for the defence of the area and located on the beach itself. With its fine sand and golden sand that so identifies Benicasim, it is 650 metres long. Its waters are crystal clear and it is located right in the centre of Benicàssim, making it a hive of activity in summer.

Awarded with the Blue Flag, its multiple services include children's play areas, volleyball courts and a floating platform for the more adventurous.

Torre San Vicente Beach

Els Terrers Beach

Almost 2 kilometres long, this beach is ideal for bathing for children and adults alike due to the calmness of its waters, which makes it the perfect place to take up water sports, such as sailing, as it is home to the Sailing School of the Generalitat Valenciana.

The entire length of the beach is crossed by wooden walkways that allow you to take long strolls by the sea, alternating stretches of sand with stretches of pebbles, and it has all the services that year after year have earned it the Blue Flag.

Els Terrers Beach Benicasim

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