Benidorm Markets. A different way to shop

Whenever you go on holiday, some of the places that you think about visiting to go shopping are probably the local markets. It is evident that the atmosphere of the local markets is different from the usual shops.

Furthermore, the markets always have a special, unique ambience as well as great prices. In reality, it’s another shopping philosophy, very popular throughout the twelve months of the year and a lot of fun if you like to go shopping and break away from the usual routine every now and then.

And as we appreciate that this is an interesting topic, for this publication we are going to offer a brief insight into the Benidorm markets. Benidorm basically has two markets that run throughout the whole year and there is also a colourful flea market where you can buy the best second-hand items and some great antiques. In summer, there is also a daily market in the town. Between them all, Benidorm offers an extensive market timetable.

From any of our 9 hotels in Benidorm, you can easily access any of these popular markets, both for residents of Benidorm and for the hundreds of tourists and visitors who come to our town to spend their vacations and weekend getaways.

 The Hotel Pueblo Market

Clothing at the markets in Benidorm

The most visited market by tourists in Benidorm is without doubt the Rincon de Loix market, also known as the Hotel Pueblo Market (the market is situated on grounds next to the Hotel Pueblo Benidorm). 

This fantastic market is open to the public on Wednesday and Sunday mornings.

You can buy great quality clothing at great prices. Futhermore, you also have the best fruit and vegetables among the wide selection of food products and of course the most appetising and customary churros, which you won’t want to miss out on after a long morning shopping.

This market enjoys a great atmosphere, and will offer you an entertaining morning, where you can walk, buy, drink and live a different kind of fun Benidorm.

Foietes Market

Fruit and vegetables at the Benidorm markets

The Benidorm market (called this because it is probably the oldest itinerant market in Benidorm) is the one located next to the Guillermo Amor Sports Centre in an area also known as Foietes or la Colonia Madrid.

This market is occasionaly held on the Benidorm fairground land, especially if a Wednesday coincides with any sporting event that would prevent it being set up. In fact, whilst the Foietes park was under construction the market changed location for a long while.

It is open to the public on Wednesdays from 08.30 to 14.00hrs except bank holidays (when it then takes place on Tuesday in most cases). The Foietes market specifically stands out for its excellent quality produce, especially fruit and vegetables.

In addition, because it is an area of Benidorm very characteristic for being surrounded by bars and restaurants, you are in the perfect area to stop for a mid-morning snack, or if you prefer, to eat at midday.

Benidorm Flea Market

Benidorm Flea Market

The Benidorm flea market is situated on the N-332 road on the outskirts of Benidorm, bordering with the town of Alfaz del Pi.

At this flea market you will find all kinds of second-hand goods as well as antiques and you will be surprised by the very interesting decorative ítems. You could also class this as a Vintage temple in Benidorm.

Also known as the mercadillo del Cisne, its cozy restaurant and refreshment stands (which will also delight you with live music on more than one occasion) will catch your eye. Events in which the best jazz music adapted for the occasion will add a touch of elegance to your morning out shopping in Benidorm.

Should you decide to stay for lunch in the restaurant, the Cisne paella is very popular among the regular Benidorm flea market visitors.

It is possible that many Sundays you have passed in front of this peculiar market without knowing it and have noticed that the traffic in that area is less fluid. For that reason, although you may have ignored it, you are in front of the El Cisne flea market. Because it is not being overly publicized, this small market has a special charm, despite being a little less known than the rest.

Unlike any other market, El Cisne will transport you to an authentic Arab souk where you can buy authentic relics. In most cases it is about experienced merchants of very different nationalities, always predisposed to sell their products with the biggest of smiles.

The facilities are distributed well, with a variety of local charm that as a whole will surprise you for its extraordinary diversity.

The flea market is open every Thursday, Saturday and Sunday from 08.30 until 13.30hrs.


The Nits del Castell Market

Crafts at the Benidorm View Point market

During the summer you can also visit the popular “Les Nits del Castell” market. This picturesque night market can be found in the heart of the historic town center. Specifically, in the Benidorm Castle, commonly known as the Mirador de Benidorm or Point.

It offers a wide selection of goods and takes place in July, August and the first week of September.

This market focuses specifically on handicrafts such as paintings, wooden figures, caricatures, ecological spray paints, etc. However, the most interesting fact is that this summer market is open at night-time with live music at the weekends. In fact, it is very common to browse around the stalls and have a caricature made whilst taking in the best views of the Poniente Beach.

In short, during summer weekends, Benidorm castle becomes an extravaganza.

We hope you enjoy shopping at the Benidorm markets when you come to visit.


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