Alcocéber has more than 10km of coastline where you will find a wide variety of beaches and coves. Among them, the four main ones offer the prestigious Blue Flag. There is a selection for all tastes where you can choose which one you prefer to rest and relax on. 


Romana Beach

This beach is south of the dunes of the Carregador beach. It is about 500 m in length and has fine sand.It has been awarded the Blue Flag for its quality. It is equipped with places to hire umbrellas and sunbeds, plus there is a lifeguard, a children's playground, showers and walkways among other things. It also is a beach with disabled facilities (see service with the Red Cross). During the summer months you can enjoy the beach football championships held in the area.


Carregador Beach

With 720 m in length, the Carregador beach is the broadest and of all the beaches is nearest to the centre of the town. It also has a blue flag award and disabled access, also has the facilities of showers, walkways, children's playgrounds and umbrellas and sunbeds to hire. South of this beach are the sand dunes of finely restored and protected sands that distinguish it from other beaches, is located in the north where the marina is located. During the summer months there are many sports activities on offer including fitness sessions or beach volleyball championships.


Del Moro Beach

This beach is situated between two rocky areas it is 300 m while sand predominates it is combined with gravel and rock also. Surrounded by natural vegetation is distinguishable from the rest of the beaches by its rocky ledge, by which gets its name, which juts out into the sea. Among its services, it offers a first aid station, walkways and showers. The clean waters and the quality of its sand beach make it an excellent beach to enjoy. Therefore it is another of Alcocéber beaches which holds a blue flag award.


Three Beaches

Three beaches is a set of coves, the natural continuation of Moro Beach south. These are surrounded by rocky structures and natural vegetation that are isolated from the environment, which makes them a quiet place. Although there are isolated this poses no problem visiting them because they are close to the road, along a path that runs along the coast, perfect for those wanting to visit by foot or by bicycle.


Mañetes or Tropicana Beach

Separated by the rocky beach Moro, is Mañetes beach with pebbles and boulders of 400m in length, situated in a less developed area but not less visited, near Cap i Corb.An excellent beach with blue flag award for its water and sand quality is among the best in the Valencian community. Among the services here you can find walkways, showers and hire of sunbeds.


Serradal Beach

Serradal Beach is, among all of Alcocéber, is the best preserved in its natural state. It is located from the mouth of the San Miguel River North. It is a pebble beach and its length is 1 km. This beach's speciality is near the mouth of the river where there is an estuary semi-submerged of great natural beauty. It is a much quieter beach. It has walkways, bins and it is regularly maintained. 


Las Fuentes Beach

Between the marina and the Sierra de Irta, is the beach of the streams. This beach, 400 metres long, has fine sand and is equipped with modern amenities, including sports and a lifesaving tower. The position between two stone breakwaters, makes it a safe beach and therefore perfect to go to with all the family. It also has several sources of freshwater flowing from the streams, hence its name, where children can play on its shores. Furthermore, in the summer months, there is a snack bar. If you prefer to eat and drink elsewhere near this beach then there are numerous bars and restaurants in the location of the marina. It is a good quality beach with a blue flag award.



In Alcocéber you will find three bays, all of them immersed around the Sierra de Irta and surrounded by a natural setting. Cala Blanca, Cala Mundina and Ribamar are the names of these coves. They are considered natural/pristine beaches. They are surrounded by rocky areas and are difficult to access. They have a composition of fine sand and pebbles. Close to them you can find the lighthouse, which has an extensive wooden passage to access it. For those who want to walk, there are many paths to walk or cycle to their heart´s content.

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