The 5 most beautiful towns in Castellón, on the beach and inland

The province of Castellón is famous for the infinite number of beaches that follow one another along the 140 kilometres of the Costa de Azahar. A region full of numerous attractions that combine the sea and the mountains with first class natural settings and charming towns, with history and tradition. Its inhabitants, hospitable by nature, are the icing on a cake that will become the main course of your next vacation. Do you still have doubts about visiting?

The fantastic beaches of the Costa de Azahar and the pretty charming towns of the province of Castellón are our favourite bet for a getaway these days, especially now the sun is beginning to shine brightly.

Here we tell you which are our favourites and why you should visit them before the word spreads. Castellón has many secrets waiting just for you!

Castle and white houses of Peñíscola

5. Morella: a great medieval metropolis

Nestled in a sea of mountains in the heart of the Els Ports region, stands the walled city of Morella, whose picturesque panorama immediately catches the visitors eye, transporting them back to the flourishing Middle Ages.

Surrounded by two kilometers of walls crossed by seven gates and ten towers, full of monuments and crowned by an imposing castle, Morella boasts an incomparable image wherever you look at it. The intricate alleys that climb the mountain where Morella sits are an ideal setting for strolling and enjoying the many stately buildings that are the best witness to the splendid past of this town. You cannot miss the spectacular Gothic church of Santa María la Mayor and its main altarpiece, in a captivating Baroque style.

Only one hour from the Hotel Servigroup Papa Luna, Morella is an almost obligatory getaway on your next vacation in the province of Castellón.

Municipality of Morella in Castellón

4. Alcalá de Xivert: history, nature and sea

It is enough to take a brief walk through its historic center to verify the importance that this quiet town had for centuries, which is now placed halfway between the beach and the countryside. Surrounded by fields of olive trees, the profile of Alcalà de Xivert is unmistakable thanks to its monumental bell tower that is almost 70 meters high in an architectural display of the purest Valencian baroque of the 18th century. Next to the spectacular tower, stands the Church of San Juan Bautista, no less beautiful, forming an artistic ensemble of special relevance.

It is worth getting to know the traditional shops of the municipality, especially on open-air market days, in which the Plaza de D. Ricardo Cardona becomes a sample of gastronomic delights that are the best example of local gastronomy.

Very close to the municipality, in the Sierra de Irta and in the middle of a dense pine forest, stands the Xivert Castle whose origins date back to the Middle Ages. Do you dare to go on a hike to visit it? And to end the day, just a couple of kilometers away are the beaches of Alcocéber and the cozy Hotel Servigroup Romana located on the seafront. This really is a plan!

Xivert Castle

3. Ares del Maestrat: the incredible profile of a picture postcard town

The impressive panoramic view of the municipality alone is more than enough for Ares del Maestrat to be at the top of the list of the most beautiful towns in Castellón. But Ares is so much more! It is steeped in history where its roots date back to the Paleolithic times, as the exceptional cave paintings of the Cueva Remigia attest, treasuring a most interesting cultural heritage.

Its iconic profile, in which the buildings perch on the relief of the mountain range around "La Mola", is absolutely unmistakable, creating an architectural ensemble in which the houses and the parish church intermingle with the rock, giving rise to a peculiar landscape, giving a warm and soft appearance.

Just under an hour from Peñíscola or Alcocéber, Ares del Maestrat is the ideal setting for a rural excursion without losing the essence of the Mediterranean.

Municipality of Ares del Maestrat

2. Villafamés: journey to the valencian tuscany

Just half an hour from Benicasim, the picturesque town of Villafamés is located on top of a hill, where the vast land is completely covered by orchards, caressed by the sea breeze that is still presumed to be nearby.

Villafamés is famous for its beautiful old town with winding and narrow streets, this reached its heyday around the 10th century, the time when the Arabs conquered the entire area. In it, the white color of the lime coexists with the brown of the stone, achieving a contrast of great beauty in an urban complex where the Castle, the parish Church and the 15th-century Renaissance palace stand out. Without a doubt, this town deserves a summer afternoon of walks, shopping and a horchata on one of its terraces.

The Hotel Servigroup Trinimar is located at an ideal distance from Villafamés. Which allows you to enjoy the beaches of Benicasim with maximum comfort throughout the day and then make a cultural getaway to a corner as picturesque as this one. What a complete vacation!

Villafamés historic centre

1. Peñíscola: one of the jewels of the Mediterranean

Peñíscola is one of the most famous and beautiful towns in all of Spain. It will be for its beaches, its old town, its castle and an intriguing history that has captured passions and film shoots. Without a doubt, this is a place to which you always want to return, if only to rediscover that essence of the Mediterranean that reconnects you with childhood memories, forgetting the routine for a few days.

The historic center of Peñíscola is joined to the beach by a narrow strip of sand that gives it the feeling of being an island crowned by a monumental castle. And its white streets look out over the sea dotted with balconies adorned with flowerpots, terraces, craft shops, museums and churches that exude a seafaring flavour.

One step away from all of this, you will find the Hotel Servigroup Papa Luna, in honor of the most important of the historical figures, who played a leading role in the Templar history of Peñíscola, is the best destination to establish your home on the beaches of Castellón, on the seafront, with views from the sea and of the Peñíscola Castle. Can you think of a more appetizing place to visit?

Castle of Peñíscola

Do you know any of the most beautiful towns in Castellón that appear on our list? You can't miss any! They are all very special and have an infinite number of attractions to discover as a family.

For this, Servigroup offers you the best hotels on the Costa de Azahar where you can enjoy the sun and the beach without losing the opportunity to visit the rural and unknown side of Castellón. We Will be waiting for you!

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