Discover the Tecnohito, the new icon of the Benidorm DTI

Benidorm has always been an icon of modernity. In the middle of the last century, the then small fishing village, firmly committed to looking to the future and managed to attract the eyes of the entire planet to its skyscrapers, overlooking the sea. Benidorm became a brave place, a place for joy, fun, fashion and good humor and also became the first place in Spain where bikinis were seen and disco music was heard.

Today, that innovative spirit remains unchanged and its commitment to sustainable and innovative tourism has led Benidorm in 2019 to become the first certified Smart (Intelligence) Tourism Destination (DTI) in the world. Since then, it has done nothing but move towards the future, and today it presents what will surely become a new icon: the Tecnohito.

Benidorm Skyline

What does it mean to be a Smart Tourist Destination?

When we travel to any place, we hope to find a destination equipped with services that meet our expectations. We seek to discover new horizons and places to live experiences, in which needs arise today that perhaps we did not have before. For example, currently, we assume that when we arrive at a hotel the internet connection on our phones will be guaranteed no matter how far we are from home or even in another country. Something that would have been unthinkable just over ten or fifteen years ago.

Being a Smart Tourist Destination is knowing how to capture all those new nuances that have to be incorporated when it comes to hosting tourists during their vacations, taking advantage of the new technologies that are within our reach. Not only that! Optimize all the processes that already existed to make them more efficient and productive with the sole objective of improving the tourist experience at the destination.

In Benidorm we know very well how to do it, because we have evolved with the times to stay at the forefront of tourism around the world, as certified by having been recognized as the first Smart Tourist Destination in the world by the World Tourism Organization (WTO).


The Tecnohito has become a new symbol of Benidorm

For the last few months, the Avenida del Mediterraneo has presented a renewed image in which the monumental white structure, that has been erected next to the Plaza de Triangular, stands out. The spectacular 25-ton tower is covered with LED lighting and wrap-around multimedia screens to provide residents and visitors with information about cultural events, parties and celebrations in the municipality, reaching 18 meters in height.

The tower, known as Tecnohito, has a spiral staircase inside that goes up to the roof and can be visited to enjoy a new panoramic view of the city, which will turn Tecnohito into a new tourist spot. The official inauguration of the Tecnohito will coincide this week with the celebration of the Eurovision Song Contest, closely linked to the city of Benidorm, on May 14, which will be screened in the same square where this peculiar structure is located. An event that should not be missed!

Tower on the Avenida Mediterráneo in Benidorm

So now you know the most recent novelties of the Manhattan of the Mediterranean! A fascinating city where each day is lived in a different way thanks to that atmosphere that makes it unique. Choose any of our nine hotels in Benidorm and get to know this new icon of the city before anyone else.

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