The Best Diving Areas in Almería and Mojácar

Diving, whether considered as a sport or purely recreational, can be truly captivating. Therefore, if you have a passion for water, and want to enjoy amazing panoramic views, there is nothing better than the depths of the deep blue sea. The underwater world filled with colour and beauty.

In addition, diving in Mojácar and its surrounding area is particularly good, due to the absence of rivers, which provides clarity in marine areas, very difficult to find in other beach areas.

It is more than evident that Almería is a divers paradise, and therefore in this new entry we will make it easy if you are considering taking the step and want to learn to dive in Almería.

Diving areas in Almería

Diving in Almería

The demand for diving initiation classes in Almería is becoming more frequent and its proximity to the Cabo de Gata Natural park makes it and ideal location for amateurs learning to dive.

Cabo de Gata in Almería, has some excellent diving points whose waters provide the best underwater environments for diving. Some of the examples being the Isla de San Andrés (located close to Cabo de Gata) and Aguamarga, a town located north of Mojácar.

In fact, under its spectacular seabed you will be amazed at some of the magnificent gorges whose volcanic origin makes them most peculiar. The Cabo de Gata steam dives (ship sunk almost 50 metres under the sea), Cabo de Gatas amethyst zone, and in the peculiar Piedra de los Amarillos.

In addition, Mojácar and its surroundings have professional diving schools that will introduce you to the underwater world in the most entertaining and fun way, and in less time than you can imagine.

Tony Navarro, manager of Mojacars diving school, tells us that the town is at a strategic point for practicing diving and all types of water activities. The reason being that the Cabo de Gata Waters, and the area known as ZEPIM are close by.

Diving in Playa de los Muertos

ZEPIM identifies a Special Zone of Protection of Interest for the Mediterranean, and in this case, our ZEPIM travels a vast distance from Villaricos to the boundary of Murcia. Therefore, the options for diving in Almería are vast.

Also, very close to the town, you will find the underwater Almadreva mountain range.

Another frequent diving destination with its starting point in the Costa de Almería, although it is outside the Almeria area, is Cabo de Palos. And it is that Cabo de Palos represents, in addition to a fishing reserve of great faunal wealth where you can find (huge octopi, moray eels, deep water fish(brótolas), salp fish, etc). Diving trips to Cabo de Palos are very popular, where a number of sunken ships from the First and Second world war can be explored.

As you can see, if you want to try something different, come and dive in Almería, you will be able to enjoy and explore some fascinating underwater routes, inside and outside Cabo de Gata. Your options are extensive and there is something for everyone, always taking into account the level of the diver.


Baptism, Routes and diving courses in Mojácar 

Diving in Mojácar

If you enjoy taking your holidays in Mojacar, you are in a divers paradise. You will have the best professionals at your disposal, with very competitive prices at all times.

If on the contrary you have already tried your hand at diving, then there are also advanced courses available.

On the one hand, you have the option of diver’s baptism: it is an ideal alternative to start diving without having to take the standard courses. You might be attracted to this exciting activity, but do not want to take the beginners diving course. In this case you would not receive an official diploma in diving, but you have an experience as a diver. 

Diving in Mojácar

You also have the option of two basic courses: on the one hand you have a three-day training course, in which you will learn to manage the equipment and to solve all those basic types of setbacks that may arise during the dive (up to a maximum depth of 12 metres).

As we commented, in this way you do get a minimum qualification which allows you to dive anywhere in the world (Scuba Diver Title).

The second alternative consists of a basic 5-day course in which you will have the possibility of diving in more open Waters, up to a depth of 18 metres. After completing this course, you will become a qualified diver and are permitted to dive without being accompanied by an instructor.

These courses are referred to as PADI courses (approved by the professional Association of Diving instructors), and are standardized and recognised worldwide.

Advanced courses are available for experienced divers, all admitted by the PADI organisation.


What do you need to learn to dive?

Diving lessons for children in Almería

As Toni has mentioned, manager of the Diving School in Mojácar, you only need to be over the age of 12 and know how to swim. Courses for children are also very popular, but these are taught in swimming pools (never in the sea).

In the case of adults, you don’t need to be a fitness fanatic to enjoy diving but you do need to have general good health and not have any pre-existing medical conditions that do not allow you to participate.

For all this, diving is considered by many as a recreational activity, rather than as a sport, although it is a matter of opinion.


Do you want to learn to dive in Almería?

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