The cuisine from the Orihuela region has a long tradition. Particularly notable is the wide variety and high-quality market garden produce, and dishes based on its fine fish and shellfish predominate in the coastal areas.

Among the local tapas, there is a wide variety of different types of salads as well as the traditional dishes of Swiss chard fried with garlic, Spanish omelette made with broad beans, blood fried with onion and cod croquettes.

A must-try is the famous arroz y costra (rice cooked with sausage and beaten eggs and then put in the oven), or the soupy rice dishes clarico or de los tres puñaos, and de Bancal, which are totally vegetarian and creamy smooth. You can also sample dishes such as guisao de pavo (turkey stew), cocido de pelotas (meatballs and vegetable stew), arroz y serranas (rice and snails) and many others. 

There is a wide assortment of cakes and sweets that are eaten at different times of the year. Traditional ovens are found in confectionery shops and specialized bakeries like those in the city’s convents, where they make delicious almond tarts, chatos (buns filled with dried fruit), almojabenas, buñuelos and paparajotes (the latter three are types of fried pastries) and pasteles de Gloria (meringues).

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