How much do you know about Benidorm?

Benidorm is one of Spain’s most popular tourist destinations. Its climate, its beaches and its gastronomy are known worldwide. A wonderful city with a lot of charm that we have all visited at least once.

So, we want to play a little game, a quiz to find out just how much you know about Benidorm and discover your degree of knowledge about the resort.

Benidorm Skyline

Just answer a few simple questions, don’t worry, they are not difficult and you will have fun!

Start the Benidorm Quiz! Prove you are a Benidorm addict! Discover everything you know about this wonderful city.



A. When did the tourist boom begin in Benidorm?

  1. In the 60's
  2. In 2011
  3. In the 20's


B. What is the island called?

  1. There is no island
  2. Seagull Island
  3. Benidorm Island


C. Which singer has NOT performed at the Benidorm International Song Festival?

  1. Julio Iglesias
  2. Rosalía
  3. Jesulín de Ubrique


D. What are the names of Benidorm's beaches?

  1. Almadraba Beach and Mal Pas Beach
  2. Levante Beach and Poniente Beach
  3. North Beach, South Beach and Septentrional Beach


E. When are the Benidorm Fiestas?

  1. In November
  2. All year round
  3. In August


F. Which mayor met with Franco to discuss bikini’s being allowed to be worn on Benidorm's beaches?

  1. Antonio Pérez Pérez
  2. Vicente Pérez Devesa
  3. Pedro Zaragoza


G. What is the name of the busiest pedestrian-only street in Benidorm?

  1. Calle Limones
  2. Paseo de la Carretera
  3. Avenida del Mediterráneo


H. What is the name of the main church in Benidorm?

  1. La iglesia del Carmen
  2. La iglesia del Buen Pastor
  3. La iglesia de San Jaime y Santa Ana


I. Where is the new Benidorm Town Hall located?

  1. At the Benidorm Cross
  2. At the L'Aigüera Park
  3. At the Castell Square


J. What is Benidorm's nature reserve called?

  1. Sierra Helada
  2. Sierra Fresca
  3. Sierra Cortina


We would love to know your score on how much you know about Benidorm, let us know your results via social media networks.

Are you a 100% Benidorm addict?



A-1, B-3, C-2, D-2, E-1, F-3, G-2, H-3, I-2, J-1.

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