Servigroup Hotels reaffirms its commitment to sustainability in collaboration with UNESCO and the Expedia Group

Our director of Advertising, Communication and Corporate Image, Natalia Caballé Tura, has confirmed Servigroup Hotels' adherence to the UNESCO Sustainable Travel Commitment. An initiative that was born in October 2019 together with the prestigious internet travel portal, Expedia Group, and which already has more than 4,200 hotels around the world, in addition to many other companies and institutions linked to tourism.

"Our incorporation into the initiative has come about in a very natural way, since all the requirements respond to issues that are deeply internalized in Servigroup and that have been implemented in the different hotels of the chain for several years," said Caballé regarding this.

Natalia Caballé, director of Servigroup Hotels

The Sustainable Travel Commitment of UNESCO (The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) is an initiative born from international consensus to support the development of sustainable tourism throughout the world.

The main objective of the agreement is to become the most recognized and effective symbol of sustainability in the tourism sector, while transcending the day-to-day activities of tourism agents.

Obtaining it identifies the participants (hotel chains, airlines, tourist resources, etc.) that have committed themselves to applying concrete and high-impact measures capable of contributing to reducing the impact of travel on natural resources and on society in given places and tourist destinations. In other words, those who are committed to improving tourism by making it increasingly sustainable and respectful, as is the case with our 18 hotels located along the Mediterranean coast. 

Hotel Servigroup La Zenia

What does this initiative mean for Servigroup Hotels?

The Commitment designed by UNESCO promotes responsible practices that manage to integrate companies with the societies where they reside, giving great importance to the conservation of their cultural and natural heritage. Based on this agreement, the signatories commit to supporting the reduction of non-reusable plastics, as well as promoting the local culture and economy of our destinations.

Compromiso con nuestra tierra y nuestra gente

At Servigroup Hotels, we work with comprehensive plans that involve various areas of the company to make sustainability something transversal.

In our Finca el Clot (local produce farm), located in Villajoyosa, the fruits and vegetables that are going to star in the varied gastronomic choice of our buffets are grown, in a commitment to fresh seasonal products and kilometre 0.

The visibility of the culture and traditions of our destinations is also a priority for us. For this reason, Servigroup Hotels sponsors numerous sports teams (soccer, futsal, handball, basketball, volleyball...) in the towns where our hotels are located, especially supporting the base teams and thus encouraging the practice of sport among the youngsters. .

We like our clients to know the identity of the destinations. Therefore, on our website you can access detailed guides to understand the idiosyncrasy of each of them. Our neighbours are vital to us and that is why we join in collaborating on initiatives of local interest promoted by non-profit associations and with proven public interest, giving them visibility and all the support that we are capable of. A symbol of this is the lighting of the hotel facades with an annual calendar that highlights sensitive issues for our society such as breast cancer, ALS, Down Syndrome, biodiversity, etc.

And of course, with our employees. To promote health and healthy eating at work, our Purchasing Center supplies seasonal fruit to all our workers on a daily basis. We are committed to putting good habits into practice in our work centres and that our staff reflects the social reality in which we live. In other words, a workforce where diversity and equal opportunities are evident and in which 52% of all management positions are held by women. 

Fruits and vegetables from

Accessibility as a universal right

The company has made the necessary investments to eliminate all architectural barriers to adapt its facilities into accessible environments.

From the hotel entrance to the access to any room: lounges, bar, restaurant, solarium, they are accessible spaces. To do this, all the unevenness has been saved with the installation of ramps with a small slope or accessible elevators.

Energy optimization

For us, what is seen is just as important as what is not seen. For this reason, our kitchens and laundries are equipped with high production and performance equipment, whose technology is based on energy efficiency, minimizing consumption responsibly.

In addition, the existing lighting in the hotels has also been designed following a strategy that focuses on efficiency through low-consumption light bulbs, LEDs or intelligent zoning. 

Hotel Servigroup Calypso

Saving water

On the Spanish Mediterranean, water is a scarce resource and its responsible use is an obligation for us. For this reason, Servigroup Hotels have implemented actions aimed at reducing consumption without reducing the comfort of guests.

Some examples are the installation of aerators on taps, the replacement of bathtubs with showers and the use of dual-flush cisterns. But all this would be impossible without the collaboration of our clients, who, like the team that makes up Servigroup, are increasingly aware of and more involved in collaborating in the sustainable management of resources. In each room, the guest can find messages for responsible use of water and towels. This is a shared mission.

Waste reduction

For decades, Servigroup Hotels has been committed to recycling cardboard, glass, plastic and used oils with increasingly sophisticated systems. And we believe that this is our obligation. In the same way, our buffets are designed to waste as little food as possible, and we can say that we have managed to reach a figure very close to zero.

In addition, in our conviction to reduce the use of plastics, in our bars and restaurants we no longer use single-use straws, cutlery or plates. And we have recently started a process of replacing the amenities with refillable gel and shampoo dispensers. 

Greenhouse with fruits and vegetables

With all this, we want to thank UNESCO for admitting us to its list and the Expedia Group, since from now on all our hotels have a sustainable label on their portal. Small gestures that help us raise awareness and move forward together so that we can live, travel and enjoy a better world.

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