The Fuentes del Algar: A paradise a short distance from Benidorm

The Fuentes del Algar is a beautiful natural site composed of waterfalls that are connected by small water channels forming small rivers and pools, where visitors can bathe. This composition of the waterfalls, springs, tolls and crystalline waters, along with other services for tourists makes the Fuentes del Algar an excursion that can’t be missed.

the fuentes del algar

Declared in 2002 a Wetland protected area by the Valencian Government, the Fuentes del Algar also well known as "Les fonts de l'Algar" its name in Valencian. There are several parking areas, toilets, first aid, a picnic area and information panels that promote environmental education and information. Without a doubt, it is a place that you should not be missed, and that confirms that the province of Alicante not only offers you sun and beach holidays.

Where are "Las Fuentes del Algar"?

“The Fuentes del Algar” They belong to the town of Callosa d’en Sarrià, in the province of Alicante, the fountains are located 3 kilometers from Callosa’s town center.

The head water of the river Algar is in this wonderful environment of Callosa, the river flows into Altea, with a 12-kilometer route meeting with the rivers Bolulla and Guadalest which come from the villages situated higher in the mountains just above Callosa.

map of the algar fountains

This natural paradise is located just 15 kilometers from Benidorm and 28 kilometers from Villajoyosa. If you decide to stay in one of our hotels in Benidorm or in the Montiboli Hotel this is a place that cannot be missed.

A fantastic way to spend a different day out in the heart of the countryside, an alternative to a day at the beach or by the pool.

How to get to the "Les fonts de l'Algar" from Benidorm

From Benidorm it is very easy to reach the Fuentes del Algar, if you are going by car there are many parking areas. Below, we will give you the appropriate directions indicating the route, so that your journey is simple and straightforward, as well as pleasant taking in the picturesque towns and countryside. The journey takes approximately 25 to 30 minutes depending on the traffic.

Leaving Benidorm, you take the CV-70 road and heading towards the town of La Nucia. There are several roundabouts along the way, you have to continue straight towards the town of La Nucía.As you are leaving La Nucia, you will see a beautiful view of Polop on the righthand side, which is one of the most beautiful villages in Alicante, it has a beautiful plaza with 200 chorros de agua, water jets or taps with fresh water from the mountains. Once you have passed through Polop, at the roundabout take the exit in direction of Callosa d'en Sarrià CV-715. This is the town where the Fuentes del Algar is located. Callosa is also better known as the land of the loquat fruit, you will see a completely different landscape with Medlars trees all over the sounding countryside and on either side of the road.

Once in Callosa, in the center of the town you will find a roundabout you have to take the exit in the direction of Bolulla and Tárbena by the C-3318, you will see this signposted at the roundabout there are signs indicating “Las Fuentes del Algar”. As Callosa is a Valencian town, you will also see that the signposts are in Valencian “Les Fonts de l'Algar”.

You have to follow the road for approximately 2 kilometers, until you see another sign indicating Las Fuentes del Algar on the right-hand side. Approximately 1 kilometer further down this road you will be able to observe the vegetation and countryside of the area, finally you have arrived at your destination to enjoy a spectacular day, at the Fuentes del Algar.

parking spaces and restaurants next to the fuentes

There are several free parking areas along the way, so you should not have trouble parking. In addition, the restaurants also have parking that you pay for in their complex. But we recommend, especially if you go with children to park in the first parking area which is just after the main entrance to the Fountains, as it is free to park, and the access to the entrance of the Fuentes del Algar is a short walk downhill.


Entrance Tickets for the "Las fuentes del Algar"

The prices of the entrance tickets to the Fuentes del Algar, vary depending on the season. During the summer months it is slightly more expensive, but still very reasonably priced, and especially in the hotter months you will certainly enjoy using the pools to take a refreshing dip in fountain and spring pools to cool you down.

The prices are for adults, children and for the over 65’s, students and groups of 20 people or more.

The ticket price, ranges between 2 Euros and 5 Euros, a very affordable price to enjoy this natural park, and in summer transforms a hot day, into a fun educational and refreshing excursion.

what to see in the fuentes de algar

Restaurants near to "Les Fonts de l’Algar”

In the vicinity of the Fuentes del Algar, there are of 5 restaurants, where you can eat if you are going to spend the day, or perhaps just stopping for lunch without having to drive back to the village.

They are family owned restaurants serving Mediterranean cuisine, where you can enjoy several typical dishes of this area. The specialties are Mediterranean salads and rice dishes very typical and traditional in the province of Alicante. In addition to these delicacies, we also want to highlight the more traditional dishes of Callosa such as the “La Olleta Callosina” not forgetting the different dishes prepared with loquat fruit, which is grown in this area, and has a great presence as you can see the fruit trees all around the countryside, the town is well known throughout the region and the rest of the country for this delicious fruit.

Or if you prefer a more causal picnic lunch, you will find various areas around the fuentes of the Algar there are picnic areas with tables and some shaded areas too, for all those who prefer to bring their own food. In this area you will find toilet facilities, vending machines with cold drinks and snacks.


The route of "Les Fonts de l'Algar"

You could define this wonderful excursion as a small route through the sources of the Algar, a route that will surprise you with its magnificent views, for its careful state of conservation and for its extensive ecological wealth. The only reason we would call it a ‘route’, so to organize your visit and not miss out on any of its wonderful scenery, the main attraction is to take your time and not to rush, enjoying the surroundings, stopping in the different tolls or swimming pools, take a swim or a refreshing dip, to cool off, and relax in the shade with the sound of waterfalls in the back ground.

Upon entering, once you pass the ticket office, you will be at the Font del Moro, from where you will directly access the Toll de la Caldera, and there you will find the main waterfall.

main waterfall of the fuentes del algar

Once you leave the Toll de la Caldera behind you, making your way up the stairs, you will pass the Toll Blau and the Toll del Baladre. There you will see a surface which you can use to jump towards one of the pools of water. Where especially younger people have a lot of fun jumping into the pools of water. It is not very high or that deep, so you will see many people going into to take a dip, and perhaps that will encourage you to take one too!

Between the Toll del Baladre and the Playa de la Tribu you will find some more simple ones, which are the Toll de la Presa and the Toll de la Figuera. This is probably the most recommended area to stop and take a rest with family and friends, as it is a slightly bigger zone, there are several shaded areas. An ideal place for children to enjoy the water and their games while you relax in the shade watching them enjoy themselves.

bañarse en les fonts de l'algar

After passing the popular Playa de la Tribu, the path will culminate with the Toll de la Parra. Along the way you will find different picnic areas where you can stop to eat, the Fuentes del Algar also has a barbecue and camping area.

On the other hand, you will also find that there is a children’s play area, that will keep the younger members entertained, after lunch.

An unforgettable a swim in the Tolls of the Fuentes del Algar, especially on the hottest days, can become an experience worth recommending, enjoying the excellent temperature of its crystalline waters.

For this excursion we recommend wearing comfortable sports shoes and or good quality water shoes, so as not to hurt yourself with the stones, and in the water and to avoid slipping. It is also important that you do not forget to take your sunscreen, a cap or hat to protect you from the sun, especially on the hotter days. Finally, don’t forget to take your camera or video camera to immortalize these special moments that you will encounter in this wonderful environment surrounded by nature.


What to see near “the Fuentes del Algar”?

Dino Park Algar

If you are going with children, and they like dinosaurs, the park is just a few meters from the Fuentes del Rio Algar. Dino Park Algar, is very popular. We are sure that you will also enjoy it, bringing back memories of your childhood.

This magnificent park is well worth seeing. It is located near the Botanical Cactus Garden d 'Algar. It consists of six hectares, that house an exceptional exhibition of robotic and static models of the most characteristic dinosaur species.

Dino Park Algar, is part of a network of educational and entertainment parks Dino Park Europe, with their head office based in the Czech Republic. It is a must to see especially if you are a dinosaur lover.


Another very interesting option is to visit Guadalest. This beautiful quaint village in the province of Alicante is just one step away from the Fuentes del Algar, and is considered one of the most beautiful villages in Spain. For that reason alone, we recommend that you go with plenty of time to enjoy a day in this small village, its beautiful and striking streets, fantastic views, its museums that will impress you with the interesting history they host. And of course, cafes and restaurants for you to enjoy, and not forgetting lots of lovely shops to wander round.

visit guadalest

Spend a day out in one of Alicante‘s paradises.

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