Alcalà de Xivert is celebrated in numerous festivals and invites participation and allows visitors to discover the hospitality of this lovely city of Castellón. Among the biggest fiestas we highlight are.


January 17th Saint Antonio Abad "Of the little Pig"

When the fiesta does not fall on a Sunday, the following Sunday is celebrated. Highlights include the monumental bonfire which is lit on the eve of the feast of the saint, and there is a colourful procession with horses, wagons, costumes, music with "dolçaina i tabalet".

The activities are also hold a big lunch and at noon, a paella contest. In the evening everyone who wants to can bring their own meat and prepare it in the coals they have there and participate in the great community dinner.


February. Carnival

It's a weekend where the streets are filled with joy celebrating with fancy dress balls and parades for both children and adults. The festival ends on the last day with the symbolic burial of a symbolic sardine.


April 29th. Saint Pedro de Verona

Traditional festivals celebrated in Alcalá for all the singles community.

For several days a variety of festive activities are held in the resort: concerts, competitions, rallies and release of the male cows among the crowds. It is a lively and cheerful atmosphere and great fun.


May Month. The Virgin of the Helpless, the Patron of the town

During the second and third Sunday of May festivities are held in honour of the patron saint of Alcalá, the Virgin of the Helpless. The most important events are the processions in her honour to the chapel and it is of great cultural interest.


June 24th. Bonfires of Saint Juan

Every year, on June 24th, along with the summer solstice, the bonfires of San Juan are celebrated.

The longest night of the year is illuminated by numerous bonfires on the beaches of the town. The neighbours begin the ritual of lighting fires on the coastline and then people try to jump over them. This ends with a firework display.


August. Saint Antonio in Capicorb

This is a weekend where neighbours carefully prepare activities for all who spend their holidays in the town.

Concerts, contests and other entertainment ends on a Sunday with a Mass in the chapel of Saint Antonio of Padua in honour of the patron saint.


Employers Festivities. In Honour of Saint Juan Bautista and the Sacred Heart of Jesus

In late August in Alcalá, and in early September in Alcocéber this is celebrated. The festivities of these dates revolve around the bulls which have their horns set alight, processions, fireworks and festivals are also celebrated late into the night.

Among its most typical of events include the presentation of the Queen and her maids of the fiestas and the constructing of a bullring.


Last week of September. Moros y Cristianos

During the days of the festival of San Miguel the invasion of the Moors and Christians are celebrated, which is one of the oldest and most notable events of Valencia.

Parades and symbolic acts are reenacted each year to represent a clash of cultures from past times.

To finalise the end, bonfires light up the night accompanied by music and dancing.


December 13th. Saint Lucia

When the holiday doesn't fall on a Sunday, the following Sunday is celebrated.

A typical religious pilgrimage, where both local residents and the surrounding villages of this peculiar religious festival gather. On the eve of the fiesta, the overseers and young people gather to spend the night around bonfires.

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