The most spectacular natural swimming pools in Alicante

If the province of Alicante is famous all over the world for something, it is undoubtedly for its fantastic beaches. Arenales for all tastes with crystal clear waters which have been awarded with numerous blue flags, making it the perfect excuse to travel to the Costa Blanca at any time of the year. But man does not live by the sea alone!

Natural pool of turquoise water in Alicante

Alicante has so much more to offer. A few kilometres from the coast, the mountains covered with pine and rockrose that characterize this region so much, hides fantastic natural pools, waterfalls and lakes that offer everyone who visits the Alicante coast a refreshing experience in the middle of nature.

Do you know the best natural pools in Alicante? Today we want to show you the places to bathe in fresh water that you shouldn’t miss on your next holiday if you come to Benidorm for a few days. They will surely surprise you!

Salt de Bolulla

Bolulla is a small town located in the heart of the Marina Baja between a sea of pine trees and (nispero) medlar plantations, its municipal area is home to several valleys with infinite walls, among which the Estret de Les Penyes stands out, perfect for enjoying canyoning, and whose greatest jewel is the lavish waterfall known as the Salt de Bolulla.

In addition to enjoying its views and relaxing with the sound of falling water, the current of the Bolulla River gives us a system of pools of crystalline water in the upper part of the waterfall and a wonderful natural pool in the lower part with a small beach river surrounded by vegetation. Two completely different environments in which to enjoy a perfect excursion. 

Natural pool between mountains

Guadalest reservoir 

Guadalest is always a good idea. But this time we are not going to look at the captivating and picturesque beauty of its white streets and viewpoints. Today we propose this beautiful town as the ideal destination for a freshwater bathe in its great reservoir. The intense turquoise colour of its waters is the ideal combination of the blue of the sky and the green of the forests that surround it and protect it from the wind, creating a unique atmosphere.

Once there, leaving the colossal dam of the reservoir on the right, a path that surrounds the lake starts, without losing sight of the water, at any time. Touring it is a pleasure and from time to time you will find exits to the water so you can cool off and take a bathe comfortably. You will want to swim across it! 

Turquoise water reservoir in Guadalest

Gorg del Salt

The Barranco de la Encantada (Enchanted Ravine), located near Planes, in the north of the province of Alicante, hides one of the best kept secrets of the Alicante mountains. If you imagine a natural pool, this pool located at the bottom of a valley is sure to meet all your expectations. It looks like something on a postcard!

The Gorg del Salt can boast such high-quality water due to it being constantly renewed by the small waterfall of five meters high that feeds the pool. It is a haven of peace in which to cool off after a walking route through the valley popularly known as the Cathedral of hiking. Do you fancy signing up for it? 

Cascada del Gorg del Salt

Algar Waterfalls

It is undoubtedly one of the most famous places on the Costa Blanca and it could not be otherwise. The Algar Waterfalls (Fuentes del Río Algar) are located in the municipality of Callosa d’En Sarrià, very close to Benidorm, and make up a set of waterfalls and natural pools, along the river that is a true paradise.

Bathing in its small lakes is an experience that everyone should live at least once in their lifetime. If you are one of those who does not shrink from the low temperatures of the crystalline water that fills the springs, then keep moving upstream until you reach the source or birth through a small gorge that can only be crossed by swimming. Witnessing the water gushing from the rock is a privilege reserved for the most adventurous. Like you. 

Waterfalls on the Algar river

Font Major

Very close to Villajoyosa and, of course, to the emblematic Hotel Montíboli, is the municipality of Sella, famous throughout the region for its Water Route. It is a beautiful country route that follows the ancient irrigation system of Arab origin that have been used for centuries to irrigate the area.

The main attraction of the route is the Font Major, a very deep and pleasant pool surrounded by pines, holm oaks and carob trees that keep the water cool even in the summer months. In addition, the area is prepared for hikers with places to have a picnic with barbecue area and toilet facilities. A great family plan to be enjoyed with the sound of the murmur of running water!

Font Major pool surrounded by rocks

Losing yourself in the mountains in search of a bathe in a heavenly environment is perhaps a plan that you had not imagined for your holidays on the Costa Blanca. But the province of Alicante still hides infinite secrets and corners that will surely surprise you. Come to one of our fantastic hotels in Benidorm and discover with us the best natural pools in the area. Don’t miss out the summer!

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