The 6 best beaches and coves in Alicante that you may not yet know

Alicante, in 2020, is once again, the province in the whole of Spain with a greater number of coves and beaches awarded with the Blue Flag in recognition of its excellent quality. In total 86 wonderful beaches that guarantee the highest level of the Alicante coastline with coves and beaches full of charm for all tastes.

Cala Moraig in Alicante

Today we want you to discover some of the most beautiful corners of our land that are still unknown to most tourists. These places are the perfect getaway from Benidorm, where you can stay in one of our hotels. Let's start!


6th Cala L’Esparrelló

Cala L’Esparrelló Villajoyosa

Access to this cove goes easily unnoticed, making it one of the best-kept secrets by natives and lovers of Villajoyosa. After all, who would have thought that a narrow staircase at the end of an alley would be the entrance to paradise? Silence is the king of this cove, of naturist philosophy, in which only the soothing sound of the small pebbles being dragged by the waves on the shore allows in itself the feeling of un challenged luxury. Long and narrow, with boulders and partially covered with mother-of-pearl cliffs that contribute to giving it an intimate and collected character. Keep the secret!

Herons live in the area and you can enjoy a true natural spectacle that these elegant birds offer on the horizon when they go fishing. You will be surprised by their diving ability.

The Hotel Montiboli has its own access to the beach reserved for hotel guests. There is no better plan in the whole Mediterranean than to leave your room and enjoy the turquoise water of L’Esparrelló. But, in addition, there are many other beaches and coves in Villajoyosa that are well worth a visit for their enormous charm.


5th Cala Racó del Conill

Cala Racó del Conill between Benidorm and Villajoyosa

Between the bay of Benidorm and the town of Villajoyosa the Path of the Coast is articulated, a fascinating route on the edge of the cliff that has an infinity of small beaches among which the Racó del Conill stands out. In reality, they are two small coves of white sand divided by a natural stone wall that gives them complete independence.

Although the experience will be incomplete if you do not enjoy the path that gives you access to the sea and its wonderful views, it is also possible to reach it by car and enjoy its beach bar with easy parking. This area is incomparable for its pines and vegetation that reach the sea creating a landscape of great ecological value that welcomes a multitude of indigenous species such as rabbits, from which the cove takes its name, "Rincón de los conejos" (Rabbits corner).

If you travel to Benidorm and stay at the Hotel Torre Dorada, don't miss the opportunity to take this excursion that helps you escape from the most famous tourist areas in the town and that will not leave you indifferent.


4th Cala Ferris

Cala Ferris between Torrevieja and Orihuela

Have you ever dreamed of an oasis? La Cala Ferris will leave you speechless, as it looks like something out of any desert-inspired movie. With one big difference: instead of a pond; the white sand, the small dunes, the rock formations and the hundreds of palm trees that are concentrated in the area, it is surrounded completely by transparent and an almost always calm sea.

This area reaches its peak at sunset, when the sky is gradually turning orange and the silhouettes of palm trees draw their profiles creating a play of colours worth admiring in this environment away from town centres. A true oasis that drinks from the Mediterranean.

The Hotel La Zenia gives you the possibility to visit this unique cove a few minutes by car. Of course, without underestimating the beautiful beaches of the Orihuela coast where the hotel is located and which are the perfect setting for your holidays by the sea.


3rd Cala del Tio Ximo

Cala Tio Ximo in Benidorm

Benidorm is famous for its two endless white sand beaches in Levante and Poniente, but only experts in the area, know this little hidden gem that is well worth entering in our ranking. La Cala del Tio Ximo is hidden at the foot of Sierra Helada, just a step away from Rincon de Loix.

The rugged vegetation of the landscape so characteristic of the area welcomes this small sandy area bathed by crystalline waters. It seems incredible that this haven of tranquillity exists just a few minutes from the bustle of the big town. But the best of this cove is hidden in the protected seabed of the Sierra Helada Nature Park, and its steep cliffs. Do not miss the opportunity to immerse yourself and explore the wealth they hide. And as a backdrop, the Island of Benidorm rises on the horizon completing this panoramic postcard.

The best time to enjoy its waters is at dawn, when the first rays of the sun turn the stone walls of Sierra Helada golden. What better way can you think of to start the day? We offer you a selection of hotels in Benidorm from which to walk to this cove, this will become one of your must-sees in the town.


2nd Playa Paradis

Cala Tio Ximo in Benidorm

To the south of Villajoyosa the coves compete in beauty and their waters in transparency. Each person from Alicante has their favourite and personal corner, but if there is one thing that everyone agrees on, it is to point out Playa Paradís as the beach of the moment and that is, without a doubt, the most popular on Instagram.

The beach, with sand and rocks, stretches for a little over a kilometre between two cliffs. The beach bars are another of its great attractions, in Paradís there is always a good atmosphere, fun and groups of young people that extend the beach days until late at night. Summer is for living!

Do you want to start enjoying it? The Montiboli Hotel is located just a few meters away, in the best area of "La Vila". You may not want to get away from the fantastic coves that are accessed directly from the hotel, but if you do want more, don't miss the Paradís experience.


1st Cala del Moraig

Cala Moraig in Benitachel

Its spectacular panoramic view under the falla del Moraig, its turquoise blue water, its pine forest or its white sand dotted with whimsical rock formations will be in the background when you discover the cave that Cala del Moraig hides at one end. This is their biggest secret, a movie scene from the best mermaid and pirate legends, in which two large stone arches stop the onslaught of the waves, protecting a small pool under a natural dome.

This cove is the great jewel of the Benitachell cliffs route, a path of just over 2 kilometres that connects it to the edge of the precipice with other small coves such as that of LLebeig or dels Testos, but that will take hours to travel, it is inevitable to stop at every step to enjoy the scenery or even catch a glimpse of a dolphin on the horizon.

Are you looking for the perfect excursion during your holidays in Benidorm? Escape from one of our hotels in Benidorm and experience a day of adventure in the Marina Alta region.

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