Oropesa del Mar celebrates numerous popular festivals throughout the year, enjoyed by many visitors who flock to the town.


San Antonio

In memory of San Antonio Abad, on the 17th January, different events are celebrated in honour of this fiesta.


Hogueras de San Juan (San Juan Bonfires)

The night of San Juan is one of the most anticipated nights for many. Its origins are very old and the reason for its celebration is to mark the arrival of summer.


San Pedro (Saint Peter)

Held on the night of June 28th, it has as a tradition the delivery of the typical local dish “Coca de San Pedro” accompanied by a Moscatel sherry wine.


Virgen del Carmen

A visually moving celebration, on July 16th where a hundred boats support the boat carrying the image of the Virgen del Carmen, leaving from the marina of Oropesa del Mar.


Festival of the Patron Saint of San Jaime

Held on July 25th, in the middle of the tourist season, this fiesta allows both local residents and visitors to participate. Many different parties and local traditions are included in some of these outstanding activities...


Fiestas Patronales Virgen de la Paciencia

Originating in a tragic assault from the African Berber pirates, back in 1619, Oropesa celebrates its festivities in October, coinciding with the first Sunday of the month.


Fiesta of the sea and Day of the Tourist

This fiesta pays tribute to all the tourists that the town receives during the summer, for this a fireworks display is set off from the water of La Concha beach.

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