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Things to do in Oropesa del Mar
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Things to do in Oropesa del Mar

The beaches of Oropesa del Mar

Oropesa del Mar boasts 12 kilometres of coastline with 7 beaches and coves of different types and for all tastes. Beaches where the purity of the water is guaranteed and serves as a common denominator to an endless number of different landscapes where you can enjoy the sea.

The beaches of Oropesa del Mar stand out for their diversity, offering you the chance to immerse yourself in immense sandy beaches of fine golden sand with all the services in the centre of the town and, at the same time, to conquer small secluded coves brimming with unspoilt nature far from the town centre. Which is your favourite?

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Enjoy the 6 best beaches of Oropesa del mar

Morro de Gos Beach

The Morro de Gos beach, on the seafront of which the Hotel Servigroup Koral Beach is located, stretches its fine golden sand along more than 2 kilometres of coastline. This beach has the international Blue Flag award, as well as the "Q" for tourist quality and other recognitions awarded for its fantastic environmental conditions and its complete services and accessible facilities.

The Morro de Gos beach has a fantastic promenade where you can enjoy lovely evenings by the sea, close to restaurants, shops and leisure facilities. The beach starts in the centre of Oropesa and stretches northwards to an undeveloped area. A perfect quiet place for your getaway.

Beache Morro de Gos Oropesa del Mar

La Concha Beach

In the heart of Oropesa del Mar, Playa de la Concha beach opens out to the sea forming a small bay with calm waters ideal for the whole family. Flirty and equipped with all the services, as recognised by all the awards it receives every year, this beach of fine sand is accessible and you can find playgrounds, sun loungers, parasols and terraces to enjoy an ideal day by the sea.

Due to its westerly orientation, Playa de la Concha is the perfect place to watch the best sunsets in Oropesa. An ideal plan at sunset, perfect as an aperitif to the summer cinema that is traditionally organised there in the summer months.

La Concha Beach Oropesa del Mar

Les Amplaries Beach

Located to the north of Oropesa del Mar, Les Amplaries Beach is the longest beach in the municipality and stretches for 2 and a half kilometres. It is a sandy area surrounded by urbanisations and gardens with high quality water that has also been recognised with awards for beach quality such as the Blue Flag or the "Q" for tourist quality.

Among the beach bars and lawns that surround the beach there are equipment rental centres that offer the possibility of individual and team water sports. A perfect plan for a day of physical activity in the sea.

Les Amplaries Beache Oropesa del Mar

La Renegà Beach

In the middle of the Green Way that separates Oropesa del Mar from Benicasim, Cala de la Renegá is located in a natural area surrounded by large rocks sculpted by the sea. This unspoilt beach of coarse sand offers an undisturbed setting worthy of any postcard and a perfect excursion during your getaway to Oropesa.

With no urbanisation or infrastructure around it and large pine forests in its place, this little piece of the Mediterranean stands as a magical place to isolate and find yourself - a paradise!

La Renegà Beach Oropesa del Mar

Cala d´Orpesa la Vella

Separated by a large rock from the Playa de la Concha, this cove has always been considered a treasure by the locals who still choose it to isolate themselves from the hustle and bustle of the town. Just a stone's throw from the town centre, it is hard to believe that this small beach of crystal clear waters and tall pine trees is such a secret place, brimming with charm.

Furthermore, Cala d'Orpesa la Vella offers the ideal balance between the wild character of non-urban beaches and essential services, such as footbaths and wooden walkways, making it the perfect place for those seeking exoticism without sacrificing comfort.

Cala d'Orpesa la Vella

Cala del Retor

Beneath the Iberian settlement of Orpesa la Vella and sheltered by the harbour basin, the picturesque Cala del Retor cove stretches just 70 metres with its fine golden sand to offer you an idyllic swim in its calm waters. It is tiny, but postcard-perfect, as is corroborated by the pine trees and bushes that stretch along the rocks that surround it, looking out to sea. What a break!

This corner of the Costa de Azahar was witness to numerous historical events, making it a very interesting cove to learn about its past. And all this just a stone's throw from the marina.

Cala Retor Oropesa del Mar

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