The 7 tallest buildings on the Benidorm Skyline

The town of Benidorm is recognized nationally and internationally for its good climate, beautiful and clean beaches and for being a reference for tourism in Spain. Likewise, Benidorm is a leading and modern town where urbanism is concerned, since the General urban planning of 1956 allowed this small fishing village to grow, forming the vertical Benidorm or the most famous skyline of our country.

The Skyline is the line that marks the height and the line of skyscrapers of a town/city, and the Skyline of Benidorm is one of the most recognized and photographed. For us to realize its importance, we will say that Benidorm is the town with more skyscrapers per inhabitant in second place after New York city; In fact, many people call Benidorm the Mediterranean Manhattan, both for the greatness of its buildings, and for the strength and activity of the city.

This vertical form of construction generates multiple benefits which help Benidorm's sustainability, since its high buildings consume less resources and occupy less territorial land.

Therefore, if you are visiting or holidaying in Benidorm, we offer you a tourist alternative that will surprise you, so you can enjoy new things to see in Benidorm, so go for an architectural tourism, and visit the most emblematic skyscrapers of Benidorm.

When you visit Benidorm, do not forget to tour the emblematic buildings of Benidorm, going through the different areas of Benidorm and enjoy the majesty of the Benidorm skyscrapers.

Let's get to know the highest skyscrapers of Benidorm, in order of altitude:

Intempo Building

Intempo Benidorm

When you arrive in Benidorm, you can observe the majesty and golden glow of the Intempo Building, the tallest building in Benidorm, one of the tallest and most represented residential buildings in the town and in Europe.

The Intempo Benidorm located in the zona Vía Parque, specifically on Av. De Colombia, with an altitude of 192 meters and 47 floors, consists of two parallel twin towers, joined together by an inverted cone with elliptical base suspended 150 meters high and that lodges in its interior two penthouses of luxury, with exceptional views. The building consists of 260 homes and its apartments have an open view to the Mediterranean Sea.

The construction of the Intempo building in Benidorm began in 2006, with an approximate budget of 96 million euros the design and architectural study was by Pérez-Guerras.

Intempo has undergone some modifications since its initial planning and has also had some difficulty, which is why the building is still under construction today.

Between its architectural characteristics, an amazing 2.500 tons of steel, and 29.000 cubic meters of concrete, has been used in its construction. The quality of the work has earned it the nomination as one of the best concrete buildings in the world by the scientific-technical association (ACHE).

A curiosity about the Intempo skyscraper, it is known by many in Benidorm as the engagement ring, for its gold color and the central diamond shape. Also, this building has witnessed BASE jumps (high risk skydiving) thanks to its height and absence of nearby obstacles, in 2012 the athlete Alvaro Bultó successfully made several jumps.

The Intempo Tower has been the protagonist of several programs and TV series such as: TVE’S Spain A ras de cielo (Spain a Birds eye view) presented by Francis Lorenzo, the series El crematorio on Canal +, and the recently released series of TVE Fugitiva, starring Paz Vega, in which the Skyline of Benidorm has great prominence. Also, the Intempo building is one of the protagonists of the videoclip Precipicio by the singer Loquillo.

Bali Building

Bali building Benidorm

In second place we find the one that until recently was the tallest building in Benidorm, the Bali, (today the second tallest in Benidorm) at 186 meters high, this was designed by architect A. Escario and built between 1987-2002; at the end of its construction it was named the tallest building in Europe.

Located in the area of Cala de Benidorm, its structure is made with reinforced concrete screens parallel to the long facade and reticulated. The Bali building consists of 52 floors, 48 habitable and the last 4 floors are used for storing various mechanisms. In the initial plans of the building, the placement of an antenna of 210 meters high was planned as the final culmination, which never came to be installed.

The Bali is well-known in the cinema world, as it was used in the 1992 film The Golden Eggs, whose protagonist was the Oscar-winning Javier Bardem.

Lugano Tower

Skyscraper Tower Lugano

The third tallest building in Benidorm is the Lugano Tower, which is 158 meters high and is situated in the Rincon de Loix area of Benidorm.

To date this is the tallest residential building active in Spain, (since the Intempo is still uninhabited) and stands out for its location at the foot of Sierra Helada and 82 meters above sea level, which gives it one of the best views of the Bay of Benidorm.

The Tower Lugano Benidorm is postmodern in style, its construction started in 2006 and was completed in 2008, its architect was A. Rodriguez, who calculated the structure in concrete arming perpendicular to the longest façade along with a slab of the same material to withstand resistances of 40 MPH.

The actual building is the shape of an arrowhead, a total of 59.901 square meters spread over 43 floors, it also has gardens, swimming pool, paddle tennis court, social club, gym, and children's areas.

Neguri Gane

Skyscraper Tower Lugano

This unique, brutalist style building is the fourth tallest building in Benidorm, with a height of 145 meters, notable for its rounded shapes due to the use, for its construction, of a cylindrical base floor and the use of reinforced concrete in radial distribution.

Its name has a Basque origin and means Height of the winter city and takes as reference from the Neguri Guecho neighbourhood in Vizcaya.

The Neguri Gane Benidorm tower was designed by the architects Pérez-Guerras and Julio Pérez Gerundez; it is a residential building located very close to the entrance of Av. Europa, specifically on the Av. Del Municipi, has 43 floors (on the 26th floor there is a pool) and is 145 meters high.

The construction of the building began in 1997 and the date of its completion was in 2002; at the time the Neguri Gane, obtained the first position of the tallest skyscraper in Benidorm, but only for a short time, since that same year the Bali building would snatch the first position in the Skyline of Benidorm.

Kronos Building

Skyscraper Tower Lugano

The fifth tallest building in Benidorm is the Kronos Building Benidorm, this is situated next to its predecessor Neguri Gane, in the same Av. Del Municipi. (The first tower block you encounter when entering Benidorm via the AP-7 motorway).

The Kronos building, was designed by the architect M.A. Palmero its modern style reaches a height of 145 meters with slabs of solid concrete, it is a residential building consisting of 41 floors with large gardens, swimming pools, spa, gym, etc...

The large glass terraces give it a lot of personality and also make it easily recognizable by its flashes, due to the reflecting  sunlight.

Don Jorge

Don Jorge skyscraper in Benidorm

The sixth tallest Benidorm is the Benidorm Don Jorge building, a modern style building, which is 124 meters high, situated in the Rincón de Loix area of Benidorm, in the C/ Oslo to be exact.

The Don Jorge building is characterized by its altitude and slenderness, as well as by the undulating roof of its attic that simulates a wave of the sea, others say that the undulating roof is a nod to the Spanish Ñ.

Don Jorge has 36 floors for residential use, with beautiful views of the Levante beach in Benidorm and was designed by the architects Nombela & Asociados.

Mirador del Mediterráneo

Mirador del Mediterráneo Benidorm

The seventh highest building in Benidorm is the Benidorm Mediterranean Mirador. Located in the Rincon de Loix in Benidorm, a reference area in terms of skyscrapers, since it conforms along with the Torre Lugano building and the Don Jorge building, the three "Top" towers, because they are the three most photographed towers of the Municipality, for its proximity to the viewpoint of the Cross of Benidorm.

The Mirador de Mediterráneo is a modern style which was designed by the architect J. Manzanares Arqs. it has an altitude of 123 meters. Its name Mirador del Mediterráneo emphasizes the magnificent views of Benidorm that can be enjoyed from the building.

This building has 35 floors (6 used as garages and another three used as technical floors, with a total of 42 floors), its use is residential and the building started in December 2003 and was completed in 2006.

The Mirador del Mediterráneo is made of concrete, although at first sight it does not look like it, it has two twin towers joined from the foundations to the seventh floor (garages), from there the two towers are created these are joined by metal walkways. These walkways have a complex system of rollers that allow the rocking of the towers in case of large gusts of wind; the walkways can also be used as an evacuation system from one tower to another in case of fire.

These are the 7 tallest buildings in Benidorm to date, but they are not the only skyscrapers in Benidorm, the visitor who decides to take the tour of the Skyline of Benidorm can marvel at many other buildings of great architectural interest such as: The eighth highest building in Benidorm the Costa Blanca 1, or the ninth tallest building in Benidorm the Miragolf playa, as well as the Gemelos 26 building, Torres d'Oboe, Sol de Poniente, Torre Benibeach, Playa Azul, Torre Pinar, Islamar, The Terraces of Benidorm, Gemelos 22 or Torre dos Calas.

Whichever way, the Benidorm skyline is completed with more than 40 buildings that are between 25 and 33 floors high.

What do you think about the option of architectural tourism? Now you know what to see in Benidorm on your next visit, do not miss the opportunity to visit the impressive skyline of Benidorm.

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