Places where you can go canyoning in Alicante

On the Costa Blanca we are blessed with a privileged climate that allows us to enjoy our land to the fullest throughout the year. Any time is a good time to set out to discover the impressive landscapes that surround towns like Benidorm or Alicante and that are often overshadowed by the dazzling power of attraction of the Mediterranean.

Today we learn a little more about canyoning. A sport that is practiced in the middle of nature in which the environment becomes the true protagonist of an adventure never to be forgotten. Can you think of a better plan for a getaway?

Canyoning near Benidorm

What is canyoning?

Canyoning is a sport that consists of traveling through the gorges of canyons, ravines, streams or river beds in the depth of the mountain, either walking, swimming, climbing or all at the same time. It is a wonderful way to connect with the natural environment and test your own expertise.

If you are not an expert in the field, do not worry. We recommend that you join one of the many multi-adventure groups and companies that organize excursions, such as Alicante Aventura, very close to Benidorm. The only thing you need is the desire to have a good time, do some exercise and get to know beautiful areas full of nature.

Next, we propose three unforgettable routes for you to start canyoning during your holidays. Don't miss them!

Canyoning in the Algar near Benidorm

Barranco (Ravine) l’Estret de les penyes (Bolulla)

The Barranco de l’Estret de les Penyes, also known as the Barranco de Bolulla, is a perfect option for those who wish to begin canyoning. For centuries, the Bolulla River has drawn a beautiful landscape of rocks shaped by the current and towering walls that in certain sections even seem to be from another planet.

Its turned stone walls and its narrow gorge hide a horizontal route that is practicable for all audiences with innumerable springs and crystal-clear waterfalls that will delight young and old. The path is a pleasure in itself, but the impressive Salt de Bolulla waterfall, at the end of the route, will leave you speechless. Is this natural wonder really less than half an hour from Levante Beach?

Just over 20 kilometres separate this landscape from our hotels in Benidorm. Bolulla is a small mountain town located in the heart of the Marina Baja, a few kilometres from such beautiful places as Guadalest and the Algar waterfalls. To get there by car from Benidorm, you must take the CV-70 to Polop de la Marina and later the CV-715 in the direction of Callosa d'Ensarrià. You're going to love it!

Enjoying canyoning in Alicante

Barranco (Ravine) de l'Estret de Relleu (Orxeta)

Despite the fact that during most of the year there is hardly any water in its lower section, the Amadorio riverbed, which flows into the historic centre of Villajoyosa, has forged over time a unique landscape that is still very unknown even for lovers of canyoning.

Its narrow but high walls dug into the rock make it one of the most interesting ravines in Alicante for canyoning. It is a simple route, very horizontal, but of great length since the main gorge stretches for 3.6 km with a descent of up to 150 m.

The flow of the ravine is seasonal, so the best time to descend it is after a rainy season so that the pools have been cleaned and the colour of the water reaches its maximum splendour. Plus, the more water, the more fun! Of course, due to its peculiar location and being truly boxed in, it is a rather cold ravine, so it is important to choose one of the many days of good temperatures that we enjoy on the Costa Blanca.

Orxeta is a small municipality in the Marina Baja very close to Villajoyosa, the perfect place for a dream vacation at the exclusive Hotel Montiboli, and just 20 minutes from Benidorm. From Villajoyosa you must take the CV-770 and cross the Amadorio reservoir to immediately reach Orcheta where you can join a group to enjoy this fantastic adventure, do you dare?

The province of Alicante offers ideal places for canyoning

Barranco del Infierno (Ravine of Hell) (Vall d'Ebo)

Although the name may scare you, don't worry! Its difficulty is somewhat higher than in the two previous cases, but the effort is worth it since we are facing the most emblematic ravine in the entire province of Alicante and one of the most famous in Spain.

This fantastic attraction of nature is located in the Laguar Valley, north of the province, and next to the place known as the Cathedral of Hiking, with more than 6,800 stone steps that run along the bottom of the valley, it forms one of the landscapes most valued on the Costa Blanca.

The Barranco del Infierno remains dry most of the year and is characterized by being quite canyon, highlighting the towering white stone walls that reflect the sunlight in a magical way. This is a very intense vertical itinerary with multiple descents and rappels, ideal for those who need a good dose of adrenaline.

The route begins in Vall d'Ebo, a small town of just 200 inhabitants in the Marina Alta region, where many organised groups of hikers come from all over Europe. This municipality is located 60 km from Benidorm and to get there you must take the AP-7 towards Valencia, and then take the CV-750 at exit 63 towards Jalón. Without a doubt, this is a perfect option to enjoy the gastronomy of the Alicante mountains where the best of the sea and the land are combined.

Enjoying canyoning in Alicante

What are you waiting for to travel to the Costa Blanca and enjoy a plan as authentic as the one we offer you? Stay in any of the hotels that we put at your disposal in Benidorm and take the opportunity to disconnect by immersing yourself in nature. We will be waiting for you!

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