The perfect excursion: the five most charming towns in Alicante

Today we want you to discover the beauty of our land and that is why we propose a selection of the five most beautiful towns in the province of Alicante that are the perfect excursion from Benidorm.

Small charming towns near the sea or deep in the mountains where you can capture all the flavour of "La Terreta" (my land) in unforgettable photos.

Denia Castle

List of the most beautiful towns in Alicante

Benidorm is the perfect destination for your holidays at any time of the year. Its beaches, fantastic temperatures, its sunny days and its unmistakable atmosphere are well known to all, but the “Town of Skyscrapers” hides a fantastic secret: its surroundings.

The fantastic location of the municipality in the heart of the Marina Baja offers you the possibility of immersing yourself in an infinite variety of landscapes that describe the plural essence of our land. Nature, culture, tradition and gastronomy that are part of the heritage of Alicante and will not leave anyone who dares to discover it indifferent. Let the adventure begin!

Polop de la Marina

Panoramic view of Polop de la Marina

A few minutes from Benidorm, the small town of Polop de la Marina perched on top of a hill. Gateway to the Alicante mountain range, in Polop life is quiet and rural, which makes it the place chosen by many people from Benidorm to settle and escape the bustle of the big town.

After immortalizing the panoramic view of the historic town centre at the entrance to the municipality, do not forget to walk through its narrow streets in search of the old castle of Arab origin that is still preserved. The urban architecture will captivate you with its simplicity and classicism as you go to the famous Plaza de Los Chorros and admire the classic Mediterranean facades decorated with balconies covered in geraniums.

The popularity of "Els Xorros" (The Fountains) de Polop is due to the excellent quality of its waters from the nearby springs. Quite a claim for locals and visitors who go to the fountain in the square to collect the water that emanates from its 221 pipes decorated with artistic tiles showing the shields of the main municipalities of the province. You will be surprised by the melody caused by the small flows when hitting the stone, not to be missed!


Coloured houses in Villajoyosa

Villajoyosa  sums up joy, it is colour and, of course, beauty. "La Vila Joiosa" is a town by the sea whose old town is made up of hundreds of colourful houses once inhabited by fishermen, sheltered by the old medieval wall.

Today the port continues to play an essential role in the daily life of Villajoyosa. Its fish market is one of the most important on the Mediterranean and the catches of fishermen arrive every afternoon, continuing to use traditional techniques such as trammel nets to ensure the highest quality of fish and shellfish, that make La Vila cuisine so famous.

Leaving its promenade behind and entering the intricacy of its narrow streets, the Church of the Annunciation is another of the essential visits while in Villajoyosa, a temple halfway between Gothic and the Renaissance whose majesty is a silent witness to the historical importance of this town through the centuries.


Octopus dried in the sun in the traditional way in Denia

Denia can boast a very rich historical legacy. In its territories, Iberians, Romans, Muslims and Christians have succeeded one another for centuries, contributing with their arts and customs to create the cosmopolitan town that it is today.

Denia Castle lends an unmistakable profile to the historic centre, rising above the town with its centuries-old walls and lush vegetation. In addition, you can visit the Archaeological Museum that is housed inside, along with enjoying its views of the bay, defiantly one of those things not to be missed if you visit Denia.

Nor should you miss its gastronomic delights. The artesian-sun dried octopus and the red prawn that arrive at the Denia fish market every afternoon are two delicacies, with a designation of origin, that you can find in the Central Market, very close to the baroque Iglesia de la Ntra. Sra. De la Asunción.

Strolling along its stately seafront promenade is a pleasure, but it must be recognized that the true jewel of this capital city of the Marina Alta is its natural heritage. Immerse yourself in the wonderful dune beaches such as Les Marines and climb to the top of Mount Montgo to enjoy the panoramic view of the municipality.


The pretty white town of Altea

Altea is a town of artists, so much so that it houses the headquarters of the Faculty of Fine Arts of the province of Alicante in its historic centre. For decades, its streets have been the destination of choice for painters, scientists, writers or singers, all spending long periods of time in which to disconnect and find inspiration again.

Its streets climb the small hill on which the town sits on, while its white and immaculate houses compete not to lose sight of the sea. Instead of town squares, Altea has endless viewpoints where you can let time go by while fixing your gaze on the horizon while listening to the noise of street musicians in the background.

The unmistakable blue dome of the Church of Nuestra Señora del Consuelo crowns the municipality at the highest point in the old town, a perfect place to walk, have an ice cream or buy a sample of local crafts in any of the charming shops that surround the church square.

A perfect plan that reaches its maximum splendour at sunset when the last rays of the day slip through the corners, reflecting off the white walls of Altea. Truley unique.


Overview of Guadalest with the mountains in the background

In first place of this distinguished list, could not be occupied by any other destination that was not Guadalest. This jewel of the Alicante mountain range, considered one of the most beautiful towns in Spain and which is, without a doubt, one of the favourite getaways of all those who visit Benidorm deserves a separate mention.

Guadalest defies gravity with its church and castle built on the rock, while at the same time it fascinates anyone who walks through its narrow streets carved into the rock when they reach the main square and come across a reservoir and a mountain range that seem to have been taken directly from a movie set. After enjoying the views, don't miss the multiple museums in the municipality where ingenuity and curiosity are the most unexpected protagonists.

As a finishing touch, if you have tired of the salty water of the sea, after your visit do not miss the opportunity to enjoy the natural river beaches of the reservoir. Bathing is allowed!

One of the beautiful viewpoints of Altea

Now that you know all the secrets of the area, choose the town that most seduces you, combine them or organize your route to discover them all. The province of Alicante hides a multitude of beautiful towns full of charm so that you can enjoy a different plan during your holidays.

Stay at any of our hotels in Benidorm and escape to these beautiful towns… in less than 30 minutes!

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