Everything you've ever wanted to know about Benidorm Island

Benidorm is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Spain. Every year thousands of tourists visit the town to enjoy their holidays in this wonderful destination, of sun and beach. But if there is something that is almost as well-known as Benidorm, it is, the Island of Benidorm, whose silhouette is one of the emblems of the town.

The Island of Benidorm seen from the beach An island, or better said islet, which is seen off the coast of Benidorm and which is majestic and enigmatic to everyone. A somewhat peculiar island, with not much vegetation and full of legends, which at night is uninhabited and by day is full of visitors who do not want to miss the excursion to the island.

That is why we want to tell you all the enigmas that are hidden behind it, as well as propose a fun excursion to the island of Benidorm, an essential requirement if you are in the town, and where you can spend a pleasant day.

The Island of Benidorm and its history

L'Illa as the locals call it, is triangle in shape. It is all rock and consists of a maximum length of 350 m, and a width of 260 m. On the southeast side, it has a high cliff (70 m approx) where in the past its two lighthouses were located. In its Northwest part, you can find a better access to the island, and that is where there is the jetty and a single restaurant.

It is a current paradise for divers and fishermen, it has a great underwater richness, flora and fauna that visitors can enjoy, and which is included in the Sierra Helada Natural Park. It is also a refuge for birds, so has a high ecological value.

There are several legends explaining the appearance of this islet in the middle of the sea, although all have the same origin.

It is said that the island is the cleft missing from the Puig Campana mountain, some say that King Jaime I, was on the summit of Puig Campana riding his horse, when the animal gave a kick that split the mountain and then sent the broken piece into the middle of the sea, becoming the island. Others comment that it was the horse of Santiago that coming with haste to safeguard the Christians, who made that notch in the mountain with the force of his riding.

Benidorm Island or Journalists Island

Another of the myths, is about the giant Roldán, who in love with his beloved cut a piece of the mountain so that through it the rays of light passed through, illuminating and giving more time to Alda, who would die after sunset due to a curse. A new version, is about a commander of Carlo Magno who fought against a Moorish captain and locked in the heat of battle, which ended at the top of Puig Campana mountain, where the captain fell to the ground while the commander tried to give him his last thrust with his sword with such impetuosity that when the Arab captain dodged the blow, the piece of beaten earth was thrown out to land in front of the beaches of Benidorm.

The fables about the origin of this mysterious island, have many and varied versions there are those who even speak of the arrival of extraterrestrials centuries ago to Puig Campana, which by means of powerful laser beams cut part of the mountain and threw it into the sea, and that the hollow of the mountain would be where they would establish their secret base of UFOs and from there they would direct the invasion of our planet.

The island also has different names: the sailors in Benidorm know it as Roldán's knife; some like the Island of the journalists (since they were the ones who loved it in the 60s when tourism started in Benidorm); and others call it Peacock Island because of the birds that lived there, many years ago.

Puig Campana, Alicante

According to geologists, it is impossible for the atoll to have its origin in the mountain of the Puig Campana, since the rocks that make it have different origins and ages, but the true origin of the island has to do with another mountain, the Sierra Helada, to which the island belonged to before the earths arm that separated them sank.

Likewise, the Llosa, very close to the island, is a mountainous reef that has a cut in the sea surface of 30 m depth, which provides a plus for divers because of its great biodiversity and ecological value, where you can find many species of sea life for example denton, mulberry, octopus or bream. So, if diving is your thing we propose a 2x1. Visit the Island and enjoy your passion for the sea in the curious Llosa.

Excursions by boat to the Island of Benidorm

Benidorm Island and its jetty

In the 60's and with the boom of tourism in Benidorm, the first company that transported passengers to the island was created. Since then the visits launch morning and afternoon, with daily departures every hour starting at 10:00 h from the Port of Benidorm and the Rincón de Loix.

The swallows, as these boats are called, transport visitors, sitting on their deck, while enjoying the views during the 15-20-minute journey, a very special tour that allows you to see the sea, the coves and beaches of Benidorm, as well as its impressive skyline.

Benidorm Island and its jetty

Also, the boat Aqua scope offers a different route, as if it were a submarine, this unique boat allows you to get to know the deep waters of Benidorm with its underwater vision, a very fun boat trip that you should not miss. A unique way to get to know Benidorm, its bay and its charms.

The Aqua scope boat and its underwater vision

Once on the island, you can go through its narrow paths and discover its charm. These are marked and you are not allowed to leave them. You can also take advantage of snorkeling or scuba diving, since the seabed of the island is a delight. We also recommend that you take advantage of your visit to the island to eat a good dish of paella, rice with lobster or a fideuá, (Pasta paella) in the only restaurant on the island of Benidorm.

Recommendations for your visit to the Benidorm Island

If you are going to visit the island, let us give you some guidelines or recommendations so that your trip is completely satisfactory and you enjoy 100% of the experience.

Surely, with everything we've told you about its origin, its legends and its excursions, you'll want to visit this iconic islet of Benidorm. Definitely, a very entertaining option to enjoy during your holidays in Benidorm, whether with family, as a couple or with friends.

If you travel to Benidorm do not forget to visit the island. Without a doubt, it will surprise you...!

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