Visit the best beaches and coves of Mojácar

Mojácar Playa constitutes a destination in itself, which year after year is growing in popularity. It is becoming better known, more visited and more demanded by its faithful visitors, coming from different parts of the world. Undoubtedly, the charming beaches and coves of Mojácar, as well as an exceptional hotel offer, have been consolidated as some of its strongest points.

Beaches of Mojacar

What is clear is that if you dare to visit Mojacar, you have much to discover thanks to these magnificent routes, which by sea and by mountain you have at your disposal. In addition, the beaches of Mojácar have an exciting history, as well as its caves and the picturesque streets of its small and cozy historic center.

Hotels in Mojácar beach

As you may know, these are beaches that are somewhat separated from the center of the town, although it is around them that most of the hotel establishments are located. Among them, the Hotel Servigroup Marina Playa and the Hotel Servigroup Marina Mar.

Close to both hotels, we are going to highlight the Marina de la Torre beach, the Rumina beach, the Palm grove and the popular Descargador beach. But we are going to tempt you with other beaches and coves that deserve a "must" visit this summer. And we are going to list them in such a way that you will be able to follow your own route to the letter when you get going, since you will find these beaches in the same order in which they are listed in this text.

The beach El Cantal

Sunset at El Cantal Beach

It is a very popular option, both among tourists who come to visit us, and in regard to the beach residents of the area.

It is characterized by an adequate composition of rocks, gravel, sand and pebbles. The sea has a very gentle and a moderate swell, so you will find very calm waters during your summer bathing sessions. In fact, the atmosphere offered by this beach is very calm and cozy.

Another of its strengths is the spectacular access to it, in addition to having very good communications: you will have at your disposal, a considerable number of restaurants, bars and shops of various kinds.

You will also find on it the basic services of any beach, such as the bathrooms, its kiosk and the option of renting umbrellas and sunbeds. Also, with health, sports and leisure services in general, both for adults and for the little ones.

The Macenas Beach

Beach Macenas mojacar

Located to the south of Mojacar, it is characterized for also offering a very calm atmosphere, far away from that so frequent massification of the typical beaches. As in the case of El Cantal beach, Macenas beach also has a wide range of similar services. It is also perfect to enjoy the excellent swells, which provide a balanced and relaxing effect due to the sound of the waves.

You will be struck by the peculiar stone that is so characteristic of the Macenas beach, very popular for its resemblance to the rock of a well-known biblical quote, Lot's wife.

Macenas beach is also well known for its spectacular Torre de Macenas, which is considered an Asset of Cultural Interest.

We recommend that you enjoy firsthand the spectacular sunsets, and if at any time possible, try to also catch one of its beautiful sunrises. If you go to Mojácar with your partner, the visit to Macenas beach at night will be especially romantic.

Cala del Peñón

The best beaches in Almeria

You may not find many people sunbathing in this small cove of Mojácar, because it is a rocky beach area with deep dips in the sea, with very little space. In fact, unlike the previous beaches, you will not find services, but perhaps this is what makes this beach in Mojácar, one of the most attractive in the whole of Almeria: it is spectacular for the beauty of the place, and for many, the most beautiful in the area.

Also known as Cala del Pirulico, you can get there from Macenas beach. Passing the aforementioned tower, a few meters away you will find this beautiful cove. You can access the cove entering through an arch formed by the same rock. From there the views are unbeatable: the beauty of the environment, added to the islet (rock) that you will find in the middle of the water, will give you the urge to take the camera from your backpack and snap away.

It is also considered by many to be one of the best hidden beaches, we assure you, it is well worth visiting it.

The Calas (Coves) Puente del Santo and Bordenares, and the Playa del Sombrerico

The Sombrerico Cove

Once past the beaches of Cantal and Macenas, you will reach two beautiful coves, Puente del Santo and Bordenares. But after this last one, you will also be surprised by the peculiar Playa del Sombrerico.

That is three magnificent options for swimming and sunbathing, perfect for a relaxing day at the beach.

Especially popular as a meeting point for deep sea divers and snorkelers, they are also spectacular which is what has made them the focus of the most prestigious filmmakers: Orson Welles chose these three beaches as very prominent locations in his film Treasure Island.

Cove Bordenares

Perhaps between them, Bordenares is the one with the most complicated to access, and that is why its overcrowding is especially non-existent during the twelve months of the year.

In all three cases, bathers are offered a bare minimum of services according to the small size of the beaches, they are basically the option of renting umbrellas and sunbeds.

In addition to these proposals, you have other beaches near Mojácar in the vicinity of Cabo de Gata. The Granatilla beach, the beach of los Muertos and the Aguamarga beach are some of the options that we already talked about in a previous publication.

We hope that this section has been productive if you are looking for good beaches in Mojácar.

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