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Things to do in Alcocéber
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Things to do in Alcocéber

What to eat Alcocéber

Alcocéber cuisine has a character true to its origins as its roots are in the culinary history of the Mediterranean. And thanks to its prestigious location between the sea and the mountains this makes its cuisine one of the most varied.

There is nothing missing from the menus in the restaurants of Alcalà de Xivert Alcocéber with delicious seafood, grilled fish and mixed fish platters; rice dishes in all varied forms, genuine Valencian paella, meats & lamb specialties in typical wood ovens. This culinary excellence has contributed to the gastronomic reputation of Alcocéber.

Among the many dishes of local cuisine, the most interesting is the roasted Tombet (similar to a lamb stew dish). La Olla and Suquet de Peix are other fish dishes of the local cuisine.

Do not forget the "Tomata of penjar" (special tomatoes grown in the area), as it is one of the most characteristic products of Alcala de Xivert. Noted for their taste and conservation capacity, they also have been awarded the quality mark by the Department of Agriculture.

Among the products made from this variety of tomatoes you can find the traditional "Coca tomata" a tuna pastry, with tomatoes and pine nuts, "mermalada of tomaca" homemade tomato chutney or the famous "pa amb tomaca" a slice of bread topped with a mixture of chopped tomato, oil and salt.

The fundamental part of the pastry is made with almonds, from two influences: locally grown and Arabic tradition. The best among the heavenly desserts are Coca Sighs or macaroons.

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