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Things to do in Oropesa del Mar
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Things to do in Oropesa del Mar

Gastronomy in Oropesa del Mar

The gastronomy of Oropesa del Mar is directly influenced by the Mediterranean diet, as it could not be otherwise. In it, the natural products from the vegetable garden and the delicious fish and seafood from the bay are masterfully combined to make up the majority of the town's classic dishes.

At the buffet of the Hotel Koral Beach you will be able to taste different proposals every day that embody the essence of the cuisine of Oropesa and the whole region. You can also find other dishes that are the result of the fusion of different cultures as well as delicious recipes that are the result of innovation in culinary techniques and the importing of flavours from all over the world. Delicious!

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Taste Oropesa del Mar and its traditional cuisine

The land of rice

Rice is the main protagonist of Valencian gastronomy and serves as the basis for countless recipes such as paella, rice in broth, arroz a banda, baked rice or black rice. There are thousands of ways to prepare rice and in this land they master them like no one else!

The proximity to the Albufera, the nerve centre of rice production in Spain, serves as a guarantee of excellence in the preparation of a dish that has become the maximum reference point in Spanish cuisine. What better place to return to its origins!

paella in oropesa del mar

From sea to fork

Among the varied offer of Mediterranean fish and seafood, being in Oropesa del Mar, you cannot miss the opportunity to taste the well-known Vinaròs prawns, as well as the lobsters, prawns and mussels that are caught on the rocks of the nearby towns and that fill the town's central market every morning.

These lands have always lived facing the sea, which is why the art of fishing has accompanied its inhabitants for centuries. When it comes to fish, the most outstanding dishes are gilthead bream, sardines and sole, which are carefully cooked to produce exceptional dishes such as suquet de peix (fish stew). If you like seafood cuisine, you are in paradise.

seafood in a plate

Show Cooking

In addition to a wide selection of cold, hot, sweet and savoury dishes on display in the buffet of the Koral Beach Hotel restaurant, the team of chefs reinvent themselves every day to surprise guests with their spectacular "show cooking".

Discover the best live cooking and enjoy freshly cooked meats, fish, seafood or vegetables that travel directly from the embers to the plate in front of your eyes and to your taste.

Show cooking at the Koral Beach Hotel

The most international flavours

Travelling is a pleasure and at the Koral Beach Hotel you can experience it during your holidays, dreaming of the five continents and their flavours. The Mediterranean is a mixture of cultures, and many of them have impregnated the cuisine of this land with flavours that at first sight may seem exotic.

And that's not all! Take advantage of the themed buffets and enjoy a different culinary adventure every night that will surprise even the most demanding palates.

international food at the buffet of the koral beach hotel

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