A unique visit: Alicantes Central Market

The central markets of any municipality, although they have been evolving over the years, continue today to preserve that traditional tendency that has always characterized them.

Going to the local market implies products of excellent quality, with a personalised friendly service, which always makes you feel at home.

An example of this is the popular Central Market of Alicante. A place full of history and change, which has remained standing at all times resisting all kinds of incidents and setbacks.


The Central Market of Alicante: History

Alicante Market

The construction of Alicante’s Market was initiated 1915, and finished six years later. In fact, it was in 1921 when the famous architect J. Vidal, in charge of its design and construction finalised this project, an emblematic landmark that constitutes the greatest point of confluence of the Alicante people par excellence, where there is a fantastic selection of fresh meat, fish, fruit and vegetables that are supplied to this Mediterranean city.

For this construction, Vidal was inspired by a very contemporary Valencian modernist art, at the time that gave a special predominance to that eclectic style that still characterizes the Central Market of Alicante today.

But do you know that the market was built on the historic wall that surrounded the city? For this, a clearly rectangular markedly basilical design was chosen.

There is also a very characteristic semi-spherical dome that covers an important part of the market.

Undoubtedly, the most serious and sad setback suffered by this market was the bombing suffered during the Spanish Civil War by Mussolini in support of the national army. An attack that destroyed the market in large part, and whose remodelling took a lot of time and effort.

To this day, the market resists as one of the most beautiful, elegant and welcoming and characteristic of our country.


How to get to the Central Market of Alicante?

How to reach Alicante market

If you decide to visit the Alicante Market fromany of our 9 hotels in Benidorm, or from the Montíboli Hotel en Villajoyosa, you will only take around 30 minutes if you go by car. You must take the motorway towards Alicante AP-7, use the two right lanes and take the exit A-70 towards Alicante/Murcia, continue on A-70 and then you will have to take the sixth exit Alicante Norte Avenida de Denia, join the Av. De Denia N-332 keep left and stay in it for approximately 1km, then turn right towards c/Hermanos López de Osaba, after about 600m turn left towards Calle Vázquez de Mella, stay in it 300m, take the exit on the left called Avenida de Jaime II and once in this it continues for approx 600m until you reach Av. Alfonso El Sabio.

When you enter Av. Alfonso El Sabio you will easily recognise the Mercado building, on your right, it is number 8, we recommend you take the entrance to the parking lot that you can easily recognise a few metres before the Market; there it will be a lot easier to park.

Another interesting option, if you prefer to dispense with your car is to head to the market by Benidorm’s TRAM. This is the narrow-gauge railway service that will take you to the market gate itself, a beautiful journey along the coast, you should get off at the stop of the same name (Mercado). You can get to the TRAM station in Benidorm by the local bus service, which you can catch very close to any of our hotels.


The Central Market of Alicante: An enchanting place full of history

Almonds market of supplies of Alicante

When you enter the market through the main door of Alfonso X El Sabio, you will have two options: go to the fish market area, located in the semi-basement of the market, or go up to the first floor, where you will find all the butchers stalls.

In this case, we will go up to the first floor: there you will find a huge choice of butcher’s stalls and very friendly and attentive staff that will help with all your needs. Perhaps that is one of the most characteristic aspects of this market: the familiar and attentive nature of its merchants and employees. Daniel, Olga, Vicente, Trini or Paco will be at your disposal to offer you the best meats from Alicante. You will also find various establishments specialising in cold meats, dried fruits and nuts, as well as a bar where you can enjoy a drink and a snack such as a delicious northern style pinchitos.

Butchers at the Alicante market

But among all that wide range of meats and cold meats, if you like teas or coffees, we can recommend the Salzillo store, where you buy a variety of herbs (loose), as well as the most typical and characteristic teas.

Salzillo store in the Central Market of Alicante

You can also buy perfumes and drugstore products in the large area that occupies an important part of the first floor.

Once you have gone through the area which is fundamentally dedicated to meat stalls, you will find an escalator that will take you to the fish market: right there, you will find the freshest and highest quality fish, which is delivered directly from Alicante’s Lonja. An area in which the fish market shares the space with fruit and vegetable stalls, salted products and dried fruits as well as cakes and pastries.

We recommend the Juncal fish stall, where you can get the best seafood and fish which are supplied from the bays of Santa Pola and Villajoyosa. In Juanelo, you can purchase the most exquisite fish typical of the la terreta alicantina, such as melva and la bacoreta, very common products used in the most typical Alicante dishes.

Fishmongers in Alicante

Also, Deep-frozen foods are an important part of this section, which are combined with the sweeter side of the market. Delicious pastries and sweets for those with a sweet tooth.

Sweet jellies Alicante’s Market

But we can not forget about the fruit stalls, where a wide selection of the freshest fruit and vegetables are on sale, all produced in the area of Alicante.

Fruit wholesalers in Alicante’s market

We hope this brief description of Alicante’s Market has been of interest. If you enjoy traditional shopping and the freshest products, you will love this emblematic place in the city of Alicante, take a walk through its streets full of history and enjoy its architecture.


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