Would you like to visit the Algar Waterfalls?

Should you decide to stay at a hotel in Benidorm and look for something different to do one day instead of going to the beach, a visit to the Algar Waterfalls in Callosa d’En Sarrià is a great option as you will discover one of the hidden areas of the Alicante Marina Baixa.     

We say hidden because for many, the Algar Waterfalls is an option to discover. You’ll be in true paradise, just 15 kilometres from the centre of Benidorm.    

The falls belong to the town of Callosa d´En Sarrià, and are situated 3 kilometres from the town centre.

Should you decide to visit this beautiful natural setting, you will be amazed by the magnificent views, its well cared-for conservation and its vast ecological  richness

The interesting thing is, that to get there, you will take a paradisiac route of 1.5 kilometres. Without doubt, you will be spellbound by the picturesque landscape (unusual of the area) that is characterized by the striking yet at the same time relaxing waterfalls and springs. You will also be amazed by the crystal clear waters in which you can take a relaxing swim. The natural pools, corals and springs conclude a spectacular setting whose landscape beauty you should not miss if you visit Benidorm.          

The Algar Waterfalls lagoons are large pools of water just like costal coves that are suitable for swimming.      

First views of the Algar Waterfalls

How to reach the Algar Waterfalls?

From Benidorm it is very easy to reach the Algar Waterfalls by car. Follow these simple indications and you will arrive comfortably to this wonderful nature reserve.

When you leave the centre of Benidorm, take the Alicante road until you reach the Callosa turn-off.  Then continue over the roundabouts that take you to the town of La Nucia, from where at the end of the main road you will see the pretty views of the village of Polop.        

When you drive through Polop, you need to take the turn-off in the direction of Callosa d´en Sarrià.  From there you will begin to see the different landscapes with níspero trees (loquat trees) on both sides of the road as you will be slowly entering the land of the níspero (loquat)

Once in Callosa d´En Sarrià (easy to find as the signs are very clear) in the centre of the town you will see a roundabout with signs indicating the road to Tárbena and Bolulla and also the Algar Waterfalls.

Within 2 kilometres you will begin to see the car park signs. The first is free although it is 500 metres from the falls.  You can leave the car there if you fancy a walk, although this is not recommended if you take children with you as the road is very narrow and the traffic goes along this stretch of road at considerable speed.

About 300 metres away you will find several car parks more suitable for parking and in a safer environmnet for reaching the falls.  

Car Parking and restaurants next to the Algar Waterfalls

At the parking area you will find a selection of restaurants where you can eat should you decide to spend a full day at the Algar Waterfalls.  However, it is commonplace for visitors to take their own food, therefore, don’t be surprised when you see families and groups of friends eating at the traditional picnic tables in the designated picnic area.  

When you arrive at the grounds of the falls you need to follow a narrow road that after going down some steps will take you to the ticket office where you can buy your entrance tickets. The Price of an entrance ticket to the Algar Waterfallsdepends on the time of year, but always Good value for money.

You are now at the Algar Waterfalls, now you just need to enjoy the route and a swim in the several paradisiacal lagoons.        


The Algar Waterfalls route 

Once past the pools you will reach the Font del Moro, from where you can directly access the Toll de la Caldera.  At this same spot, you will find the main waterfall. You may at first be a little reluctant to take a swim as you may find the water a little chilly and it will probably seem that the current is quicker due to having this gigantic waterfall just a few metres away.

The views from this cascade are breath-taking. Don’t forget your camera, so you can immortalize the special moments beside this work of nature.

Main Cascade at the Algar Waterfalls

Along this pretty route that you will commence at the tolls de La Fuentes del Algar, the time will come when you cannot avoid having to stop and take a swim in each of the striking river beaches, typical of the Algar Waterfalls.     

The route is enjoyable and you will find numerous shady areas, although you do need suitable footwear to avoid hurting your feet on the stones, especially in the water. However, you will also find between the  “tolls”, some access points or sections that are a little more  difficult (although  not dangerous) and you need to be careful not to slip.  The ideal, is to wear  comfortable walking shoes and as an alternative for going swimming or paddling in the water flip flops or swimming shoes.         

Toll de la presa on the route at Algar Waterfalls

Once you leave the Toll de la Caldera behind, you will pass the Toll Blau and the Toll de Baldre. The latter, just like the Playa de la Tribu is ideal for children to enjoy fun and games in the water just as if it was a small cove. Furthermore, there is no danger as the water is shallow. Also, they are quite safe because of their shallow Depth.

Between the Toll del Baladre and the Playa de la Tribu, you will find some others that are a little bit easier such as the Toll de la Presa and the Toll de la Figuera. From the Toll de la Presa you can take some fantastic photos.   

Small waterfall at the Algar Falls

After passing the popular Playa de la Tribu, the route will end at the Toll de la Parra.

And although along the way you will find different picnic areas where you can stop to eat, the Algar Waterfalls also has a barbecue and camping area. There is also a large children’s play area where you can keep the little ones entertained after lunch.    

Shaded swimming areas at the Algar Waterfalls

A swim in the Tolls de las Fuentes del Algar in the early afternoon especially during hot weather can be great therapy especially because of the excellent temperature of the clean crystal clear Waters.   

Shaded swimming areas at the Algar Waterfalls

You’ve already enjoyed the Algar wateralls and have had a fantastic day with your family, but you want to do something else in the area. If you are visiting with children, and also like dinosaurs, just a few metres away from the sources of the Algar river you have the popular Dino Park Algar. If you decide to make a stop, a perfect place for all the family to enjoy.

Dino Park Algar consists of a magnificent park well worth seeing. In addition, it is also located around the Cactus d’ Algar Botanical Garden. It consists of six hectares that include an exceptional exhibition of robotic and static models of the most charateristic dinosaur species.

In addition, Park Algar is part of the network of educational and entertainment Parks Dino Park Europe, based in the Czech Republic.

If you are staying at any of our hotels in Benidorm, you now know that the Algar Waterfalls in the Alicante province are awaiting your visit, whether in summer or at any other time of the year.  That said, during high season, we recommend that you arrive early in order to find a parking space. 

And if you are surprised that this kind of wonder exists in the Alicante province, we recommend that you also visit Guadalest, just a short distance away from the Algar Waterfalls and considered to be one of the prettiest villages in Spain.

Are you ready to spend a day in Alicante Paradise?  

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