Hiking in Peñíscola

If you want to enjoy the Natural Park Sierra de Irta, we offer several options for you to enjoy the fresh air and beauty of the surroundongs with fabulous sea and mountain landscapes that Peniscola has to offer.


1. Path of Pebret 

From the Hotel Servigroup Papa Luna go to the urbanization Font Nova. From here you leave the route. Go up towards the Coll d'en Berri (1.7 km from the starting point). After few metres we reah ROUTE PR-V 194.3 and continuing along this route in approx 20 minutes you will reach the Mas del Senyor. From here the trail descends (now taking the PATH PR.V-194) with a sudden change of direction. A few minutes later we arrive at Pou del Moro. The track will continue eastbound (towards the sea). The road will delve into an old farm field finally reaching Pebret beach.

Once on the beach we will take Pebret NE direction along the coast. We will see in the background the Badum Torre and Peniscola. We follow this path (PR.V-194), passing the cliffs of Badum, finally reaching the road we passed a few hours before. Turn left and follow the road to the starting point.

Distance: 13,74 km

Level: Easy

Elevation: 300 m

Route Type: Circular

Duration: 4 hours

Remarks: We can take a swim in the creek Pebret

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2. Trail of San Antonio / Vistahermosa

This second route is of average difficulty. No major complications, but is a bit longer (about 15 km) and will take about 4 hours to do. The average altitude is about 425 metres, you can enjoy the scenery of Sierra de Irta and the Chapel of San Antonio.

From here take your car direction Urb. Nerea. Cross the Urbanisation and park at the end of the avenue. You will see that the asphalted road ends and there is a ramp down to where the dirt track begins.

To the right there is an explanatory map indicating the two possible routes.

1. PR.V San Antonio-194.

2. PR.V - 194.1 direction Vista Hermosa.

You'll take Route # 1 PR.V-194 towards San Antonio. From this same point you will see the Chapel at the top of the hill. Travel 4.9 km towards the Chapel. Once you arrive you can see this unique building of popular architecture that has undergone many changes over the past 500 years.

The route continues around the back of the Chapel following the path of Sant Antoni hillside, which ends in a flat area, From here you head for the PR.V-194.1 towards the top of Vistahermosa. To reach Vistahermosa you have to travel a little less than 2 km. Following the same PRV194.1 where you will finally arrive after another 4 km back to the starting point. 

Level: Easy-Medium 

Distance: 13 km

Elevation: 435 m

Route Type: Circular

Duration: 4 hours

Remarks: Visit the San Antonio Chapel and the viewpoint Vistahermosa

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