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Things to do in Alcocéber

The best beaches in Alcossebre

The municipality of Alcocéber extends along more than 10 kilometers of coastline that starts in the heart of the Sierra de Irta Natural Park. Thanks to its privileged location, the coastline has been able to retain much of its natural charm and it includes a wide variety of coves and beaches of important ecological value for the many species of Mediterranean flora and fauna that inhabit them.

Among all of them, you can find a wide variety of landscapes and sandy beaches according to your preferences or needs. From the wildest and most secluded coves located in a protected landscape to the pampered beaches in the center of the town, equipped with all the services, offering the bather a comfortable experience. In Alcocéber you have a perfect beach for every moment of your holidays! Come and discover them...

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Bathe in the beaches of Alcossebre

Romana Beach

Completely surrounded by pine trees and with access through various wooden walkways, this beach is located south of the dune system of Carregador beach, is 500 meters long and has fine white sand of the highest quality. The beach, awarded with a Blue Flag, is equipped with umbrella and hammock rental stands, as well as a lifeguard tower, children's play area, showers and other services.

Likewise, it is a beach with accessibility for people with disabilities. It is a very quiet beach throughout the year, but with a lot of atmosphere in the summer months, without falling into overcrowding.

Romana Beach in Alcocéber

Carregador Beach

At 720 meters long, Carregador beach is the largest and most central beach in the town. It has a Blue Flag thanks to the fantastic quality of its waters and the numerous services it offers: access for people with disabilities, showers, walkways, children's play areas and rental of umbrellas and hammocks.

In addition, it is a beach of great beauty, as it is bounded on the south by an area of dunes of high ecological value. At the other end, the marina is located and during the summer months free sports activities are offered there.

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Del Moro Beach

Framed between two areas of rocks and vegetation, is this beach of 300 meters where sand predominates, but combined with gravel and rock. The most characteristic feature of this small beach is its rocky outcrop that juts out into the sea offering a picture postcard image.

Among its services there is a lifeguard post, walkways and showers. The cleanliness of its waters and the quality of its sand make the Moro beach an outstanding beach, which is why it has also been awarded the Blue Flag.

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Tres playas Beach

What is popularly known in Alcocéber as the “Tres Playas” is a group of coves that are located next to the Moro beach, in a southerly direction.

These small coves are surrounded by rocky structures and natural vegetation that isolate them from the environment, which makes them a quiet and ideal place to walk and enjoy the views. However, although they are protected, it is not a problem to visit them, as they are close to the road and the fantastic path that runs along the coast, perfect for those who want to walk or cycle along them.

Three Alcocéber beaches

Mañetes or Tropicana Beach

Located in the Cap i Corb area, Mañetes beach has areas of fine sand alternating with stretches of pebbles and boulders for about 400 meters.

It is a beach located in a very quiet and undeveloped area. An excellent beach with Blue Flag that thanks to the quality of its waters and sand is among the best in the Valencian Community. In addition to its services, among which we can find walkways, showers or hammock rental.

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The best beaches in Alcossebre

Serradal Beach

Despite being outside the Natural Park, the Serradal beach has preserved its natural state in its entirety. The beach starts at the mouth of the river San Miguel to the south. It is a pebble beach that stretches for 1 kilometre and is completely surrounded by vegetation.

One of its peculiarities is located near the mouth of the river, where there is a semi-submerged delta of great ecological value. It is a very quiet beach with a low level of occupation. However, it has litter bins and walkways, as well as a cleaning service.

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Las Fuentes Beach

Sheltered by the marina dock, is the beach of Las Fuentes. This small sandy area, about 400 meters long, is equipped with all the amenities, including sports facilities and lifeguard tower. In addition, it is a beach without any waves, so it is ideal to visit with the family.

As a curiosity, the beach has several freshwater springs that cross the sand as streams (hence its name) that children use to play.

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Coves of the Sierra de Irta

Already in the heart of the Natural Park, although close to the town center, there are endless small coves and corners to enjoy the crystal clear water of the area. Among so much beauty, Cala Blanca, Cala Mundina and Cala Ribamar stand out, considered authentic virgin beaches. For this reason, being delimited between areas of rocks and vegetation, access to them is somewhat difficult. Its composition is of fine sand and pebbles.

With the lighthouse as a highlight, there are numerous trails in which to get lost walking or cycling through the small coves and enjoying the exultant nature of the Sierra de Irta.

Calas Alcocéber

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